Online Craps for Real Money: Where & How to Play | May 2024

Online craps are the continuation of the vintage craps dice game that is said to have roots in the Crusade wars and further became popular in the 14th century. Craps, which comes from the French pronunciation, crabs, in the modern American era were made cool and hip as the ultimate street game through iconic Hollywood films like Diamonds Are Forever and The Cincinnati Kid. As online casinos first launched in the 1990s, craps online found a new audience.

As broadband technology took off in the 2000s, gambling sites wasted no time making over and re-imagining, and so did the makeover of this popular dice game. But to play craps online successfully is more than just the wrists and rolling the dice. It takes understanding the house edge and craps table layout together with a proven craps strategy to avoid going snake eyes. Learn how to read the craps odds for reasonable payout ratios and make the best craps bets by reading this guide.



The American iGaming industry was officially born in 2013 when New Jersey broke new ground by legalizing online gambling. The love affair for one of the best casino games reached a fever pitch. Real money craps continued to reach a crescendo when Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, and West Virginia allowed gamblers to start playing craps online and other table games from land-based casinos. Rhode Island now hosts real money iGaming, including online craps games.

Suppose Alabama and Maryland, who recently advanced their iGaming bill for a vote, get their way with legalizing real money casinos. In that case, these online craps sites will only make new players fall in love to place bets with one of the most beloved and underrated casino table games that have tremendous street cred. If New York can get over the hump with State Senator Addabbo's iGaming bill, a new and rewarding era for dice games and playing craps online will only add to its legend.


Even though casino craps have mostly remained the same as other dice games, the different craps variants continue to add new dimensions to one of the best online casino games. Get to know one of the most popular real money games upfront and its variations via our casino glossary.

  • Bank Craps: This is the standard bearer and most traditional way of playing craps at retail and online casinos because the casino serves as the "bank." Bank craps support varied betting systems, including for pass line bets win and different odds and payout ratios for basic bets.
  • New York Craps: This is a table game version that has subtle differences from standard craps games, most notably the come-out roll. Assuming you're playing with a pass-line bet, if the shooter rolls specific numbers, including threes and twelves, it results in an immediate loss. Due to only having one dealer, craps players roll the dice and pass wagers faster.
  • Diceless Craps: As the name implies, craps players don't make a dice roll. Unlike other online craps games, the diceless variant will most likely rely on the standard and trusted random number generator to determine shooter bets and other bets.
  • Simplified Craps: If you prefer simple bets and better odds of all the games, Simplified craps stick with the pass line and don't pass bets, which also makes the house edge more manageable. For new players looking to play craps online or need to manage their deposit bonus or general welcome bonus, the best bet is to start here.
  • Crapless Craps: The Crapless variant, sometimes called Bastard craps, totally removes the numbers 2, 3, and 12 for the come-out roll, which effectively prevents players from going "craps." If the shooter rolls these numbers, they become simple pointers and roll again. While the house edge is higher with this variant because of don't pass bets wins, it is appealing for those looking for the lowest house edge or trying to create a winning strategy for other real money craps games.
  • Die Rich Craps: This is a craps game where if the shooter rolls a seven on a come-out roll, it becomes an instant winner, regardless if they make a pass-line bet or not. Elevens also count as winners. 
  • High Point Craps: To succeed, the shooter rolls a ten or an eleven with the come-out roll. This is because most online craps with this variant ditch twos and threes, thus presenting higher real-money payouts but with higher risk. If the player hits a seven, the game ends on the spot.
  • Bubble Craps: Seasoned craps players might know this variant as Shoot to Win because shooters deal with the computer instead of a dealer. Because of the faster tempo, shooters can quickly make their proposition bets at the virtual craps table.


While it might seem overwhelming to start playing craps in the beginning because its faster compared to other casino games and getting the hang of the true odds with advanced bets like don't pass, after reading our straightforward and professional tips will have you making winning bets with elite real money craps variants.

If you're playing online, you might see if the gambling site allows you to play craps for free before using your own money. Playing free craps online lets you get the feel and see in real-time how the craps table works, especially when you have the confidence to play live dealer craps. Depending on the online casino, an online glossary about the particular rules might exist.

You might get AI assistance with a tailored strategy based on your playing style. But the most important reason to play free craps games first is to understand a strategy that works for you and the types of bets you are comfortable with without financial risk. To help you get your legs under you at the craps table, we've simplified how real money craps works.

  • Understand the craps table: Similar to roulette and blackjack that, has payouts on the table, the craps table layout offers the numbers to win with the "pass line" and "don't pass" sections. Also, on the table, the shooter finds the "come" and "don't come" sections and where to place bets.
  • The shooter: If you have the dice in your hands, it's time to let them roll. The first roll is the come-out roll. If you hit seven or an eleven, the pass line bet wins.
  • Rolling craps: But, if the shooter's initial roll is a 2, 3 or twelve, this is known as "craps," essentially going bust like in blackjack for pass line wagers.
  • Understanding the point numbers: If the shooter's first dice roll isn't a natural winner or a craps number, that result becomes the term known as "the point." After the point, the player rolls the dice once more. The game ends if the player hits a seven, but they win if they match the previous point roll.

fWhoever wins, the next dice roll for a new game begins. Craps players, before playing, including at online casinos, purchase chips like you would for poker or blackjack. Depending on the variant, you might have to move fast to keep up!

Hopefully, this sounds simple. We highly recommend new players start with free craps games to learn the ropes. If you plan to play craps online, you can capitalize on the welcome bonus to help stretch your budget.


If you're ready to hit the craps table or want to let it roll with free casino games, below are the most common craps bets you'll make or need to strategize for.

  • Big 6 and Big 8 Bets: Shooters roll the dice and make wagers that the dice will hit a six or an eight before a seven. Because these bets are riskier, the payouts are higher, or at least the shooter wins even money.
  • Come Bet/Don't Come Bet: The come bet immediately follows the point, while the don't come bet rewards wins with a two or a three after establishing the point. Hitting a 12 leads to a tie.
  • Pass Line Bet/Don't Pass Bet: Shooters gamble on the pass line number before rolling the dice. Sevens and elevens win, while rolling a two, three, or twelve ends the game. The reverse is true with don't pass stakes, but the point numbers (four, five, six, eight, nine, ten) are identical.
  • Field Bet: Of all the craps bets, the field bet is one of the most used, where shooters can make any time playing. Field bets payout when the shooter rolls a two, three, four, five, six, nine, ten, eleven, and even a twelve. All other numbers mean the field bet loses.
  • Hardways Bet: This is intended for advanced players who want to gamble so that each dice hits the same number, specifically, fours, sixes, eights, and tens. But if the seven rolls, you lose.
  • Place Bet: While the dice don't have to be identical, place bet winners must hit twos, threes, fours, fives, sixes, nines, and tens. Rolling different numbers determines payouts at 9:5, 7:5, and even 7:6. Shooters before the roll can determine active working bets or inactive off bets.
  • Proposition Bet: Prop bets are fundamental wagers in which shooters gamble on specific numbers. For example, if your prop bet hits a seven, the payouts would be 4:1 or 5:1, depending on the variant and casino.


Craps' greatness lies in the versatile betting options. For those looking to start small, plenty of even money wagers are available for basic pass and don't pass gambles. In these scenarios, the payout odds are 1:1. The odds change dramatically for place, field, and hardway bets. Field wagers generally go between 2:1 and 3:1 payouts, depending on the number rolled. Rolling on sevens delivers consistent 4:1 payout odds.


Like other casino games, the house edge depends on the specific bet or crap variant you're playing. For example, the don't pass strategy has a 1.36% edge to the house compared to the standard pass, which favors the house at 1.41%, or the unfriendly seven-bet that more than benefits the house with odds over 16%.

For more complicated gambles like the hardway bet, the casino edge can be as low as 9% or as high as 11%. Also, the specific variant influences the final house edge. So, if you are on a budget, you should steer clear of the place wager. The same applies to craps bets, especially gambling on twelve, because the house edge shoots up to over 11%.


With Rhode Island bringing the total number of states that support sanctioned online gambling to seven, American online gamblers almost have their pick of the litter to let the dice fall where they may. Below are some of the most notable iGaming sites that do the craps game justice.


BetMGM is part of the legendary MGM Casino and Hollywood Studio brand and is available in several states. New members can hit the ground running with a no-deposit bonus and a welcome bonus worth up to,000. All members can play with a professional live dealer to test their luck.

BetMGM offers picture-perfect and smooth gameplay on its official apps for iOS and Android devices. You can download the app from BetMGM's site in a moment or two. All your craps wagers, win or lose, help you build momentum toward MGM's legendary rewards club to earn luxury vacation travel and trips.

If you haven't signed up on BetMGM Casino yet, new sign-ups can claim a welcome offer of Get a 100% Deposit Match up to $1000 + $25 on the House! for users in Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. All you need to do is our BetMGM Casino bonus code VIBONUS when you create your account!

West Virginia users can get a juicier offer of 100% Deposit Match up to $2500 + $50 on the House + 50 Bonus Spins! with special bonus code VIBONUS!


Like its sister site, Borgata is one of the premier sites to play craps online. While Borgata doesn't offer free craps options, if you think you've got the chops, you can let the dice fall with two live dealer options, including First Person Craps. You can chat with the dealer in real time as you get an up-close view of your prop and field bets.

Take craps anywhere you go where iGaming is legal on your Android and Apple Borgata app, which works like a champ. If you still need to become a member, create your account and get, no questions asked, then make your first deposit to collect the,000 welcome bonus.

New players at Borgata Casino can use Borgata Casino bonus code VICOMBONUS during registration to claim a welcome offer of Get up to a $1,000 Deposit Match + $20 in Bonus Credits!!


DraftKings Casino is widely available in legal online casino states. It also has four craps options, including its proprietary DraftKings Craps and DraftKings Andrew Dice Clay Craps. As a bonus, you can free craps rounds for the non-live dealer options, so you can best plot your strategy.

The standalone craps games accommodate players with small budgets and high rollers. The minimum wager is a buck, and the maximum is 1,000. However, for the live games, the maximum stakes rise to 1,000. And if you're unlucky at the craps table on your first day, DraftKings refunds you up to 0 in casino credits to keep you rolling the dice.

For every friend you get to sign up to DraftKings, you will receive 0 in casino credits. All of DraftKings's craps variants are available on its apps that sync perfectly on Android and Apple devices. For every craps stake you place, earn and wear your crowns with pride. Crowns can be converted into real money to play your favorite craps titles.

New eligible players in Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia can claim a lucrative bonus offer of Play $5, Get $50 in Casino Credits + $35 Extra on Deposit!.


For those who like to thrive under pressure, prepare to dive with both feet in with FanDuel's live options, including Classic Craps. It also helps that both games are friendly on the budget, accepting dice bets for as low as fifty cents. Install your FanDuel app hassle-free on new iOS, Apple tablets, and cell phones so you do not miss a roll.

FanDuel helps new members taste victory with a generous welcome bonus of up to $1,000. The new FanDuel welcome package also includes 200 free spins for those who want to enjoy non-progressive slot games. Get friends and loved ones involved with how craps are by getting them to sign-up, which means a bonus of $125 in your account.

No FanDuel Casino bonus code is needed for new sign-ups. Just use one of our special links to claim a welcome bonus offer of Deposit $10, Get $20 In Site Credit & Play It Again $1000!.


Like MGM, Caesars is one of the most beloved and recognizable casino brands globally. Like MGM, Caesars Palace thrives with online sites in multiple states, such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Caesars Palace Online apps occasionally have exclusive mobile bonuses. 

Caesars Palace gives you 24/7 access to Live Craps, so you're going to have to bring your A-game with whatever strategy you go with. With Evolution Gaming, you enjoy a 4k cinematic experience that gives you all the perks and thrills of a big-time Las Vegas and Atlantic City casino experience -- like Caesars Palace.

New Caesars Palace members get plenty of assistance with a 100% deposit bonus of up to 1,000 bucks. And for good measure, Caesars helps you enjoy its legendary rewards program with 2,500 reward points as an additional thank you.

Use our Caesars Palace code VIBONUS2500 when you sign up to claim a bonus offer of Get a 100% Deposit Match up to $2,500 + 2,500 Rewards Points!.


With lucrative welcome bonuses that are near impossible to ignore and the hope and chance that big wins are just a roll away, it's easier than you think to slip into a compulsive gambling disorder. To maintain their sterling brand reputations and as a license requirement from gaming bodies like the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and New Jersey's Division of Gaming Enforcement, all licensed iGaming sites must have a responsible gaming section.

Any time you need to, visit it and set a cool-off period where you won't receive promotional information or the ability to log into your account for at least several days. Even if you don't have a cool-off period enforced, you can still set playing sessions, so even if your field bets hit, once your time is up, you're through gaming for the day. The same applies to loss limits, so you don't lose your shirt and perspective. But, if you need professional help with your gambling addiction, please don't hesitate to reach out to these accomplished organizations.

  • Gamblers Anonymous: Take the first step by visiting their site
  • National Council on Problem Gambling: Reach out at 1-800-GAMBLER
  • Game-Anon: Don't hesitate to call 1-718-352-1671

Also, states like Pennsylvania have their own problem gambling organizations. If all else fails, players can place themselves on the state-wide self-exclusion list.


Hopefully, you know now that succeeding at craps is more than the luck of the roll or in the wrist. To help you go over the different craps wagers and other questions, please read the most common questions with expert answers.


If you're playing in Rhode Island, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, and West Virginia, then yes, playing craps online is legal. For the best and fairest results, we only recommend playing online where it is legal, for example, in the states mentioned above.


States like Michigan and West Virginia operate state-run gaming sites, and they have a gaming commission that requires these sites to have robust cybersecurity measures. You can rest easy and focus on mastering the craps table and the different bets.


Many legal online gambling sites offer a live version of craps, including First Person at sites like FanDuel. Depending on the site, you might find low buy-ins.


Some sites like DraftKings offer free craps practice play. However, you can't play for free with the live dealer.


Of course! Elite online gambling sites like Caesars Palace provide flexible betting options to accommodate players with different budgets, so they roll the dice and win real money. These gaming sites also have hefty bonuses to help you cash out.


​Legal online casinos have apps that work like a champ with near-perfect uptime on Apple and Android devices. The live version of craps usually is available on the casino apps, including the mobile web browser.


Most gaming commissions mandate that gamblers, both virtual and at brick-and-mortar casinos, be at least 21 to roll the dice.


Depending on which historical account you believe, craps dates back to ancient Rome, with the name Al Zar. As its reputation and popularity grew in France, craps was known as Hazard. Years later, the French renamed it Carpaud to describe how players positioned themselves to throw the dice.