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Sports Betting News - Weekly Updated

Online Sportsbooks · Weekly Update

Welcome to your weekly US sports betting news update! In this report, you’ll be able to get the latest information about US sports betting and keep up with the industry. This is a valuable resource for gamblers that want to stay sharp and have a competitive edge.

Betting on sports in the US is ultimately all about information. Informed gamblers are in the best position to identify attractive opportunities. That’s why we strive to help our readers get an accurate judgment of US sports betting.

Check out our Latest Weekly Legal Sports Betting News Report from June 25th 2021 for the most recent industry information !

Keeping up with US Sports Betting News

In the US market, staying up-to-date is important as the national betting landscape is constantly evolving. The industry as a whole has only begun to transition towards legalization in the last few years.

The only developed sports betting market in the US is Nevada. Elsewhere, the 2018 Supreme Court decision to strike down the Professional & Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) largely limited legalization.

Members of the legislature had a range of reactions to the move. Many embraced the decision, quickly moving to legalize and regulate sports betting within their jurisdictions.

Other states started conducting impact studies and assessing the legalization of sports betting. Negotiations with stakeholders are underway in states where gambling is only legal in tribal casinos. A few holdouts remain silent on the issue.

Across the country, many US sports betting bills are currently on the floor of state legislatures. Some of these bills have a real chance of becoming law. Others are first (or second) steps towards negotiating the finer points, such as taxes, revenue sharing, and regulatory policies.

There’s a huge range of diversity in terms of the legal situation of US sports betting. That’s why keeping up with the latest news is key.

States with Legal Sports Betting

The potential of sports betting legislation in the country has increased over the past couple of years. In 2017, sports betting was only legal in Nevada. A year later, Delaware, Mississippi, West Virginia and New Jersey legalized online sports betting. You can bet in New Jersey right now with our bet365 Bonus Code.

More states followed in quick succession, including New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. In the first half of 2019, Tennessee, Montana, Iowa, Indiana, New York, Illinois, Arkansas, and New Hampshire legalized sports betting.

Later on, North Carolina, Oregon, Colorado, and Michigan joined the ranks of legal sports betting states. 2020 continued the trend, with Virginia, North Dakota, Wyoming, Louisiana, Maryland, and South Dakota adding themselves to that list.

Other states are still considering it, as legal proposals and bill drafts are being weighed by state officials across the nation. Keeping up with the latest legal developments in your state can be quite a challenge—let alone nationwide.

That’s why we’ve put together a nifty interactive state-by-state map. It lets you know at a glance what’s the current legal status of gambling across specific US states. We automatically update the map with the latest up-to-date information so take a look.

All Sports Betting Weekly Reports

Staying updated on the latest developments in US sports betting goes beyond knowing the law of the land. A vital part of being an informed gambler is keeping up with the news. Every day, keen-eyed fans can glean actionable information from a number of sources.

A lot of information is directly relevant to sports betting, such as the latest game scores, player trades, drafts, and player injuries. But not everything that’s useful is obvious. From rumors about upcoming legislation to weather reports affecting a big game, somewhat random information can prove useful.

However, it can be hard to tell which pieces of news are worth your time and which are irrelevant. That’s why we put together our weekly reports for sports betting fans. Each packs a curated selection of the most relevant, interesting, and eye-catching developments in sports betting.

Using our weekly reports, you can keep up with US sports betting news without using unnecessary effort. Look at our selection of weekly articles, presented below. It’s your one-stop-shop for all things related to US sports betting.

US Sports Betting FAQ

Next up, we’ll be fielding some common questions from users regarding US sports betting.

Is it legal to bet on sports in the US?

Yes, depending on your location. Betting on sports in the US was only legal in Nevada up until 2018. After the Supreme Court struck down PASPA, more than a dozen states legalized gambling. Within those states, betting on sports is completely legal and fully regulated.

Where can I bet on sports in the US?

With sports betting no longer barred at the federal level, many US states have already legalized and regulated the industry. The list of legal territories is constantly growing. To check on the legal status of sports betting in a specific state, check our interactive map above.

Can I bet on sports using my mobile device?

Yes, depending on your state. Not all states have implemented the same regulatory frameworks for sports betting. In some states, online sports betting and sports betting apps are abundant. In others, only retail sports betting is legal. Check the legal status of mobile betting in your state.

Can you use a credit card for sports betting?

Yes, though it depends on the operator. Current legislation allows users to make payments using a range of methods, including credit cards. This applies to both retail sportsbooks and online sports betting sites. Individual operators might not offer specific payment methods.