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What Makes A Great Sports Pick?

Have you ever paid for a sports betting pick? Now that sports betting is legal federally and the states are joining the party too, it’s inevitable that every social media platform will see experts coming out of the woodwork spewing incredibly high win percentages and total units won.

If you ask your buddies if they’ve ever bought a play they’ll probably answer with a negative, but they might be using selective recall. Most sports bettors, at one point or another (and it’s usually during a losing streak), have paid someone else for a selection. There’s nothing wrong with paying for plays unless you’re avoiding any due diligence and simply giving your hard-earned money to someone on Twitter because their handle is @sportsbettinglocks.

Handicapping is hard but it’s even tougher to pick winners. Are you married? Do you have kids, pets, or that thing called a job? If any of those take time out of your day, it’s going to be hard to find as many winners as you would like. Let’s have a quick reminder of what it takes to be a great handicapper.

Sports Picks Research & Strategy

The first time you landed on VegasInsider you may have thought, “How can they have this many experts?” How many professionals does it take to build a house? There’s a team for laying the foundation, another for framing, and you probably want a roof too. How about plumbing or electricity, it really does take a village. They’re all experts but in different areas. Sports betting is exactly the same.

What it takes to handicap the NFL is not exactly the same as what it takes to be successful with college footballBaseballbasketballhockeysoccer, you name a sport and it’ll have some elements that are unique to that endeavor. Constantly updating statistics, going over matchups, checking injury reports, and watching replays of every game is a full-time gig!

You can do it yourself if you have the time but even that won’t guarantee success. It’s not just about finding an expert; it’s locating the correct expert. You could have your roofer install your electrical panel but then you’d probably need another expert, your local fire department.

Our Handicappers

One of the biggest benefits of having a “My Insider” VegasInsider account is access to a diverse stable of sports betting experts. NFL, NCAA Football, NBA, NCAA Basketball, MLB, NHL, if it’s a sport that you can bet on there’s a VegasInsider betting expert to help you win more bets.

These are not just handicappers, these are professionals that live, eat, and breathe sports betting. If there’s an edge to be found, they find it! When a line seems off, they know exactly why that’s the spread and have the right information to make winning decisions.

Should I Pay For Picks?

When you’re a full-time handicapper you don’t need to pay for picks. You’re investing your time and resources into isolating opportunities that help cash tickets. If you’re not a professional sports bettor, there’s only one thing you need to decide if paying for picks is the right thing for you. That’s honesty, you have to be able to look in a mirror and accept that your own plays aren’t winning.

Players that win almost every single week shouldn’t buy other people’s plays. They don’t need to. Most sports bettors don’t fall into that category and could use some help. That’s all paying for picks is a service that helps you have more success betting on sports. People have personal trainers, take golf lessons, and financial advisors to help them reach goals in other aspects of life. Finding a handicapper on VegasInsider that will help you turn a losing week into a winning one is no different.

What Picks Do We Offer?

VegasInsider is celebrating 25 years, their silver anniversary. You don’t last that long in any business unless you’re giving customers a product, they want at a price they can afford. It really is true that if it’s a sport that you can bet on, there’s an expert available for that game on VegasInsider.

 Picks Hub FAQ

Is buying sports betting picks worth it?

Like most sports betting experts, VegasInsider offers a variety of packages from their lineup of handicappers. Everything from FREE plays to individual daily packages and exclusive deals too! You shouldn’t bet the horses without a racing form (VegasInsider has experts on the ponies as well) and you wouldn’t play a round at your local course without a bag full of golf balls. The best way to be successful at sports betting, or anything in life, is to find experts that can help you reach your goals.

What kind of picks do we make?

There are many different ways to bet on sports and the VegasInsider lineup has you covered no matter what type of wagering you prefer. Betting sports against the spread is easy, winning at it is the hard part. Whether it’s money line wagers, point spread plays, future bets, or any other type of preferred wagering style you have, there’s a VegasInsider team player willing to help.

What is the benefit of using a picks service like VegasInsider?

Outsourcing is the most cost-effective way for businesses to improve their bottom line. Most industries will find vendors or partners that handle very specific tasks and are able to complete them at a less expensive cost than if that business did the job themselves. Sound familiar? The staff at VegasInsider starts every work day knowing their clients rely on them to help them win more bets and they take that responsibility very seriously. It takes hours and hours of time to be a great handicapper and the VI team puts that work in for you, whether you're looking for ATS records, top picks, and more.

What are the easiest sports bets to win?

Sports that you are the most familiar with are the easiest sports to win. Knowing the rules, basic game strategies, teams, players, and everything that makes you a fan will all help you when you are betting on that sport. However, don’t let the fact that you’re unfamiliar with a sport keep you from wagering on it. In sports betting, you don’t need to know everything about a specific sport, you just need to know someone that does.