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Super Bowl Betting Line History


The Super Bowl is the championship for the National Football League (NFL), which is America’s superior football league. The game pits the winner of two conferences, the National Football Conference (NFC) against the American Football Conference (AFC) in the finale. This is an annual event that started in 1967 and is usually played on the first Sunday in February.

The Super Bowl is the most gambled-on sporting event in the United States. The 2020 finale took place at Raymond James Stadium from Tampa, Florida on Feb. 7, 2021.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers destroyed the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs, 31-9. The Bucs easily cashed as three-point underdogs, while quarterback Tom Brady won his record 7th Super Bowl title.

Super Bowl Line History

The Super Bowl betting history covers the first 55 matchups of the NFL finale, focusing on the two teams, the betting lines and the final score.

The Super Bowl betting result is covered in the ATS (Against the Spread) column, which lists the favorite-underdog outcome and the ‘over-under’ result.

Super Bowl  (1967-2020)
Super Bowl Year Location Matchup ATS Result
LV 2021 Tampa, FL Tampa Bay (+3) 31 vs. Kansas City 9 Underdog-Under (55)
LIV 2020 Miami, FL Kansas City (-1.5) 31 vs. San Francisco 20 Favorite-Under (53)
LIII 2019 Atlanta, GA New England (-2.5) 13 vs. L.A. Rams 3 Favorite-Under (56)
LII 2018 Minneapolis, MN Philadelphia (+4) 41 vs. New England 33 Underdog-Over (49)
LI 2017 Houston, TX New England (-3) 34 vs. Atlanta 28 (OT) Favorite-Over (57)
L 2016 Santa Clara, CA Denver (+5) 24 vs. Carolina 10 Underdog-Under (43.5)
XLIX 2015 Glendale, AZ New England (Pick ‘em) 28 vs. Seattle 24 Over (47.5)
XLVIII 2014 East Rutherford, NJ Seattle (+2.5) 43 vs. Denver 8 Underdog-Over (47.5)
XLVII 2013 New Orleans, LA Baltimore (+4.5) 34 vs. San Francisco 31 Underdog-Over (48)
XLVI 2012 Indianapolis, IN N.Y. Giants (+2.5) 21 vs. New England 17 Underdog-Under (53)
XLV 2011 Arlington, TX Green Bay (-3) 31 vs. Pittsburgh 25 Favorite-Over (45)
XLIV 2010 Miami, FL New Orleans (+5) 31 vs. Indianapolis 17 Underdog-Under (57)
XLIII 2009 Tampa, FL Pittsburgh (-7) 27 vs. Arizona 23 Underdog-Over (46)
XLII 2008 Glendale, AZ N.Y. Giants (+12) 17 vs. New England 14 Underdog-Under (55)
XLI 2007 Miami, FL Indianapolis (-7) 29 vs. Chicago 17 Favorite-Under (47)
XL 2006 Detroit, MI Pittsburgh (-4) 21 vs. Seattle 10 Favorite-Under (47)
XXXIX 2005 Jacksonville, FL New England (-7) 24 vs. Philadelphia 21 Underdog-Under (46.5)
XXXVIII 2004 Houston, TX New England (-7) 32 vs. Carolina 29 Underdog-Over (37.5)
XXXVII 2003 San Diego, CA Tampa Bay (+4) 48 vs. Oakland 21 Underdog-Over (44)
XXXVI 2002 New Orleans, LA New England (+14) 20 vs. St. Louis 17 Underdog-Under (53)
XXXV 2001 Tampa, FL Baltimore (-3) 33 vs. N.Y. Giants 7 Favorite-Over (33)
XXXIV 2000 Atlanta, GA St. Louis (-7) 23 vs. Tennessee 16 Push-Under (45)
XXXIII 1999 Miami, FL Denver (-7.5) 34 vs. Atlanta 19 Favorite-Over (52.5)
XXXII 1998 San Diego, CA Denver (+11) 31 vs. Green Bay 24 Underdog-Over (49)
XXXI 1997 New Orleans, LA Green Bay (-14) 35 vs. New England 21 Push-Over (49)
XXX 1996 Tempe, AZ Dallas (-13.5) 27 vs. Pittsburgh 17 Underdog-Under (51)
XXIX 1995 Miami, FL San Francisco (-18.5) 49 vs. San Diego 26 Favorite-Over (53.5)
XXVIII 1994 Atlanta, GA Dallas (-10.5) 30 vs. Buffalo 13 Favorite-Under (50.5)
XXVII 1993 Pasadena, CA Dallas (-6.5) 52 vs. Buffalo 17 Favorite-Over (44.5)
XXVI 1992 Minneapolis, MN Washington (-7) 37 vs. Buffalo 24 Favorite-Over (49)
XXV 1991 Tampa, FL N.Y. Giants (+7) 20 vs. Buffalo 19 Underdog-Under (40.5)
XXIV 1990 New Orleans, LA San Francisco (-12) 55 vs. Denver 10 Favorite-Over (48)
XXIII 1989 Miami, FL San Francisco (-7) 20 vs. Cincinnati 16 Underdog-Under (48)
XXII 1988 San Diego, CA Washington (+3) 42 vs. Denver 10 Underdog-Over (47)
XXI 1987 Pasadena, CA N.Y. Giants (-9.5) 39 vs. Denver 20 Favorite-Over (40)
XX 1986 New Orleans, LA Chicago (-10) 46 vs. New England 10 Favorite-Over (37.5)
XIX 1985 Stanford, CA San Francisco (-3.5) 38 vs. Miami 16 Favorite-Over (53.5)
XVIII 1984 Tampa, FL L.A. Raiders (+3) 38 vs. Washington 9 Underdog-Under (48)
XVII 1983 Pasadena, CA Washington (+3) 27 vs. Miami 17 Underdog-Over (36.5)
XVI 1982 Pontiac, MI San Francisco (-1) 26 vs. Cincinnati 21 Favorite-Under (48)
XV 1981 New Orleans, LA Oakland (+3) 27 vs. Philadelphia 10 Underdog-Under (37.5)
XIV 1980 Pasadena, CA Pittsburgh (-10.5) 31 vs. L.A. Rams 19 Favorite-Over (36)
XIII 1979 Miami, FL Pittsburgh (-3.5) 35 vs. Dallas 31 Favorite-Over (37)
XII 1978 New Orleans, LA Dallas (-6) 27 vs. Denver 10 Favorite-Under (39)
XI 1977 Pasadena, CA Oakland (-4) 32 vs. Minnesota 14 Favorite-Over (38)
X 1976 Miami, FL Pittsburgh (-7) 21 vs. Dallas 17 Underdog-Over (36)
IX 1975 New Orleans, LA Pittsburgh (-3) 16 vs. Minnesota 6 Favorite-Under (33)
VIII 1974 Houston, TX Miami (-6.5) 24 vs. Minnesota 7 Favorite-Under (33)
VII 1973 Los Angeles, CA Miami (-1) 14 vs. Washington 7 Favorite-Under (33)
VI 1972 New Orleans, LA Dallas (-6) 24 vs. Miami 3 Favorite-Under (34)
V 1971 Miami, FL Baltimore (-2.5) 16 vs. Dallas 13 Favorite-Under (36)
IV 1970 New Orleans, LA Kansas City (+12) 23 vs. Minnesota 7 Underdog-Under (39)
III 1969 Miami, FL N.Y. Jets (+18) 16 vs. Baltimore 7 Underdog-Under (40)
I 1968 Miami, FL Green Bay (-13.5) 33 vs. Oakland 14 Favorite-Over (43)
I 1967 Los Angeles, CA Green Bay (-14) 35 vs. Kansas City 10 Favorite-Total (NA)

Super Bowl Spreads

Through the first 55 Super Bowls, the NFC has gone 28-27 against th AFC. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots have the most Super Bowl wins at six, while the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers both have five.

Favorites have gone 36-18 straight up and 29-21-2 against the spread in the Super Bowl. The largest upset came in Super Bowl III (1969) when the New York Jets beat the Baltimore Colts 16-7 as 18-point underdogs.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers became the first underdog to win a Super Bowl since the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

Super Bowl Lines

The point-spread rarely comes into play with the Super Bowl, meaning you just have to pick the winner of the game. There have only been six instances where the favorite won the game straight up but failed to cover the number. Those outcomes occurred in 2009, 2005, 2004, 1996, 1989 and 1976.

In the 2014-15 Super Bowl between New England and Seattle, the closing consensus line was pick 'em, which was the first in the NFL finale. The Patriots rallied for a 28-24 victory over the Seahawks.

Oddsmakers were on the money with their numbers in two Super Bowls, which produced pushes or ties. Those matchups took place in 1997 and 2000.

Super Bowl Black Sunday

The most infamous pro football finale for oddsmakers was Super Bowl XIII and a lesson learned for all individuals standing behind the betting counter.

The 13th installment saw the Steelers open as 4 ½-point favorites over the Cowboys and the number dropped to 3 ½-points with early action on the Cowboys.

Even though Dallas lost the game 35-31 to Pittsburgh, early bettors cashed with the 4 ½-points and Steelers backers won on the closing line. To this day, SBXIII is considered “Black Sunday” for the sportsbooks.

Super Bowl Over Under

The Super Bowl ‘over/under’ wager has often been called the total in the sports betting industry. An opening line is set based on the expected combined points scored from both teams in the game. Bettors can wager on the outcome and if it will be either higher or lower or put simply, over or under.

The ‘over/under’ has gone 27-27 in the first 55 Super Bowl matchups. No total was posted on Super Bowl I between the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs.

In the 2019 Super Bowl, the New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 and the combined 16 points was the lowest ‘over/under’ result in Super Bowl history. The three points by the Rams matched an all-time low in the big game, matching the Miami Dolphins from way back in Super Bowl VI.

The ‘over/under’ on that outcome closed at 56 points, which was the 11th Super Bowl to have a total close in the fifties.

The highest Super Bowl ‘over/under’ outcome occurred in Super Bowl XXIX when the San Francisco 49ers demolished the San Diego Chargers, 49-26.

Super Bowl Betting Results

  • Favorite-Underdog (F-D)
  • Straight Up (SU)
  • Against the Spread (ATS)
  • Over-Under (OU)
Super Bowl Betting History
36-18 29-21-2 27-28 25-28-2 27-27

Super Bowl Division Betting Results

The NFL is made up of eight divisions and some groups have made more appearances in the NFL finale than others.

Also, some divisions have performed better too.

Below is a break down of all four divisions in both the AFC and NFC conferences.

AFC Breakdown

Knowing the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots both have six Super Bowl victories, the AFC North and AFC East are expected to lead this breakdown.

While the East Division has nine wins, the North comes in with 8 but a much better record at 8-4.

The AFC South has gone 2-3 in five trips to the Super Bowl, the lowest among the four divisions and that's not a shocker since both the Jacksonville Jaguars or Houston Texans have earned a trip to the NFL title game.

AFC Super Bowl Division by Division Results
Division SU ATS OU
AFC East 9-12 7-13-1 10-11
AFC North 8-4 8-4 7-5
AFC South 2-3 2-2-1 0-5
AFC West 8-10 8-10 10-7*

NFC Breakdown

It shouldn't come as a suprise to see the NFC East as the top division in the NFC since they're the only group to have three teams with multiple championships.

  • Dallas Cowboys (5)
  • New York Giants (4)
  • Washington Football Team (3)

The NFC South brings up the rear with a 2-4 overall record as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints both own 1-0 records while the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers have each gone 0-2.

NFC Super Bowl Division by Division Results
Division SU ATS OU
NFC East 13-8 14-7 10-11
NFC North 5-6 4-6-1 6-4*
NFC South 3-4 4-3 4-3
NFC West 7-8 6-8-1 8-7

No Over-Under Total listed for Super Bowl I.

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