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What is a NCAAB Parlay?

A college basketball parlay is a wager where you have two or more bets that you combine in one bet slip, and the odds of both bets are multiplied to a new odds number that you would win if you hit both bets. You can typically add as many "legs" to your parlay that you want, while keeping in mind that the more bets you add, the harder the parlay is to hit, but the higher the payout would be.

Parlays tend to be the bet of choice for new bettors as they get enticed by the big payouts for little risk, but we recommend bettors to keep their parlay legs to 2 or 3 teams, as this ensures an easier path to victory while still capitalizing on the parlay multipliers.

Parlays can be a combination of spreads, moneylines, totals, and even props! This allows you to make your parlays even more exotic.

How Do I Win a NCAAB Parlay?

No bet is an absolute, 100% can't miss, locked in win, but listed below are strategies bettors use to win more money when combining picks into a parlay.

Two Team Parlays

Two team parlays are a favorite of many professional bettors because many times when faced with a moneyline that you like a lot but is a little bit too expensive, you can often combine it with another strong moneyline bet and get to a parlay payout that is much more appealing. For example, two -240 moneylines placed into a parlay will turn the bet into even money (+100).

Don't forget, any bet can miss, whether it is a 5 to 1 favorite or just a regular spread play. Keep that in mind when putting big money favorites into your parlay, as you may find that the risk outweighs the value that you're getting.


Teasers are another fun way to add a bit of spice to your NCAAB betting day. When you create a teaser, you are taking a minimum of two lines that are big number spreads, think of a line that's sitting at 7 or more, and you "tease" it down to a more attackable number. See the below example of a standard 6-point teaser:

  • Murray State -7.5 gets teased down to -1.5
  • Austin Peay +7.5 gets teased up to +13.5

When you incorporate teased lines into a parlay, your odds will understandably get lower, since you are buying a lot of points for a more feasible result. Keep in mind that just like all parlays, teasers are not infallible and can lose as well, so bet responsibly!

Odds Shopping

Shopping odds across different books is one of the smartest things you can do. There's nothing quite like seeing a line you got at -125 be offered at -105 on a different book and knowing you could have risked less money for the same payout. For example, at VegasInsider, our top five sportsbooks are listed below:

Out of these operators, you would go to PointsBet before it's offering up the best line, even though you started out by seeing -3 over at BetMGM because it's your favorite book. Most sites will have many options like this, and VegasInsider has a whole page dedicated to it!

Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is probably the most important thing to master for sports betting. You have to know how to gamble responsibly in order to have a good time and win a realistic amount. You probably shouldn't emotionally bet half of your paycheck on a play just because you're on a 2-bet losing streak, right?

When you are gambling, you should always be using only 1% of your net worth, or the money that you have liquid to spend. You need to realize that not everything needs to be bet on, and you should always do your research on a game before betting responsibly on it. Set limits for yourself and don't bet more than you can afford to lose.

What is a Same Game Parlay?

A same-game parlay is a parlay when you include two or more bets that are all from the same game. Making SGP's are a little easier than regular parlays due to correlated options you have. For instance, if you're betting on an NFL game where you believe that Kirk Cousins will have a good game, you can bet both him and Justin Jefferson to go over their yards props, and so on and so forth.

Same Game Parlays may pay out at lower odds than normal parlays due to bets correlating and thus making the odds different, but they are fun to play to allow you many avenues of action on a single game at a lower price. The odds will typically change from operator to operator, so make sure you shop around for the best odds as listed above.