Best Online Baccarat for Real Money June 2024

In this comprehensive guide to baccarat online, we will discuss the best online casinos to play baccarat for real money, how online baccarat works, including rules, strategies and variants, which states permit legal play, how to find the best apps and more. Please follow along to learn everything you need about online baccarat!

Updated on : 06/18/2024



Baccarat's origins are disputed, but the game dates back to the 19th century when it became prominent in Europe. It is now proving increasingly popular online.

Players can choose to play video baccarat online or live dealer baccarat games, which offer an experience as close as possible to playing baccarat at a land-based casino.


This section will outline the best online casinos for playing baccarat for real money available to US players, precisely what makes them great, and any casino bonuses you can take advantage of.


Caesars Palace Online Casino offers several online baccarat table games, such as Baccarat Professional Series, First Person Baccarat, IGT Baccarat, and Live Dealer Baccarat.

The site is available to players in Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Caesars Palace Online Casino stocks over 1,000 casino games, with ongoing bonuses available to players once registered. The Caesars Rewards program offers complimentary and discounted hotel stays, dining offers, free casino play, and more.

Make sure to utilize the Caesars Palace bonus code VIBONUS2500 to claim the welcome bonus offer: Get a 100% Deposit Match up to $2,500 + 2,500 Rewards Points!

You can instead take advantage of the secondary Caesars Palace Online Casino Offer, which is the following: Get $10 on Registration + 100% Deposit Match up to $1000! Use code VILAUNCH!

Note: you have to pick one bonus or the other, you cannot redeem both.


BetMGM offers players a number of different video baccarat online games, including First Person Baccarat, NHL Baccarat, Baccarat Live, and the exclusive title BetMGM Baccarat.

The site is available in Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

BetMGM stocks over 4,000 casino games for players to enjoy after signing up. There are ongoing promotions for existing players and the MGM Rewards program, which lets you earn points that can be redeemed for hotel stays, dining, slots, table games, and more.

Check out BetMGM Casino's offer: Get a 100% Deposit Match up to $1000 + $25 on the House! with BetMGM Casino bonus code VIBONUS.


bet365 Casino has a robust online baccarat game offering, including several table game versions, including Hit Me! Baccarat and Premium Baccarat, as well as an even more significant number of live dealer baccarat titles, such as Live Baccarat, Live Mega Baccarat, Live Fortune 6 Baccarat, Live Bet on Baccarat, Live Fashion TV Jackpot Baccarat, and more.

The site is currently only available to players in New Jersey. The site also has a range of ongoing promotions. While its total game library is smaller than most online casinos, it has a number of original games to sample, and the site is well-designed with high-quality graphics.

bet365 Casino's offer of Get a Deposit Bonus up to $1,000 in Bonus Credits! is one of the best in the industry. Use bet365 Casino bonus code VIBONUS.


DraftKings offers a selection of online baccarat table games, including exclusive titles like DraftKings Baccarat with its four progressive jackpots, DraftKings High Limit Squeeze Baccarat and DraftKings Lunar New Year Baccarat. They also have live dealer baccarat games like Baccarat Dragon Bonus, DraftKings Speed Baccarat and Speed Baccarat.

The site is available in Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan. New players are welcomed with a 100% casino deposit match up to $100 in casino credits for registering. The site runs numerous promotions for existing players, while its Dynasty Rewards program can earn you exclusive custom offers, a personal VIP host, and access to game tickets and private events, among other benefits.

DraftKings Casino offers hundreds of games from the best software providers, like NetEnt and IGT, as well as multiple banking options and daily fantasy and sportsbook sections.

Read: Learn more in our casino glossary


BetRivers offers online baccarat games, including Baccarat 2, Baccarat IGT, First Person Baccarat, First Person Golden Wealth Baccarat, First Person Lightning Baccarat, and Baccarat Live.

The site is available in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan. The site offers ongoing bonuses to existing players and the iRush Rewards program, which offers great prizes, from specialized promotions to VIP dinners and complimentary playing devices.

BetRivers Casino has over 1,500 games, runs several monthly tournaments for players, and accepts various payment methods for deposits and withdrawals.

New BetRivers Casino players do not need a BetRivers Casino bonus code to take advantage of a Get 24 Hours of Casino Losses Back Up To $250!


FanDuel Casino has a small selection of online baccarat games, including Baccarat Professional Series, Baccarat AIG, Live Dealer Baccarat and First Person Baccarat.

They offer a welcome bonus of 200 bonus spins and up to $1,000 in casino bonus cash if you're down after your first day. The site is available to players in New Jersey, Michigan, Connecticut, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

FanDuel Casino stocks over 1,000 games, including several exclusive titles. It also offers ongoing promotions for existing players, such as daily jackpots, a reward machine, and a VIP program.

New FanDuel Casino players can snag a bonus offer that consists of Deposit $10, Get $20 In Site Credit & Play It Again $1000!? which doesn't require a FanDuel Casino bonus code!


Golden Nugget Casino offers five online baccarat games for players: Baccarat, High Limit Baccarat Squeeze, Lunar New Year Baccarat, Speed Baccarat, and Baccarat Live.

The site offers gaming in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan.

They have a wide range of exclusive games, with over 1,300 in their library. At the same time, the Dynasty Rewards Club allows you to earn points every time you bet to unlock birthday offers, cash and leaderboard giveaways, instant withdrawals, a personal customer support host, and even invitations to real-life events.

New Golden Nugget players can sign up today to claim Deposit $5 Get $50 in Casino Credits!. No Golden Nugget Casino bonus code is required upon registration!


Fanatics Casino is available online in Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. It offers baccarat games, including live dealer baccarat versions from Evolution. Available via the apps for iOS and Android users, new players in Pennsylvania and Michigan can get 100 free spins just for signing up.

Predominantly known for its sportsbook, Fanatics Casino is relatively new but accepts a wide range of banking options, has strong customer support and offers a great user experience overall. Be sure to use the Fanatics Casino Bonus Code to Deposit $5 and Get 250 Free Spins!


Borgata Online Casino carries baccarat games like NHL Baccarat, First Person Lightning Baccarat, First Person Golden Wealth Baccarat, Baccarat Professional Series, First Person Baccarat and Baccarat Live.

The site is available in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and new players are welcomed with a deposit match up to $1,000 plus $20 on the house when they deposit at least $10. They also have ongoing promotions like their $12k sweepstakes and $10k leaderboard. The site is part of MGM Rewards, which allows players to redeem points for hotel stays, dining, slots, table games, and more.

New users at the Borgata Online Casino can sign up to snag Get up to a $1,000 Deposit Match + $20 in Bonus Credits!


Ocean Online Casino offers players the choice of Baccarat, Baccarat Speed, Baccarat First Person and Baccarat Professional Series, although the site is only available in New Jersey.

New players can get a welcome offer worth 100% match up to $1,200 on their first deposit, with ongoing promotions such as a deposit of $50 and getting 15% up to $50 available after sign-up.

They have over 1,000 online slots, tables, and live dealer games, as well as the BetOcean rewards program, which awards points for every cash wager at the site that can be redeemed for bonus cash prizes and other bonuses.


Tipico Casino has two baccarat games—Baccarat Professional Series and Speed Baccarat Live—on its site in New Jersey. New players can choose their welcome offer of up to a $500 deposit match bonus plus 500 free spins or a 400% deposit match bonus up to $100 plus 500 free spins.

Over 500 of your favorite slots, table games, and live dealer games are available on this bright, colourful and modern casino site, designed to search and find the games you're looking for easily.


Continue to read along below as we walk through all the basic and intricacies of baccarat.


Before a hand is dealt in a baccarat game, players bet on one or more of three outcomes - player, banker or tie. You can bet on any of these outcomes and, as a player, are not forced to bet on the player option.

Hands start with two cards, and a third may optionally be dealt. The values are calculated, and the closest to 9 wins. If you bust or surpass 9, the value returns 0 instead of 10.

Example: A pair of cards 6 and 7 has a value of 3, not 13 and three cards 9, 6 and 9 have a value of 4 (not 24).


The winning handout of the player and banker is the one closest to (or at) 9 points.

Each hand is dealt two cards with the following rules:

  • Non-picture cards are worth their point value from 2-9.
  • Tens through kings (all the picture cards) are worth zero.
  • Aces are worth one.

Once you have the value of your hand, the player and/or banker may receive a third card, and that action will close out the round.

By totalling the score of each hand and eliminating the first digit of any double-digit hand values - we can see which hand has the closest value to 9, and this hand wins.

If either hand shows 8 or 9, this is known as a 'natural win', meaning the hand ends, no extra cards are dealt, and all bets are settled.

Hands totalling 6 or 7 prompt no further cards to be dealt, but if a player or dealer's hand totals under six (0-5), they can draw a third card.

If a player does draw a third card, the dealer must follow different rules depending on the value of that card:

  • If the player draws a two or three, the dealer must draw on a hand total of 0-4 and must stand on a hand total of 5-7.
  • If the player draws a four or five, the dealer must draw on a hand total of 0-5 and must stand on a hand total of 6-7.
  • If the player draws a six or seven, the dealer must draw on a hand total of 0-6 and stand on a hand total of 7.
  • If the player draws an eight, the dealer must draw on a hand total of 0-2 and must stand on a hand total of 3-7.
  • If the player draws an ace, 9, 10 or face card, the dealer must draw on a hand total of 0-3 and must stand on a hand total of 4-7.

The dealer then announces the winner and distributes any money, with the player side permanently always settled first in a baccarat game.

Bets for either the banker or player winning payout at 1:1 (although the banker bet includes a 5% commission), while ties payout at 8:1.

That means the odds of the player winning are 44.62%, the banker 45.85% and a tie 9.53% in a regular baccarat game.


There are a number of strategies you can employ when playing baccarat online to improve your chances of winning, including:

  • Mix bets on player vs. banker hands: You can try mixing things up for more fun. The player and banker hands have similar chances of winning, so this strategy will switch things up from one hand to the next.
  • Refrain from betting the tie: We recommend you always use this strategy because there is a low chance of the tie winning. While it may appear enticing due to its 8:1 payout, that is because it happens so infrequently—and the house edge is high.
  • Always bet the banker's hand: This strategy is simple. You are constantly betting on the hand with the highest percentage chance of winning, so you are playing the odds and could win a good amount if the banker's hand wins repeatedly.

There are also more general table game betting systems that can be applied to playing baccarat online to increase your winnings, hopefully:

  • Martingale: You double your bets after any losses and make only the minimum bet after wins. The rationale is that by doubling on each loss, the following winning bet will recover your losses and leave you in profit. This system requires a large bankroll and only works for some players. You must also know betting limits, as baccarat games don't go on indefinitely.
  • Labouchere: You define an amount you're looking to win and break this down into a list of numbers, determining the amounts wagered in each hand. If you wanted to win $50 on a baccarat game, you could split this using the sequence 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, which adds up to 50. You'll add the two end numbers to the bet, so 8 + 12 makes your first bet of $20. If this wins, you cross 8 and 12 off the list and move to the following end numbers of 9 and 11, but if the bet loses, you add the 20 to the number sequence, with your next bet becoming 8 + 20, so $28. Similarly to Martingale, this system requires a large bankroll.
  • 1-3-2-6: This number sequence strategy also determines the size of the bets you make in each hand, with players going up the system when you win and reverting to the original amount when you lose. So let's say you wager $5 on the first hand and win, then the next hand, you'll wager $5 x 3 = $15. If you win that hand, you wager $5 x 2 = $10 on the third hand, and if you win that, you wager $5 x 6 = $30 on the fourth hand. The theory here is that a player only wagers up to two units from their bankroll, while if a player loses any hand, they start from the beginning. This helps stretch your bankroll across more baccarat hands and prevents you from making big bets on losing streaks.
  • 1-3-2-4: This strategy is similar to the 1-3-2-6 one above but without the big x6 wager on the fourth hand. Instead, you will wager x4 on the fourth hand, potentially reducing a player's loss (but also restricting how much you can win).
  • One-sided: Here, you consistently choose to bet on either the player or banker to benefit from the fluctuations of advantageous hands any side will see over time. The theory is the player will break even throughout the game and gain a profit when their side receives favorable hands.
  • Paroli is a positive betting system in which you double your bet every time you win on a sequence of 1-2-4, reverting to the beginning if you lose.
  • Fibonacci: Your stake is multiplied by a number in the Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89), where the next number is the sum of the previous two. If you lose a bet, you'll increase your wager following the sequence and repeat until you win a hand. Then, you decrease the value of your bet by falling two numbers back in the sequence.
  • d'Alembert: You will increase bets by one unit for a loss and decrease by one unit on a win when you play baccarat.

Try these betting strategies on free baccarat games before wagering your money.


In this section, we will outline a number of different game variations players can choose from at a baccarat casino and why you would want to play them instead of the original:


A smaller, faster-paced version of regular baccarat with no drawing or standing, where players also bet on either the player, banker or tie. Here, the dealer is responsible for shuffling cards, and the game is played for lower stakes, making it more accessible for players.

As with regular baccarat, a winning player pays out 1:1, a winning banker pays out the same, with a 5% house edge, and a tie pays out 8:1.


Also known as Punto 2000, banker bets are paid at 1:1 on all scores except 6, which is paid at 50%, increasing the house edge to 1.46%.


This game was created because players dislike the 5% commission on winning banker hand bets, so there are extra rules to accommodate its removal. All winning banker hand bets are paid even money, but if a banker's winning hand has three cards equaling seven, then the bet becomes a push. Players can also make two additional side bets: Dragon 7 and Panda 8.


One of the most common versions of online baccarat involves players betting (punto) against the banker (banco). Also known as American Baccarat, this game is played with a shoe of between six and eight decks, with players able to take an additional card if their hand total is below five.


Players bet against each other rather than the banker, with the casino staking no money. Players take turns being the banker, running anticlockwise around the table, which poses more financial risk to each player as the banker takes on the bets of the other players.

The game is played with six decks of cards, and players can take an additional third card if their initial hand scores below five. Winning player bets pay out at 1:1, although payouts for other outcomes differ. When the banker wins, all losing bets pass to them, and the game continues. On a tie, all bets remain on the table for the next round, and there is still a 5% house edge on a banker's hand winning.


Players bet against the banker rather than each other. While different players can take on the role of banker, the casino always has a stake in the game, so players don't take on additional risk as bankers. The designated banker is the player who makes the largest wager.

The game is played with three decks of cards and three hands of two cards dealt - two for the player and one for the bank. Players can take an additional card if their hand is valued below four, and instead of a tie bet, players can bet on both player hands or the banker's.


The faster-paced version is played with a single deck, and the objective is not necessarily to get the highest-scoring hand, which is not necessarily the closest to 9. The player and banker also get three cards each, with no option for additional cards.

At some online casinos, 10 is deducted on scores above nine, while others leave the high scores as two digits. A winning hand for the main bet will have the most face cards, and points are used to determine the score if the number of face cards is equal.

Winning player bets pay out 97:100 (with a 3% house edge), winning tie bets pay out 25:1 and any additional bets on the dealer's points total payout 8:1.


Players have the unique option to stand their hand or draw another card if the hand is valued at five, while the banker can also draw a third card at any point. The banker is funded by the casino, so if one player covers the banker's funds, the other players won't be able to bet in that round.


There are some legal gambling states in the USA where you can play baccarat online for real money:

  • MichiganJoined the growing list of states offering legal online gambling in January 2021, with several online casinos launching on the same day, with the first ten days of betting generating over $27m in revenue.
  • New JerseyOne of the largest pools of online casinos in the US, first launched in 2018 along with sports betting. 
  • PennsylvaniaOnline casinos launched in the Keystone State in 2021, making it the most-populated state to legalize online casino gambling.
  • West VirginiaOnline casinos have been operating in the Mountain State since 2019 after a change of laws permitting them went into effect.
  • Connecticut: Launched online casino offering in 2021, but operators have been slower to take up the opportunity in the Constitution State.
  • Delaware: Became the first state to launch online gambling in 2013, but so far, only a few game sites have gone live.


In this section, we have detailed the step-by-step process to find the best online baccarat apps to play baccarat on and redeem real bonus money:


  1. Create your account, entering and verifying your details in the process.
  2. Enter your promo code when asked (you should be required to do so).
  3. Read the terms and conditions of your offer.
  4. Finish setting up your new online baccarat casino account.
  5. Your no-deposit bonus should be accredited to you if included as part of your offer.
  6. Make your initial deposit.
  7. Your initial deposit will match the amount specific in your deposit-match offer T&Cs.
  8. Bonus funds will only be available for specific days and cannot be withdrawn for real cash.


In this section, we will list a number of reasons you should try real money baccarat online:

  • Bonuses and promotions: The best online casinos will provide new players with a generous welcome bonus just for signing up, as well as a range of ongoing promotions for existing players and a rewards program with benefits for sustained play.
  • Game selection: Along with great video and live dealer baccarat games, players can also choose from a host of top online slots and other tabletop games like blackjack, poker, and roulette from the best software providers in the industry.
  • Security and licensing: You can be sure you are playing at a legitimate site if it is fully licensed and regulated by a respected body such as the New Jersey Division of Gaming and Entertainment, Miching Gaming Control Board, Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and West Virginia Lottery Commission.
  • Payment methods: The best sites accept a wide range of payment methods for deposits and withdrawals, including cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies.
  • Customer support: We expect to see 24/7 live chat offered at the best online baccarat sites, as well as an FAQs page, help centre, email and phone support.
  • User experience: Dedicated mobile casino real money apps are great for players on the go. However, players can access a site via a web browser on any device if it is fully mobile-optimized. The best Baccarat online casinos are easy to navigate, well-designed and a joy to play.


Want to learn more about online baccarat games and ways to play? Read these common questions and answers we've compiled below in our online Baccarat FAQ.


We have listed a number of our recommended online casinos for baccarat and live dealer baccarat in the US on this page. The best online baccarat casino will depend on your playing style and preferences.


Yes, you must be in a legal online casino state to play baccarat online, such as Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.


You must correctly predict whether the player, banker or a tied hand will come in to win in video baccarat and live dealer baccarat.


Players may be able to use certain bonuses available at online casinos on baccarat games, depending on the offer and site.


In regular play baccarat, the odds of the player winning are 44.62%, the banker 45.85%, and a tie 9.53%.