Expert Authors is dedicated to providing you with the latest in sports, sports betting, and the legislative process that makes it happen. A few states were grandfathered in, but 2018 was a watershed moment for sports betting, as the federal law barring states from offering sports betting (PASPA) was overturned.

Now, online sports betting is up to each individual state to vote on, legislate, and eventually build a framework of rules and license requirements around. Our industry experts do the legwork, reading the fine print so you don't have to and giving you the information you need to bet legally and safely.


Allie NelsonAllie Nelson - Sports Betting Industry Expert and Author at

Allie Nelson is an author covering the burgeoning legal gambling market. She's been with VegasInsider for years as a trusted source for sports betting news, the latest in legal changes, and what's happening in the global betting marketplace with a special focus on the US. She is also TV writer and producer with credits on Netflix, TBS, NBC, and more.

Kevin RogersKevin Rogers - Sports Betting Industry Expert and Author at

Kevin Rogers has been a part of the VegasInsider team since 2007, when he started as a handicapper. Rogers later added writing and producing duties to his plate in 2009 at VI, while also capping MLB, NFL, NBA, college football, college basketball, and NHL. Over the last few years, Rogers has shifted gears towards the media platform for VI, hosting several popular podcasts and daily best bet videos.

You can find Kevin on Twitter @VIROGERS.

Nick MakowitzNick Makowitz - Sports Betting Industry Expert and Author at

Nick Makowitz is a Pittsburgh-based writer who recently broke into sports writing through his passion for fantasy sports and betting. Relatively new to the industry himself, Nick thrives in connecting with his audience.

In his spare time, Nick likes digging into NFL and NCAAB betting data, going to breweries with friends, and trying out any and every Mexican restaurant in Pittsburgh.

Harry SadounHarry Sadoun - Sports Betting Industry Expert and Author at

Harry Sadoun is a seasoned sports betting expert with a wealth of experience in the iGaming and sports betting industry. Over the past 5 years, he has established himself as a go-to source for insightful analysis and predictions at Vegasinsider. With a passion for sports, Harry specializes in football, basketball, tennis, rugby, and soccer, showcasing a diverse understanding of athletic competitions.

Harry's unique approach to sports betting is rooted in a combination of statistical analysis, in-depth research, and a keen understanding of the dynamics that influence game outcomes. His expert opinions and strategic insights have made him a trusted voice in the industry, guiding both novice and seasoned bettors alike. With an unwavering commitment to delivering accurate and up-to-date information, Harry Sadoun continues to be a prominent figure in the world of sports betting, providing enthusiasts with the tools they need to make informed decisions.

Dave SchwabDave Schwab - Sports Betting Industry Expert and Author at

Dave Schwab has been covering the sports betting industry for the past 12 years as the main focus of his specialty marketing company for online content. This endeavor followed a previous career in the field of sales and marketing in the wholesaling sector.

Joseph BeguiristainJoseph Beguiristain - Sports Betting Industry Expert and Staff at

Joseph Beguiristain is a South Florida native with 10-plus years of sports media experience. Before joining VegasInsider in July 2021, he wrote for the Sun-Sentinel and Miami Heat. Follow Joe on Twitter.

Brad SzalachBrad Szalach - Sports Betting Industry Expert and Staff at

Brad Szalach is a social and content producer in the legal sports betting market. He has been involved in the sports betting industry for years as a producer and handicapper specifically focusing on the NFL and EPL. Follow Brad on Twitter.

Dan ZaksheskeDan Zaksheske - Sports Betting Industry Expert and Staff at

Dan Zaksheske Dan comes to VegasInsider with over a decade of sports media experience. After spending nearly 10 years as a producer at ESPN Radio, Dan decided to combine his two main passions into one career – sports and writing. Dan is a researched-based writer with a strong attention to detail and penchant for turning nerdy sports stats into entertaining commentary. He is an NFL expert with a strong background in MLB, the NHL, and the PGA.

Outside of sports and writing, Dan is an admitted cat-enthusiast with three of his own. He is also a rookie umpire who recently began calling games for middle and high school kids.

Chris AltmanChris Altman - Sports Betting Industry Expert and Staff at

Chris Altman is a traveling writer and content expert with almost a decade of experience. He's been working in the sports betting industry for years, and has a keen eye for legislative changes and the newest and latest in US sportsbooks. Follow Chris on Twitter.

Rolando RosaRolando Rosa - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Rolando Rosa is a South Florida native and graduate of Florida Atlantic University. Rolando is a sports editor/writer and has worked on iCasino content since 2022 across multiple websites. Follow Rolando on Twitter.

Jonathan JorcinReno Jonny - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Reno Jonny was born in Texas, but at a young age moved to Reno, Nevada. The rest is history. Reno Jonny has been around sports his whole life, whether it was playing, watching, and betting. Sports can bring about a unique flair to a very crazy world as it has the ability to unify all walks of life, even for just a couple hours at a time.
Follow Reno Jonny on Twitter.

Chas FilardiChas Filardi - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Chas Filardi settled in San Diego as a new sports writer, and the town offered both Del Mar racing and Tijuana sports betting as entertainment options. Every weekend of football season included trips to Mexico with the crew. Eventually sports betting will be legal in California too.

Visiting various podcasts and radio sports talk shows every week allows him to chat ATS about every league. On any given day, Chas has a rather clear idea what the Vegas board looks like. That usually includes a few opinions as well.

Sam WaalkesSam Waalkes - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Sam Waalkes is a 28 year old from Grand Rapids, Michigan who recently decided to leave his job teaching high school Spanish in order to focus on sports betting full-time. He is the man behind @PromoGuyMI on Twitter - the original “+EV” account on the social media platform. His specialty is finding bets with positive expected value and has recorded 20 straight profitable months since starting the Twitter account. His small, tight-knit Discord group is a place for added betting analysis throughout the day.

Joey KoenigJoey Koenig - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Joey Koenig is a full-time writer from Southern Indiana who grew up an avid sports fan before using his newfound free time in the spring and summer of 2020 to sharpen his knowledge of a new love: sports betting.

You can find Josiah on Twitter at @joeykoenig or on Instagram @joey_koenig.

Stephen PetrellaStephen Petrella - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Steven Petrella runs The Action Network’s written content team, which specializes in industry news, betting advice on specific games and slates, betting education and more. He got his start betting about 10 years ago, and got his first job in the sports betting media industry since 2015. Prior to joining Action in 2018, he worked for Sporting News, and Cox Media Group.

Andrew BeasleyAndrew Beasley - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Andrew Beasley is a freelance football writer who uses his statistical knowledge and insight of soccer to provide betting previews, strategy articles and podcasts for a variety of websites and bookmakers. Primarily focussed on the EPL, if the data is available for another league, he’ll manage to find an edge somewhere.Andrew was also part of the victorious team in season 15 of the BBC quiz show Only Connect. He’s good at spotting sequences and connections in soccer too.

Bruce MarshallBruce Marshall - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Bruce Marshall's unique and colorful brand of football and basketball analysis, as well as informed commentary on the national and international sports scene, has made him an in-demand guest for many years on numerous sports talk radio and TV shows across the country. Bruce's vast array of editorial work has also been featured in VegasInsider, along with the Las Vegas Review-Journal and New York Post. Bruce, who is also in the midst of several book projects, combines all of his work while splitting time between Celebration, Florida and Henderson, Nevada.

Michael CrossonMichael Crosson - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Michael Crosson began his time at VegasInsider as a freelance NBA writer back in 2019 while he continued to study Psychology and Biology at James Madison University. Following his graduation in 2021, Michael joined the team full-time, and he's been with VI ever since. Michael still writes NBA, NFL, and MLB for VI, as well as gambling industry news. He's also become a crucial part of our editorial production team.

Johnathan WrightJohnathan Wright - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Johnathan Wright oversees the work of Action's marketing writers and works with commercial leads to create affiliate content and commercials that support our partnerships with sportsbook operators. He also is a soccer analyst and writes articles providing his best bets and leans for professional soccer.

Matt HarrisMatt Harris - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Matt Harris has worked in the iGaming industry for over 10 years, covering campaigns for sportsbooks, casinos and affiliates. He specializes in operator reviews, along with news and opinion articles. When not writing, he’ll always be watching live events and Matt is hoping that the advent of Major League Cricket will help his favorite sport make a breakthrough in the U.S.

Kevin LentzKevin Lentz - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Kevin Lentz has been in land-based casino management for more than 30 years, overseeing table games and slot departments, sportsbooks, and even poker rooms. He currently writes about all things casino-related, but especially blackjack, card counting, and game protection.

Dan MoranDan Moran - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Dan Moran is a copywriter based out of Chicago, Illinois. His passion for online gaming started when he deposited his first $50 into PokerStars in college during the online poker boom of the 2000s. Since then, he’s followed the industry through its growth into daily fantasy sports and the post-PASPA sports betting world. When he’s not writing about the online gambling industry, he can be found out and about all throughout the great city of Chicago, expressing frustration over the direction of the city’s beloved sports teams.

Patrick EversonPatrick Everson - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Patrick Everson is a senior reporter for VegasInsider. Based in Las Vegas since 1994, he's worked in the sports betting journalism/content space for more than a decade. He's most known for his deep roster of contacts behind sportsbook counters, providing readers and viewers with the ins-and-outs of how events are being bet. He's also a thought leader in the sports betting space, often appearing on or moderating panels at national conferences.

William SchwartzWilliam Schwartz - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Since entering the sports journalism field, William Schwartz has covered everything from the World Cup, to College Football, to reviews and guides for the most popular sportsbooks. He aims to blend analytics and research with engaging writing to bring you entertaining coverage as well as profitable betting advice for just about every major sport.

Ted DahlstromTed Dahlstrom - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Ted Dahlstrom works in the Seattle area as a Performance Editor for Better Collective. Ted’s background is in government and communication, but his passion is writing about sports and sports betting, which led him to BC in an unexpected alignment. He avidly supports all the Seattle sports teams and Gonzaga basketball.

Sam WagmanSam Wagman - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Sam Wagman is a fantasy football and sports betting content expert who has loved sports his entire life. He started covering all of the Philadelphia sports teams back in 2019 and switched over to fantasy football and sports betting in 2021, mostly delving into football and golf betting. He contributed to the VegasInsider team in 2022 and has written for sites like Footballguys and Fantasy Points as well.

Jamie DickensonJamie Dickenson - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Jamie is an experienced online casino and sports betting writer who has worked for publications such as, and Techopedia. A trained journalist, he has over a decade's worth of experience and still plays football despite enduring three knee operations before the age of 30.

Matt SkinnerMatt Skinner - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Matt Skinner has contributed to the sports betting content space for over a decade and has recently branched out to include the iGaming industry in his works. Contributing to publications such as VegasInsider and USBets are among his past writings.

Dave ConsolazioDave Consolazio - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Dave Consolazio has been a professional writer in Los Angeles, California for over 15 years. He specializes in sports betting and casino gaming content. When he isn't writing about or watching sports, you'll likely find Dave at a poker table or reading a new book on his Kindle.

Julia VorontsovaJulia Vorontsova - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Julia Vorontsova is an expert blogger covering personal and business finance, gaming, travel and investment. In her spare time she travels with her family, enjoys sports and time outdoors.