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Virginia Online Sports Betting

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Virginia Online Sports Betting

Although sports betting currently isn't legal in Virginia, they have started taking steps towards legalization as of February 2020. With the overruling of PASPA, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 2018 by the United States Supreme Court, states are able to create their own legislation surrounding sports betting and online sports betting. The state of Virginia has already written legislation that is awaiting approval from Governor Ralph Northam, although he has made some amendments to the Virginia sports betting proposal. In addition to online wagers, sports betting would be authorized at stadiums built to host a major league sports team.

Most Likely Virginia Online Sports Betting Sites

So, as of right now, there are no Virginia online sports betting sites that are launched and legally available in the state of Virginia. This means, residents and visitors to the state of Virginia will not be able to find any legally operating sports betting websites in the state. And, unfortunately, it does not look like there are going to be any operational online sports betting sites in the state any time soon.

However, when the top sports betting sites do become legal in the state of Virginia, residents will need to be of legal gambling age to use them. And, the legal gambling age in the state of Virginia requires participants to be 18 years of age or older as of right now. So, it stands to reason that when Virginia online sports betting is legalized, customers will be required to be 18 years or older to create accounts.

But, it is a good idea to look into the online sports betting sites that will be opening in the state before they are set to open. So, we can look at the top sports betting sites in other states to see which online sportsbooks will most likely open in the state when they can. The following online sportsbooks are some of the top sports betting sites in states where sports betting is legal online:

As you can see, there is a wide variety of sports betting websites that are already available in other states. So, it is expected that one of these sites will become the first legally operating Virginia online sportsbook. What this means is you will already be ahead of the game if you know about these sportsbooks now before they open in the state.

Virginia Betting Laws

As of right now, the state of Virginia has some of the least permissive legal gambling laws in the entire United States. While other states have legal online sportsbook sites and legal online casino sites, Virginia has neither. Which is to say, Virginia online sports betting is currently illegal in the state of Virginia at this time.

Plus, Virginia also does not have online casino sites that are allowed to legally operate in the state. The state of Virginia does not even have any legally operating casinos within state boundaries at this time too. So, you cannot even use any retail sportsbooks either in the state of Virginia at brick-and-mortar sportsbook lounges.

At this time, there is a debate about whether to introduce legislation to expand casino gaming in the state. The legislation would allow casinos to open and have slots as well as table games. The legislation will also allow retail sportsbooks to operate at the newly opened casinos. This would open the door for an eventual rollout of Virginia online sports betting.

Legal Forms of Gambling in Virginia

So, as you have read, there are no sports betting websites operating legally in the state of Virginia. There are also no legally operational online casino websites in the state at this time. And, you cannot even place a sports bet on a legally operating Virginia online sportsbook app.

Which calls to question, just what forms of gambling are legal in the state of Virginia if any? As of this moment, only two forms of gambling are currently legal in the state of Virginia. These two forms of legal gambling are a state lottery and pari-mutuel horse racing betting.

As mentioned before, you need to be 18 years of age or older in order to legally gamble in the state of Virginia. So, those who are of legal gambling age will be able to enjoy these two forms of gambling. In the meantime, they can wait for Virginia online sports betting to be legalized. However, you should always make sure to keep an ear out for any news about Virginia online sportsbook legislation.

Virginia Online Sports Betting: Events and Betting Markets

So, once Virginia online sports betting is legalized in the state, you will want to know more about how to participate in it. This means you should look into the sports betting events and betting markets in the state of Virginia so you will be prepared. And, you will also want to learn about the types of bets you will encounter on sports betting sites in general.

Keep in mind, sports betting looks different in each state that has legalized it. And, some states do not allow for bets to be placed on the state’s college teams and any sporting events involving them. We will talk about the Virginia college sports teams below. However, you may not be able to place bets on them when all is said and done.

Common Types of Bets

There are a few kinds of bets that you will see on every Virginia online sports betting site once they are legal and launched. The most common type of sports bet is arguably the outright win bet. An outright win bet is when you simply place a wager on the expected winning team or player in a sporting event.

Another popular type of bet is a prop bet. A prop bet, also known as a proposition bet, is a bet placed on an event that is likely to happen during a sporting event. Ultimately, it has no bearing on the final outcome of the sporting event. So, you can place prop bets like who will be the first team to score or who will be the first player to score once Virginia online sports betting is legal.

Most Popular Sports to Bet On

The most popular sports to bet on in the state of Virginia are some of the most popular sports in the entire United States. These sports are American Football (National Football League/NFL), Baseball (Major League Baseball/MLB), Basketball (National Basketball Association/NBA), and Hockey (National Hockey League/NHL). College sports are also very popular in the state.

Popular Virginia Events

There are no major nationwide professional sporting events that take place in the state of Virginia. As such, the most popular sporting events to consider when Virginia online sports betting are the major sporting events of the year. These sporting events include the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Stanley Cup, and more.

Best Teams to Bet On

It may come as a surprise to you that the state of Virginia has no professional major league sports teams. In fact, the state of Virginia is the most populated state in the United States without a major professional sports league franchise. However, two of the professional major league teams that represent Washington, D.C., have both their operational headquarters as well as their practice facilities in Northern Virginia. They are the National Hockey League's Washington Capitals and the National Football League's Washington Redskins.

So, sports fans in the state of Virginia tend to be partial to the Washington Redskins in American Football and the Washington Capitals in hockey. You will want to keep this in mind when you are able to engage in Virginia online sports betting.

Common Payment Options

When Virginia online sports betting becomes a reality in the state of Virginia, you will want to know how to use online sportsbooks. And, in order to use an online sportsbook, you will need to be able to deposit money into your online sports betting account. The following payment options are the typical ones you will find on online sports betting sites:

  • Debit Cards and Credit Cards (Typically Visa Card and Mastercard)
  • PayPal/eWallet
  • ACH Transfer/online banking/eCheck
  • Neteller
  • Cash at the Cage
  • PayNearMe

Virginia Casinos

Now that you have learned so much about Virginia online sports betting, you may be curious about Virginia casinos. As we mentioned before, there are currently no legally operating casinos in the state of Virginia. And, there are no legally operating online casino sites in the state either at this time.

Virginia Online Sports Betting FAQ

So, you may still have some unanswered questions when it comes to Virginia online sports betting. This frequently asked questions section will address many of the questions you may have. And, if you still have some lingering questions after, you will be able to do your own research.

Are sports betting sites legal in the United States?

Sports betting sites are allowed in certain states in the United States. After the overturning of PASPA, it is up to each state to determine whether they want to legalize sports betting.

What do I need to register at an online betting site in Virginia?

As of right now, there is no legal Virginia online sports betting just yet. When sports betting in the state becomes legal online, you will need to submit your full name, date of birth, address, email address, and social security numbers to most sports betting websites.

Is it safe to deposit money at sports betting sites in Virginia?

As mentioned before, there are no legally operational sports betting websites in the state of Virginia. However, once the sports betting websites launch, they will most likely use the same software they have used in other states. So, it is expected it will be safe to deposit money onto these online sportsbook websites and apps.

Can I set betting limits?

Most of the online sportsbook websites and apps allow users to set betting limits for themselves.

Final Thoughts on Betting in Virginia

It is unfortunate that Virginia online sports betting is not yet a reality. However, when sports betting in the state does become legal, there will be many online sportsbooks clamoring to take over the market. So, betting fans in the state of Virginia have that to look forward to in the future.