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North Carolina legalized online sports betting in 2023 and it is expected to launch on March 11, 2024. Dates subject to change.

There was a recent change that came from the state’s General Assembly that requires sports betting operators to have a partnership with a professional team, league, or facility in order to get a license. 

Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina will head full steam into the state through a partnership with the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes.

Fanatics Sportsbook NC Welcome OfferDetails
📲 Fanatics Sportsbook NC Promo CodeComing Soon!
💰 Expected Fanatics NC OfferComing Soon!
📌 Terms and ConditionsT&C Apply, 21+ Only in NC
🗓 Expected Launch DateMarch 2024


When Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina launches in the Tar Heel state, it's likely that you can expect a great welcome bonus. Unlike its competitors, Fanatics Sportsbook NC will have multiple options for enticing new customers to open an online sports betting account. Most sportsbooks have the ability to offer bonus bets as an incentive to create an account.

In other states, there have been no sweat first bets, where if you do lose your first bet the sportsbook gives you that much money in bonus bets. Most sportsbooks don’t have the ability to offer you a licensed jersey from your favorite team’s best player to entice a signup. That’s something Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina can do, and they might just offer something like a free jersey when they go live in the state.


Once online sports betting launches in North Carolina, it’ll be easy to sign up for a Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina sports betting account. That’s when the Fanatics Sportsbook NC promo code will be important. Here are the few steps it’ll take to start betting on sports in North Carolina.

  • Find the Fanatics Sportsbook NC website or you can add the app to your phone from Google Play or the Apple Store. These are the easiest ways to use the Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina promotion code.
  • You’ll need to enter all your personal information and the online form helps simplify that part.
  • Your email is usually used as a username, and you’ll need to create a password too.
  • Verify your identity as needed using whatever documentation options are available on the signup form.
  • Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina will require proof of who you are. They also require you to be in North Carolina to make a deposit or to wager on the site.
  • When you fund your account make sure to use the Fanatics Sportsbook NC promo code and you’ll be rewarded with the Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina welcome bonus..


Players who sign up for a new Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina account will have more than just a welcome bonus as one of the promotions they’ll be offered. Some of these, like getting an odds boost, are found with other sportsbooks too.

One promo that Fanatics Sportsbook NC can offer that the others won’t be able to match is access to all the products available on the world’s largest retailer of officially licensed sports merchandise.

NC betting isn't live yet, but we're hoping that the existing user offers on Fanatics NC matches the offers available in other states where Fanatics is live. Again, this is speculative!

Fanatics Sportsbook NC Odds Boosts

Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina might offer an odds boost promo almost every day. An odds boost is when a sportsbook purposely increases the odds of the payout on a wager option to generate more action on those plays.

This odds boost may be on a straight bet raising the odds on just that game, or on a parlay, increasing the odds that the wager will pay if all the bets are winners. These odds boosts are a great way to increase your bankroll and those higher odds reduce the winning percentage needed to break even with your wagering.

Any information about odds boosts for the Fanatics NC Sportsbook is TBA, this is based on what we know about the platform in other states.

Sunday FanCash Countdown

Most legal sports books have some type of rewards program. In the Tar Heel state, only Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina might have the ability to offers players FanCash. Sports bettors earn FanCash based on the amount of every eligible bet on the Fanatics Sportsbook NC mobile app or website.

FanCash credits are rewarded with up to 1% of the amount wagered on straight bets. Up to 3% of the amount when it’s a parlay, and Same Game Parlays see FanCash of up to 5% of the wager. On Sundays, the FanCash bonus increases and starts every week first thing that morning.

Any information about FanCash for the Fanatics NC Sportsbook is TBA, this is based on what we know about the platform in other states.


Fanatics Sportsbook NC Promo Code - app

The Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina will be easy to download for both iPhone and Android users. It’s also expected to be easy to use. The layout in other states allows you to see all your available sports options horizontally across the screen.

Depending on the season it will show NCAAF, NFL, MLB, Golf, Soccer, and every other sport that you are able to wager on in the state of North Carolina. On any given day there will be more than a dozen categories represented in the app.

Once you decide on which sport you’ll be wagering on, you'll be able to use the Fanatics Sportsbook NC search function to locate a specific game or team. This operation may be one of the most convenient features of the app, especially if you’re wagering on soccer. Some days there will be thousands of soccer matches from every country in the world.

Spending a lot of time trying to simply find the match may not allow you time to get a bet down before the game begins. Once you find the game you’re playing, the app will list all the wagering opportunities for that specific game.

Any information about the mobile app for the Fanatics NC Sportsbook is TBA, this is based on what we know about the platform in other states.


There’s a good reason that industry experts expect North Carolina sports betting to get off to a great start. The state has a solid sports fan base from having three of the major four sports represented by a team in the state. Only Major League Baseball doesn’t have a team located here, but there are over a dozen minor league or independent professional teams with ballparks in the state.

The NHL is represented by the Carolina Hurricanes, the NBA has the Charlotte Hornets, and the Carolina Panthers play in the NFL. Here are some of the professional leagues you’ll be able to bet on when the Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina launches.

  • NFL Football – Regular Season, NFL Playoffs, Super Bowl
  • NBA Basketball - Regular Season, NBA Playoffs, NBA Championship
  • MLB Baseball - Regular Season, MLB Playoffs, World Series
  • NHL Hockey - Regular Season, NHL Playoffs, Stanley Cup
  • Golf – Weekly Tournaments, Majors, Ryder Cup
  • Soccer – Men’s Leagues – Women’s Leagues, International Matches – World Cup
  • WNBA Basketball - Regular Season, Playoffs, WNBA Championship
  • Tennis – Weekly Tournaments, Majors
  • Boxing – Top Fights, International Events
  • CFL Football - Regular Season, CFL Playoffs, Grey Cup
  • NASCAR - Cup Series, Xfinity Series, Craftsman Truck Series
  • UFC – Fight Night – Pay-Per-View Events
  • Formula 1 - Monaco Grand Prix, Indianapolis 500, 24 Hours of Le Mans


There’s March Madness and then there’s the NCAA men’s basketball tournament in the state of North Carolina. There’s a stretch area in the state where all three of the state’s basketball powerhouses are located. They call it Tobacco Road and it’s where you’ll find the University of North Carolina, North Carolina State University, and Duke University, all within 25 miles of each other.

When Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina launches, their college sports boards will have a robust audience. There will be plenty of options for using your Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina bonus bets to wager on college sports.

  • College Football Regular Season
  • NCAA Football Conference Championships
  • Army/Navy Game
  • NCAA Bowl Games
  • CFP Playoffs
  • NCAA National Championship
  • College World Series
  • College Basketball Regular Season
  • College Basketball Tournaments
  • March Madness
  • Final Four


One of the benefits of online sports betting is the variety of wagering formats that are available online. Sometimes, retail sports books have limited options for not only the leagues and games they offer but also for the types of bets you can make there. Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina will have most of the wagering styles that most sports bettors are used to seeing.

Straight Bets

The most common wager involves a wager on one play that is either on the side, which team will win, or the total, the combined score of both teams. Straight bets on teams include the point spread and a team must win buy more or lose by less than those points for you to win your wager.


Wagers that are made with the team only needing to win the game are considered moneyline plays. These wagers are paid based on the odds of the teams with no point spread. Typically, the teams giving many points will have very low odds on the money line.


These are wagers that involve two or more plays in the same bet. When placing parlay bets remember that every selection on the ticket must be correct for it to be a winner. The more plays that are included in a parlay, the higher the odds a parlay pays.


When you make a future bet, you attempt to predict the outcome of an event that’s happening in the future. These wagers are popular before a season begins and future bets can have high odds and may also be included in parlays.

Same Game Parlays

These parlay wagers involve plays that are all from the same game. This can involve plays on the game or on individual player statistics in the contest. Every play must be a winner for the ticket to cash

Live Betting

Wagers made after the game has already started are considered live betting. Live betting uses point spreads that are constantly updated as the game is played in live action. These bets are popular because unlike wagers made before the game starts, live betting allows wagering to be done as you watch the game unfold.

Odds Boost

Sportsbooks will increase the odds on certain wagers by boosting the payoff. This promo allows customers to make more money off of a winning play. Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina will offer daily odds boost promos to generate action on a specific team or game.

Any information about available bets for the Fanatics NC Sportsbook is TBA, this is based on what we know about the platform in other states.


Players on Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina will benefit from the company’s experience with the internet. Having the world’s largest online licensed sports collectible company comes with a top-notch IT department. That will allow sports bettors access to online sports betting software that will be state of the art.

Live Search

There are so many sports that you can wager on, and so many games in each league that it’s sometimes hard to find a game that you’re looking for. Fanatics Sportsbook NC will offer an industry-standard search function. You can search for a team and bet on it right from the search results. Sports bettors that are used to using Google to search for handicapping information on the internet will appreciate the time saved by this search tool.


Every single wager that will be made on Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina is expected to earn FanCash. There are lots of reward programs in the sports betting industry but not too many as cool as Fanatics Sportsbook NC. Rather than bonus bets, you’ll earn points that’ll allow you to take home some of the special items from all the different leagues in the Fanatics inventory. Having licenses for almost every team and every sport means a keepsake from someone’s favorite team is only a few bets away.

Withdrawal Tracking

Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina believes that if you can track your pizza, you should know where your money is. Their withdrawal tracking system allows you to follow your money from the time you win it until it’s in your bank account.

Any information about features for the Fanatics NC Sportsbook is TBA, this is based on what we know about the platform in other states.


The amount of customer service issues an online retailer handles tends to grow with its size. Having a billion-dollar eCommerce division will help the Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina customer service reviews. Here are ways to get help with your account.

  • Live Chat: Representatives are available from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. ET every day from your account.  
  • Phone Number: Fanatics Sportsbook NC Customer Service Phone: (800) 254-0320.
  • Email: Fanatics Sportsbook NC Customer Service email:


Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina will offer the same methods for making deposits into your account as their other states and other sportsbooks. They offer both traditional financial instruments as well as some of the newer options on the market, including cryptocurrencies. Here are ways we expect you'll be able to fund your account and use that Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina promo code.

Deposit Methods

  • Apple Pay
  • Bank Transfers
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Wire Transfer
  • Paper Check
  • PayPal

Options for Withdrawing Funds

Withdrawing money from your Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina account should be easy. They even have a withdrawal tracking program in other states that allows you to follow the process of your withdrawal transactions through the steps it takes to get to your bank account. Here are ways to get money out of your account.

  • Apple Pay
  • Bank Transfers
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Wire Transfer
  • Paper Check
  • PayPal


Any sports bettor who has opened an online betting account will find it easy to create your new Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina online sports betting account. New customers who are gambling online for the first time can follow these steps once the platform launches in NC.

  1. Open the Fanatics Sportsbook NC website or download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play.
  2. Complete all the fields entering your information where applicable.
  3. Create and keep track of both your password and user name.
  4. Verify your identity using some type of official documentation.
  5. Fund your account and use the Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina promo code.


Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina will offer a rewards program called FanCash. Players earn credits for their wagers when they win or lose. How much FanCash earned on each wager is based on a percentage of the amount that is bet. The percentage is decided by what type of bet was made.

  • Straight Bet - Up to 1% of the amount bet
  • Parlay Bet - Up to 3% of the amount bet
  • Same Game Parlay - Up to 5% of the amount bet

FanCash can be used for wagering and for merchandise from and the other eCommerce sites that partner with the FanCash program.


Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina will have the same focus on responsible gaming that’s posted on the company’s website.

Fanatics Betting & Gaming products are meant to be fun and entertaining, and we are committed to giving our fans tools and resources to safely and responsibly enjoy our apps and sites. On this page, you can find responsible gaming resources and more information on custom account limits, timeouts, self-exclusion, and closing your account. Contact our support team for further assistance.



Online sports betting is set to launch in North Carolina on March 11, 2024. (Dates subject to change.) New customers joining Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina may be able to use a Fanatics Sportsbook NC Promo code once online sports betting has launched. Sports bettors in North Carolina should pay attention to updates on a possible pre-registration period that will allow them to create an account before the launch date.

Any information regarding a Fanatics Sportsbook NC promo code is to be announced and subject to change!


Fanatics Sportsbook NC is expected to launch on March 11, 2024, the official start date for online sports betting in the state. Dates subject to change.


There will be a full slate of collegiate games to bet on at Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina. Previous legislation had forbidden wagers on schools located in the state. Updates to the legal documents removed that stipulation and customers of Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina will be able to wager on all the college teams in their state. This info is subject to change.


The best part about the FanCash rewards program at Fanatics Sportsbook NC is being able to use FanCash in different ways. There will be a large inventory of licensed apparel to choose from and you can also use FanCash for wagering. Those FanCash options may make it one of the best online sports betting rewards p[programs available. Any information about FanCash is subject to change.


North Carolina currently has retail sports betting at Native American casinos. Online sports betting is expected to be launching on March 11, 2024. This will be after Super Bowl LVIII, which was played on Sunday, February 11th, 2024, in Las Vegas at Allegiant Stadium. Dates subject to change.