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About Micah Roberts

Micah Roberts has been in the Las Vegas Race and Sports Book Industry for over 25 years. While working for the Sports Books, Roberts set odds and made lines for all the sports. His ability to understand what was about to happen from the bettors, both the public and sharps, kept his sports books holding one of the highest percentages annually in the state.

That same type of analysis he offered his sports books is also beneficial in finding soft spots in the line from the other side of the counter. No matter how good any bookmaker is, he'll always be at a disadvantage because he has to offer every game while the bettor only has to choose a few. Those few games found -- that may be off -- is where money can be made by the bettor on a consistent basis. Identifying those spots is the hard part, but it's where Roberts assistance may help.

While no major revelations have been made in the Las Vegas sports book industry's top betting sports for some time, Roberts can say he had an impact on how we all see NASCAR wagered upon today world wide. He was one of the first to offer an extremely low theoretic hold of NASCAR weekly odds to win because his opinion was correct most of the time with the top three drivers, which in turn he shaded lower and raised everyone elses odds higher creating perceived value.

Roberts also began taking driver vs. driver matchups and wild propositions on any of the statistical categories that a NASCAR race box score had like cautions, lap leaders and winning car numbers that became very popular. His vast database of driver tendencies and probabilities for each of them at a particular track gave his book a weekly edge every week over the betting public.

Micah's Top Historical Records

2021-2022 NCAAB Overall Money: $1423
2020-2021 NBA Money Leader: $3566
2020 MLB Totals Leader: $806