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2020 SEC Championship Odds


Is Alabama the Favorite to Win the SEC?

It wasn't unusual seeing an SEC team winning the national championship last season. It was unusual that it wasn't Alabama, and they weren't even part of the four-team national playoff.

Head coach Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide have high expectations again this season and they're expected to win the SEC. (AP)

Losing quarterback Tua Tagovailoa late in the season due to a hip injury certainly didn't help. The Crimson Tide have lost tremendous amounts of players to the NFL Draft in recent seasons, and this season is no exception. Tua is off to play on Sundays, as are wide receivers Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs III. However, head coach Nick Saban will have plenty of players to help Alabama bounce right back. LSU is also looking to replace plenty of key players lost to the draft, so why shouldn't the Tide be rolling back in?

2020 SEC Championship Game Odds

  • Alabama 4/5
  • Georgia 2/1
  • LSU 13/2
  • Florida 9/1
  • Texas A&M 14/1
  • Auburn 16/1
  • Tennessee 50/1
  • Kentucky 100/1
  • Mississippi State 125/1
  • Missouri 125/1
  • Ole Miss 125/1
  • South Carolina 125/1
  • Arkansas 250/1
  • Vanderbilt 250/1

How to read Futures Odds

American: Alabama -143
Fractional: Alabama 7/10
Decimal: Alabama 1.7
Implied Probability: 58.8%

Bettors placing a $100 wager on Alabama would win $158, which includes your $100 stake. The Crimson Tide are listed as a 3/1 betting choice (Bet $100 to win $300) to win the 2020-21 College Football Playoff.

Where to Bet SEC Football

East vs. West

It's all about the SEC West lately, but do Florida and Georgia have the tools to upset the balance of power in the league?

Florida has the luxury of facing LSU at home on Oct. 10, but they do not have to face Alabama or Auburn until a potential appearance in the SEC title game. That helps their chances tremendously. Georgia isn't as fortunate, as they travel to Alabama on Sept. 19, they have to face Auburn on Oct. 10 and they also play against Florida on Halloween in Jacksonville. A tough test at South Carolina also looms Nov. 7, so the Bulldogs have a much tougher road than their rivals across the Florida-Georgia line.

In most years, it's all about the West, but the fact the Tide and defending champ LSU Tigers are breaking in new quarterbacks and key offensive personnel makes the SEC wide open. The Gators might be the team to step right up and take advantage, and they have a sick defense led by NFL-caliber players like Amari Burney, Zachary Carter and Marco Wilson.

The 2020 Win Total betting market was taken off the board due to the shortened schedules in college football this season. Listed below are the win totals prior to several conferences postponing their seasons.

2020 SEC Win Totals

Alabama Crimson Tide: Over 10½ -145 Under 10½ +125
Arkansas Razorbacks: Over 3½ -105 Under 3½ -115
Auburn Tigers: Over 8½ -190 Under 8½ +170
Florida Gators: Over 10 -135 Under 10 +115
Georgia Bulldogs: Over 10 +105 Under 10 -125
Kentucky Wildcats: Over 7 -135 Under 7 +115
Louisiana State Tigers: Over 9 +110 Under 9 -130
Mississippi Rebels: Over 5½ -145 Under 5½ +125
Mississippi State Bulldogs: Over 6½ +145 Under 6½ -165
Missouri Tigers: Over 5 -145 Under 5 +125
South Carolina Gamecocks: Over 5½ -160 Under 5½ +140
Tennessee Volunteers: Over 7½ -145 Under 7.+125
Texas A&M Aggies: Over 9½ +135 Under 9½ -155
Vanderbilt Commodores: Over 3 -150 Under 3 +130

SEC Win Totals to Watch

There is a lot of excitement in Oxford, as Ole Miss was able to lure Lane Kiffin from Florida Atlantic after a pair of Conference USA championships. His Rebels will open with Baylor, before a respite against Southeast Missouri. But then the Rebs face Auburn, LSU and Alabama the next three weeks before a date with Florida on Oct. 17, too. Welcome back to the SEC, Lane Train! Even if the Rebels lose to Baylor, LSU, Alabama and Florida, they have very, very winnable games against SE Missouri, Vandy, UConn, Arkansas and Georgia Southern. Kiffin will have his team rounded into form, and they might even pull an upset or two during that early gauntlet. Over 5½ (-145) looks like a pretty solid proposition.

Is Tennessee back? The Volunteers picked themselves up and dusted themselves off after an ugly start in 2019, rallying down the stretch to go bowling. That's all well and good, but this team has road trips to Oklahoma and Georgia, while facing the likes of Alabama and Florida at home. Unless they pull off an upset in one of those games, they would have to win all of their remaining games to hit the Over 7½. The Vols have been less than dependable winning on a regular basis in recent seasons, and they'll likely get tripped up against somebody they should beat, so Under 7½ (+125) looks like the better bet here.

Like the other team in the Magnolia State, Mississippi State has a shiny new (well, older) coach in Mike Leach. He joins a who's who list of coaches in the ultra-competitive SEC West. We'll learn a lot about Leach in the opening month of the season. Home games against New Mexico, Arkansas and Tulane should be winnable games. A loss in any of those games will make an Under 6½ (-165) play a near certainty. The Bulldogs have back-to-back trips to Bama and LSU in October, followed by a home game against Auburn. After September, the only slam-dunk win chance looks to be Alabama A&M on Nov. 21. Whether the Bulldogs hit the Over or Under in wins might come down to the Egg Bowl on Thanksgiving night.

How do I bet Win Totals?

College Football Win Totals can be grouped into future wagers since you’re betting on the outcome of a school over the course of a season and its production. Oddsmakers set a number prior to the season on how many wins a team will finish with at the end of their regular season schedule.

The majority of college football teams play 12 games and Win Total wagers do not include postseason matchups. Those matchups include conference title contests, bowls or playoff games. Some sportsbooks have rules on these wagers where a team must play ‘all’ 12 regular season games or the wager is void. It’s not uncommon to see games postponed throughout the season due to weather in the United States.

After the number is set, you either bet ‘over’ or ‘under’ on the Win Total. The number of wins is created to get the most two-way action for over and under wagers and if the sportsbook believes one side will receive more action, they normally add a higher tax (juice) on that wager.

Example: Auburn Tigers Over 8½ (-190)

Instead of making Auburn Over 9 wins, the oddsmakers will make bettors lay $190 to win $100 for the Tigers to finish with records of 9-3 or better to cash Over 8½ tickets. Since the Win Total on Auburn isn't a whole number, an 'over' or 'under' result will take place one way or another. However, if a team lands exactly on its Win Total then the bet is refunded since its considered a 'tie' or what many call a 'push' in the sports betting industry.

The 2020 "Game of the Year" betting market was taken off the board as four major college football conferences postponed their fall seasons. Listed below are the odds for the key matchups posted prior to those announcements.

SEC Game of the Year Odds

Game of the Year Odds in college football are easy to understand and it gives bettors the ability to place early wages on anticipated matchups for the upcoming college football season. Sportsbooks are currently offering point-spreads and money-line wagers for the Game of the Year odds and once you lock in your bet, that's the line you'll keep regardless of what happens between the time that you placeed the wager and up until kickoff.

The SEC currently has 35 games highlighted for bettors for the 2020 college football season, featuring both non-conference and conference matchups.

Must See Non-Conference Matchups

  • Week 1 - USC vs. Alabama (-14)
  • Week 1 - Baylor at Ole Miss (-2)
  • Week 2 - Texas at LSU (-5)
  • Week 2 - North Carolina at Auburn (-5.5)
  • Week 13 - Florida (-10.5) at Florida State

Must See SEC Matchups

  • Week 3 - Georgia (+7.5) at Alabama (-7.5)
  • Week 6 - LSU (+2.5) at Florida (-2.5)
  • Week 9 - Florida (+3.5) vs. Georgia (-3.5)
  • Week 10 - Alabama (-2.5) at LSU
  • Week 12 - LSU at Auburn (PK)
  • Week 13 - Mississippi State at Ole Miss (-3.5)
  • Week 13 - LSU at Texas A&M (PK)
  • Week 13 - Auburn at Alabama (-13.5)
SEC Game of the Year Odds Matchups
Date Point-Spread Money Line
Sat, Sept. 5 (Arlington) USC (+14) vs. Alabama (-14) USC (+500) at Alabama (-715)
Sat, Sept. 5 (Houston) Baylor (+2) at Ole Miss (-2) Baylor (+110) at Ole Miss (-130)
Mon, Sept. 7 (Atlanta) Virginia (+17.5) at Georgia (-17.5) Virginia (+750) at Georgia (-1250)
Sat, Sept. 12 Texas (+5) at LSU (-5) Texas (-5) at LSU (-189)
Sat, Sept. 12 Kentucky (+15.5) at Florida (-15.5) Kentucky (+650) at Florida (-1000)
Sat, Sept. 12 (Atlanta) North Carolina (+5.5) at Auburn (-5.5) North Carolina (+180) at Auburn (-223)
Sat, Sept. 19 Georgia (+7.5) at Alabama (-7.5) Georgia (+225) at Alabama (-286)
Sat, Sept. 19 Auburn (-9.5) at Ole Miss (+9.5) Auburn (-358) at Ole Miss (+275)
Sat, Sept. 26 Florida (-6.5) at Tennessee (+6.5) Florida (-264) at Tennessee (+210)
Sat, Sept. 26 Texas A&M (-19.5) at Arkansas (+19.5) Texas A&M (-2000) at Arkansas (+1000)
Sat, Oct. 3 Kentucky (+17.5) at Auburn (-17.5) Kentucky (+750) at Auburn (-1250)
Sat, Oct. 10 Auburn (+7.5) at Georgia (-7.5) Auburn (+250) at Georgia (-323)
Sat, Oct. 10 LSU (+2.5) at Florida (-2.5) LSU (+105) at Florida (-125)
Sat, Oct. 17 Miss St. (+23.5) at Alabama (-23.5) Miss St. (+1400) at Alabama (-5000)
Sat, Oct. 17 Texas A&M (+3.5) at Auburn (-3.5) Texas A&M (+140) at Auburn (-173)
Sat, Oct. 24 Miss St. (+20.5) at LSU (-20.5) Miss St. (+1100) at LSU (-2500)
Sat, Oct. 24 Alabama (-14.5) at Tennessee (+14.5) Alabama (-1112) at Tennessee (+700)
Sat, Oct. 24 Texas A&M (-7.5) at South Florida (+7.5) Texas A&M (-304) at South Florida (+240)
Sat, Oct. 31 (Jacksonville) Florida (+3.5) vs. Georgia (-3.5) Florida (+140 at Georgia (-173)
Sat, Nov. 7 Alabama (-2.5) at LSU (+2.5) Alabama (-139) at LSU (+115)
Sat, Nov. 7 Missouri (+4.5) at Miss St. (-4.5) Missouri (+155) at Miss St. (-189)
Sat, Nov. 7 Kentucky (+7.5) at Tennessee (-7.5) Kentucky (+210) at Tennessee (-264)
Sat, Nov. 7 Georgia (-12.5) at South Carolina (+12.5) Georgia (-625) at South Carolina (+450)
Sat, Nov. 14 Missouri (+17.5) at Florida (-17.5) Missouri (+750) at Florida (-1250)
Sat, Nov. 21 Texas A&M (+14.5) at Alabama (-14.5) Texas A&M (+650) at Alabama (-1000)
Sat, Nov. 21 LSU (PK) at Auburn (PK) LSU (-120) at Auburn (+100)
Thu, Nov. 26 Miss St. (+3.5) at Ole Miss (-3.5) Miss St. (+155 at Ole Miss (-189
Sat, Nov. 28 Auburn (+13.5) at Alabama (-13.5) Auburn (+500 at Alabama (-715
Sat, Nov. 28 Tennessee (-13.5) at Vanderbilt (+13.5) Tennessee (-589 at Vanderbilt (+425
Sat, Nov. 28 LSU (PK) at Texas A&M (PK) LSU (-120) at Texas A&M (+100)
Sat, Nov. 28 South Carolina (+23.5) at Clemson (-23.5) South Carolina (+1800 at Clemson (-10000)
Sat, Nov. 28 Arkansas (+9.5) at Missouri (-9.5) Arkansas (+285 at Missouri (-371)
Sat, Nov. 28 Kentucky (+4.5) at Louisville (-4.5) Kentucky (+150 at Louisville (-182
Sat, Nov. 28 Georgia Tech (+24.5) at Georgia (-24.5) Georgia Tech (-10000 at Georgia (+1800)
Sat, Nov. 28 Florida (-10.5) at Florida St. (+10.5) Florida (-400 at Florida St. (+310)

2020 SEC Heisman Trophy Contenders

The Heisman Trophy is the most prestigious individual award in college football and it's become a popular betting market. Prior to and during the regular season, oddsmakers open and adjust their numbers on the top contenders and some of the returns have been very generous.

2020 Heisman Trophy Odds

The SEC captured the Heisman Trophy in 2019 as LSU quarterback Joe Burrow won the award. Prior to that victory, running back Derrick Henry of Alabama hoisted the trophy in 2015. The SEC has had four Heisman winners since 2010.

SEC quarterbacks are leading the Heisman Trophy future odds again in 2020 and QB Jamie Newman of Georgia is the top betting choice at 6/1 odds (Bet $100 to win $600) among his fellow conference opponents.

Odds to win 2020 Heisman Trophy

(Position, SEC Player, School, Odds)
  • QB Jamie Newman, Georgia 6/1
  • QB Myles Brennan, LSU 14/1
  • QB Bo Nix Auburn, 16/1
  • QB Mac Jones, Alabama 20/1
  • QB Bryce Young, Alabama 33/1
  • QB Kyle Trask, Florida 40/1
  • RB Najee Harris, Alabama 50/1
  • RB Kylin Hill, Mississippi State 50/1
  • QB Kellen Mond, Texas A&M 50/1
  • WR Jaylen Waddle, Alabama 50/1
  • WR Ja'Marr Chase, LSU 66/1
  • WR Seth Williams, Auburn 66/1
  • QB Stetson Bennett, Georgia 66/1
  • RB Zamir White, Georgia 66/1
  • WR Devonta Smith, Alabama 80/1
  • CB Derek Stingley, LSU 100/1
  • QB Taulia Tagovailoa, Alabama 100/1
  • QB John Rhys Plumlee, Ole Miss 100/1
  • QB Feleipe Franks, Arkansas 125/1
  • WR Kadrius Toney, Florida 125/1
  • WR Racey McMath, LSU 200/1
  • QB Jarret Guarantano, Tennessee 200/1
  • QB Harrison Bailey, Tennessee 250/1
  • QB Matt Corral, Mississippi 250/1
  • QB Brian Maurer, Tennessee 250/1

What is the SEC Championship?

The SEC Championship takes place normally on the first Saturday in December and the history of this game goes back to 1992. The champions of the Eastern and Western divisions will square off for the title, which has taken place at Atlanta, Georgia since 1994.

Alabama has the most all-time SEC title wins with eight while Florida is right behind them with seven championships. The SEC West has won nine of the last 10 championships.

  • Date: Saturday, Dec. 5, 2020
  • Time: 4:00 p.m. ET
  • Venue: Mercedes-Benz Stadium
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Network: CBS

SEC Championship Game Betting History

The 2020 SEC title game will be the 29th installment for the conference and it's been very 'chalky' outcomes. In the first 28 matchups, favorites have gone 23-5 straight up (SU). Bettors have watched favorites go 14-13-1 against the spread (ATS) during this span so it does show you that the point-spread does matter.

The 'over' has posted a 17-11 record and the high side has connected in nine of the previous 11 SEC championships.

SEC Championship History
Year Location Matchup Line Score ATS Result
2019 Atlanta, GA LSU-Georgia LSU -7 (57.5) LSU 37-10 Favorite-Under
2018 Atlanta, GA Alabama-Georgia Alabama -11.5 (62) Alabama 35-28 Underdog-Over
2017 Atlanta, GA Georgia-Auburn Georgia -1.5 (48) Georgia 28-7 Favorite-Under
2016 Atlanta, GA Alabama-Florida Alabama -23.5 (40.5) Alabama 54-16 Favorite-Over
2015 Atlanta, GA Alabama-Florida Alabama -17 (38) Alabama 29-15 Underdog-Over
2014 Atlanta, GA Alabama-Missouri Alabama -14.5 (49) Alabama 42-13 Favorite-Over
2013 Atlanta, GA Auburn-Missouri Missouri -2 (59.5) Auburn 59-42 Underdog-Over
2012 Atlanta, GA Alabama-Georgia Alabama -7.5 (51) Alabama 32-28 Underdog-Over
2011 Atlanta, GA LSU-Georgia LSU -12.5 (46.5) LSU 42-10 Favorite-Over
2010 Atlanta, GA Auburn-South Carolina Auburn -3.5 (61) Auburn 56-17 Favorite-Over
2009 Atlanta, GA Alabama-Florida Florida -5 (41) Alabama 32-13 Underdog-Over
2008 Atlanta, GA Alabama-Florida Florida -10 (54) Florida 31-20 Favorite-Under
2007 Atlanta, GA LSU-Tennessee LSU -7 (58.5) LSU 21-14 Push-Under
2006 Atlanta, GA Arkansas-Florida Florida -3 (45) Florida 38-28 Favorite-Over
2005 Atlanta, GA LSU-Georgia LSU -2.5 (42) Georgia 34-14 Underdog-Over
2004 Atlanta, GA Auburn-Tennessee Auburn -14.5 (48) Auburn 38-28 Underdog-Over
2003 Atlanta, GA Georgia-LSU LSU -3 (42) LSU 34-13 Favorite-Over
2002 Atlanta, GA Arkansas-Georgia Georgia -8 (46) Georgia 30-3 Favorite-Under
2001 Atlanta, GA LSU-Tennessee Tennessee -7 (54) LSU 31-20 Underdog-Under
2000 Atlanta, GA Auburn-Florida Florida -9.5 (52.5) Florida 28-6 Favorite-Under
1999 Atlanta, GA Alabama-Florida Florida -7 (51) Alabama 34-7 Underdog-Under
1998 Atlanta, GA Tennessee-Miss. State Tennessee -14 (48) Tennessee 24-14 Underdog-Under
1997 Atlanta, GA Tennessee-Auburn Tennessee -7 (58) Tennessee 30-29 Underdog-Over
1996 Atlanta, GA Alabama-Florida Florida -14.5 (49.5) Florida 45-30 Favorite-Over
1995 Atlanta, GA Arkansas-Florida Florida -24 (58) Florida 34-3 Favorite-Under
1994 Atlanta, GA Alabama-Florida Florida -7 (46) Florida 24-23 Underdog-Over
1993 Birmingham, AL Alabama-Florida Florida -4 (43.5) Florida 28-13 Favorite-Under
1992 Birmingham, AL Alabama-Florida Alabama -10 (36.5) Alabama 28-21 Underdog-Over

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