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The VegasInsider Open and Consensus Lines can be found on Page 2 of the Las Vegas Odds and within the Global Odds feature.


When playing the moneyline, you pick either one team or the other on a preferred sports betting website. It's that easy!

If you are wagering on the National Hockey League and making moneyline bets, you'll either be pulling for the favorite or the underdog to earn the win in either regulation, overtime or a shootout. You do not need to worry about a team winning by a certain margin. It is simply a win outright, and that's it.

Similar to our Puck-line and 1st Period Odds, every contest on the board shows the Odds, Date and Time of the National Hockey League contests on the slate.

Hockey will list Favorites and Underdogs for that day's slate of games. The Money Line Odds will list the favorite with a (-) symbol, while the underdogs will be shown with a (+) symbol. The majority of betting sites online, as well as the betting apps, will simply do the math for you. However, it is a rather easy equation based upon a $100 wager.

EDMONTON -160 (BET $100 TO WIN $62.50)
ARIZONA +145 (BET $100 TO WIN $145)

In the example listed above, Edmonton is listed as the strong favorite (-), while Arizona is the underdog (+). If a bettor making a wager picked the Oilers, favored to win, they would return just $62.50 on a $100 wager at minus-160. Many books also offer fractional odds, and in this instance the Oilers would be listed as a 5/8 favorite. The decimal format, particularly popular overseas, is also sometimes offered. The Oilers would be listed at 1.625 on the big board.

With the Oilers listed as the favorite, the Coyotes are considered as the underdog. Bettors would receive a larger return on their initial stake with a victory. In the example above, a $100 winning wager on the Coyotes would fetch a total return of $245, which includes a $145 win and the original $100 stake. The fractional odds would be listed as 29/20, while the Coyotes would be shown at 2.45 with the decimal conversion.


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