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What Are NFL Prop Bets?

NFL props bets can be anything from how many passing yards a QB will throw for to how many sacks a player might have. The options are endless, and this makes it so you can bet with or against a certain player instead of betting on the whole team.

Players props can have different edges compared to traditional bets. If there is a matchup you like on Stefon Diggs, then bet on his under. Many people like to look at the offensive vs. defensive matchup to determine what props they are going to wager on.

Players are also more susceptible to trends. If a player has been dropping the ball, expect that player to continue those actions until you get corrected.

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Different Types Of NFL Prop Bets

Touchdown Scorer

A common NFL prop bet is who will score a touchdown in a given game. The shortened version you might see is ATTD. This stands for anytime touchdown scorer. Winning this bet is pretty simple. The player you bet on has to score a touchdown. This can get confusing when you see quarterbacks listed as touchdown scorers.

Looking at the lines, you might see something like this listed on a given Sunday:

  • Josh Allen Anytime Touchdown: +350

When reading touchdown props for quarterbacks, unless stated as a passing touchdown prop, this means Josh Allen will have to score a rushing or receiving touchdown. If he throws for three touchdowns, this bet would still be graded as a loser. Make sure to find the correct prop you are looking for on your preferred sportsbook.

Rushing/Receiving/Passing Yards

Another common type of NFL prop is rushing, receiving, and passing yards props. These are betting on a specific player to either go over or under a certain number of yards. These types of bets are available to all players, so make sure you find the correct prop for the player you want.

Nick Chubb might have the option for rushing and receiving yards, so make sure to select exactly what you want.

Below are a couple different player props that you will see listed:

  • Tyreek Hill Over 88.5 Receiving Yards
  • Joe Mixon Over 55 Rushing Yards
  • Lamar Jackson Under 299.5 Passing Yards

These types of wagers are commonly used on fantasy apps such as PrizePicks, which is widely available in states sports betting isn't always legal since you're not betting on the outcome of games.

Team Props

Team props are when you remove the individual from the wager. Examples of team props might be total wins in a season or total points in a game. There are also more obscure props, such as the examples below:

Team props are usually how the team will perform, not on the individual level.

Bankroll Management

In the space of gambling and sports betting as a whole, bankroll management is a controversial topic. NFL props are easy to get carried away with, so keep in mind you should always bet within your means and set aside money you are comfortable losing. If you are using any Fantasy apps, set deposit limits for yourself.

A good limit would be 1% of your total worth. Take what you have and set limits you can manage. Do not chase bets or bet beyond your means.

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