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Josiah Koenig is a full-time writer from Southern Indiana who grew up an avid sports fan before using his newfound free time in the spring and summer of 2020 to sharpen his knowledge of a new love: sports betting.

Since then, he’s specialized in finding value in MLB, NFL and college basketball, making a few dollars along the way to help fund future trips to the beach.
When he’s not writing about sports, Josiah coaches high school baseball at his alma mater, plays video games, or roots for his beloved Chicago Cubs, Dallas Cowboys and Indiana Hoosiers.

You can find Josiah on Twitter at @joeykoenig or on Instagram @joey_koenig

Josiah Koenig Headlines

Date Category Article
9/30/22 SPORTSBOOKS BetMGM: Chiefs at Buccaneers
9/29/22 SPORTSBOOKS Patriots-Packers (NFL) 12:00 PM ET + Caesars
9/19/22 SPORTSBOOKS FanDuel Bonus Offer: Ravens v. Pats
9/12/22 SPORTSBOOKS SI Sportsbook Promo GET100 for Panthers/Giants!
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