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What are the NBA Consensus Picks?

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NBA Consensus Pickss

The latest and greatest product offering from our NBA Picks menu is the NBA Consensus Picks report. The daily feature will display the aggregate number of selections on the three most popular betting markets from our stable of NBA expert handicappers on all available matchups. 

The Consensus report will be updated daily and will feature selections on the three most popular pre-game betting markets - Spread, Total (Over-Under) and Moneyline. Click on each of the “Market Tabs” to view all of the available picks for each game. 

The report is updated as selections are posted and as a courtesy to our loyal users, the NBA Consensus Picks report will provide a free matchup for you to test. Another great feature of this product is the ability to track and view ALL selections from our NBA experts by viewing the NBA Consensus Picks report records from previous days. 

Unlock the Consensus Picks report and start following all the top selections today for all major sports!

What are the NBA Consensus Picks?

The NBA Consensus Picks are a detailed report that provides a breakdown of selections for each matchup based on the three most popular pre-game betting markets for NBA bettors: Spread, Total (Over-Under), and Moneyline. For each betting market, the NBA Consensus shows a percentage breakdown and the total number of selections made on each matchup. These numbers are a great handicapping tool as bettors can see a quick snapshot of which way bettors are leaning on a spread, total or moneyline wager. 

Our NBA Matchups offer a more comprehensive betting trends percentage breakdown from the action that operators are receiving on specific games. Knowing the betting public plays through these operators, the majority of the leans usually trend toward the favorites with point-spread and moneyline wagers and the over in total bets. 

For the NBA Consensus Picks at VegasInsider, the data is showing all available selections made by our NBA expert handicappers. Unlike the majority of bettors, our NBA expert handicappers have a wealth of betting experience and VegasInsider also tracks all of the individuals with documented records and leaderboards.

Understanding the NBA Consensus Picks

The VegasInsider NBA Consensus Picks provide betting percentages on three different markets and the point-spread is the most popular. In the below example of the NBA matchup between Milwaukee and Philadelphia, there are a total of 13 selections posted on the three markets from our NBA experts.

Spread: 10
Total: 1
Moneyline: 2

The spread had a total of 8 experts taking the 76ers, which means 80% of the bets were on them and 20% on the Bucks in this market. The total had one expert on the over and nobody on the under. The moneyline was two picks on the 76ers and none on the Bucks.

NBA Consensus Picks Record

What differentiates the NBA Consensus Picks at VegasInsider is our presentation of the records based on previous daily trends. Users can toggle between previous days or weeks and check out how profitable the NBA Consensus Picks fared. The overall Consensus Picks Record grades each matchup and betting market that had selections posted. The three grades are Win, Loss and Push. We identify a Push as a tie and in the case of our NBA Consensus Picks, that would be identified as a 50-50% split. 

In the above example, the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Chicago Bulls 128-96. The spread wager had three on the Cavs and one on the Bulls which was graded as a Win. The total was 1-0 to the over and the moneyline was 2-0 for the Cavs resulting in both being a Win.

Fading or Following the NBA Consensus Picks

The NBA Consensus Picks are a great handicapping tool for bettors on both sides of the fence. Some users like to go against the grain and play the opposite of the betting public and those individuals are often referred to as ‘contrarian’ bettors. The bettors that often side with the higher percentages in each matchup could be viewed as ‘chalky’ players but we all know that favorites do win too. 

Our advice is to take a look at our NBA Consensus Picks and then compare them to the data in the NBA Matchups index. If you tend to see a large following of VegasInsider experts on an underdog or under wager and the betting public on the opposite sides, then it might be a smart idea to back the VI handicapping stable instead of the masses. 

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NBA Consensus Picks FAQ

What is the NBA Consensus?

The NBA consensus tells you what percentage of the betting public are taking on a side of a given bet. This is a great way to see where the public is betting, and if you want to "fade" the public by going with the less-popular choice.

Is NBA betting easy to predict?

Surprisingly, the NBA is regarded as the most predictable sport to bet on a nightly basis.

Should the NBA consensus affect my betting choice?

For the most part, it's a good idea to know how the public is betting, but it's not typically a good idea to take a bet just because everyone else is. You could lose out on a lot of potential profit if you're always betting with the crowd!'

Who is the best predictor of NBA games?

VegasInsider keeps a roster of expert handicappers for you to utilize. Our team does the legwork so you don't have to, giving you the most informed choices for your NBA betting.