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Updated on May 20, 2024

Updated on 05/21/2024
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The sports betting calendar never takes a day off and we've got all the major sports betting markets covered on a daily and weekly basis, plus we offer a wide range of coverage on key events across the industry that are listed below.

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VegasInsider covers every sports betting event in the United States with a focus on the major four professional sports and the two college betting markets.

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How do I read betting odds?

Reading betting odds on your standard sportsbook in the US, you'll probably be looking at American odds. These are negative/positive values that indicate how much a bettor can win based on a $100 bet. There are few key types of bets:

Betting odds example: Moneyline

Let's say you're looking at two teams competing in a sporting event. Moneyline bets are essentially bets on one thing to happen, usually the team to win.

  • If the team you want to bet on has -200 odds on the moneyline, they're the favorite, and you'll win $50 if you bet $100. (You keep your stake, so you'll end up with $150 in your pocket if you win.)
  • If the team you want to bet on has +200 odds on the moneyline, they're the underdog, and you'll win an even $200 (ending up with $300 in your pocket as your payout).

Use our American odds calculator to check potential gains.

Betting odds example: Totals

Totals betting allows you to make money on a team even if they don't win, and doesn't look at the individual team's performance. These bets are also called over/under bets. A sportsbook will set the odds for a preferred total score of points added up by both teams:

  • If the total is set at 50.5 points, and Team A scores 24 while Team B scores 25, that's a total of 49. If you bet the under, you'd win.
  • If the total is set at 50.5 points, and Team A scores 26 while Team B scores 25, that's a total of 51. If you bet the over, you'd win.
  • Most sportsbooks will add that .5 on the end of a total to avoid a push, which is where the total is exactly hit (not over or under).

Betting odds example: Spreads

Spread betting also allows you to make money on a team even if they don't win. A bookmaker (which is often a robot these days) will set the spread at a sportsbook to be a given number of points. You bet on your team to cover the spread:

  • If the spread is set at -2.5 and Team A scores 2 points more than Team B, they did not cover the spread. If you took the -2.5 line for Team A, you'd lose this bet, even if Team A won the game!
  • If the spread is set at -2.5 and Team A scores only 3 points more than Team B, they did cover the spread. If you took the -2.5 line for Team A in this case, you'd win the bet!
  • The same is true in reverse: a favorite with a +2.5 spread winning by only 2 points would not cover the spread even if they won the game. A favorite with a +2.5 spread winning by 3 points would cover the spread.

Betting odds example: Props and Live Markets

There are other bets available on the best sportsbooks in the US including props. and live markets:

  • Props are bets that don't affect the overall outcome of the game. Typically player-specific, bets like this can be "Player to score 3 TDs this game", "player to get a penalty in the first half", etc.
  • Live markets can include props and can be bet on as the game is in progress! These bets are an exciting way to make the best use of mobile, online sportsbooks, as betting on live events as they happen used to be impossible! Live betting is tricky, so make sure you're pretty confident before you put your hard-earned money down on a bet.

What kinds of events do people bet on?

Everything. Betting has existed since money has existed, and now legal sportsbooks in the US are offering bets on the Super Bowl, March Madness, the World Cup, the Olympcs, and much, much more. Some jurisdictions even allow for betting on things like the Oscars and presidential elections! Learn more about how to bet on sports.

If you want to learn more about types of odds and their different formats, check out out Odds Conversion Calculator page.