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The online sports betting industry is booming right across the globe, and it’s no different here in Canada. Sports fans have taken to betting like fish to water, which isn’t surprising at all. We’re a nation of sports lovers, after all. Now, after years of being banned, Canadian bettors can place wagers on single events! Gone are the days of being restricted to parlays.

The information regarding promotional offers on this page does not apply for users in Ontario.

Updated on : 05/27/2024

Bonus offers are unavailable for promotion in Ontario. Any information about promotional offers is intended only for non-Ontario users. As the Canadians are famous for saying-- sorry!

In 2021, we saw sports and casino wagering continue to experience a veritable explosion in North America. There have been major changes in what's legal and what's not regarding Canada sports wagering. Here's a rundown of the recent developments in the sports betting legislation process:

  • Ontario was among the first provinces to establish a special iGaming Commission to oversee and issue licenses for online sports betting
  • Now that single-game wagers are legal, the landscape of available betting providers will certainly go through major expansions
  • C-218 passed through Parliament and received Royal Assent in June 2021, making it law in Canada
  • Previously, only parlay betting was allowed
  • Single-event wagering now widely available in Canada



Sportsbooks are plentiful on mobile devices and desktop sites in the US, but as far as Canada is concerned, the market is still expanding. There are a few platforms still offering the old style, parlay-only bets, but many of these (and some newcomers to the Canadian market) will likely enter the market with the full scope of available bets. Provinces have to regulate this individually, so we're waiting on other Canadian jurisdictions to license operators to offer single-event wagers.


Here is our selection of the top betting sites in Canada that offer welcome bonuses outside of Ontario:

Promotion of bonus offers is prohibited in Ontario.

Last Updated May 27, 2024 4:00 PM ET


PointsBet Canada

PointsBet, an Aussie-based bookmaker revolutionizing the game with new betting types and competitive offers, is also slated to go live in Canada soon. Eligible users in the US can net 2 second-chance bets up to $2,000 when they sign up using our links.

While no launch date is set, there's a clear indication through local partnerships that the platform will be made available in Canada, likely Ontario, as soon as possible. One such partnership was made official on Feb. 2, 2022, ahead of the 2022 Olympic Winter Games. On that day, PointsBet signed an official sportsbook partnership with Alpine Canada, the governing body for alpine, para-alpine, and ski cross racing in Canada.


BetMGM in Canada

BetMGM is a huge name is sports and betting worldwide, and it's no surprise that they'd be well-poised to enter the Canadian market as soon as possible. There's already pretty good indication that this platform will be readily available in Canada, at least in Ontario, when their commercial sportsbook market opens for business. Users in the US are entitled to a sizeable welcome offer of a $1,000 second-chance bet.



Proline Logo

Ontario was one of the first provinces to start offering single-event wagers with the OLG's exclusive betting app, PROLINE+. This experienced platform has been offering betting in the province since before the advent of C-218, so it's a safe bet to put your money on this respected- OLG-run sportsbook.


Casumo has been involved with online betting in one form or another since 2012, and now they're bringing that decade of experience into the Canadian betting market! Casumo was initially an online casino in Europe before breaking into the sports betting market. Now, they're coming to North America with their services, and are live across Canada!

Availability of casino games and sports betting markets differs by province, but Casumo does a great job of fitting as much legal betting as possible into a neat online package. Sign up with Casumo today for a ton of options!


With a name like Royal Panda, you had better be bringing a bright, user-focused, and fun online betting app to the table. We're in luck, because that's exactly what Royal Panda has provided for users all across Canada. With an online casino (including live casino games!) and a sports section, Royal Panda is a one-stop shop for everything you might want from a legal, safe betting site.

Download the Royal Panda app and sign up here to start playing real money casino favorites and betting on a wide variety of sports!


You know 'em, you love 'em: if you've had any passing interest in gambling at all, you're aware of PokerStars. They're offering their respected name and the betting services that come with it across Canada: compete in contests and bet real money on poker favorites right from your home computer or mobile device!


LeoVegas has been providing users in Europe with a ton of betting options for quite a while now, and that experience is going to come in handy now that LeoVegas is available in North America. Canada-based users can get online with the platform today and bet on a ton of casino favorites including slots, tables, and jackpot slots that often build to a massive payout if you get really lucky.

Promotional information won't be available for Ontario users, but we can still recommend this iGaming platform as a great way to play your favorite casino games (and bet on sports) for real cash.


BetVictor, a Gibraltar-based company offering betting services in Europe, is going live and legit in the Canadian market with their betting platform. Users can get online with this newcomer to the market by signing up with our links, and they'll be glad they did-- BetVictor offers a customer-focused iGaming and sports betting program that packs a wallop. This addition to your betting toolkit is a great way to find value in betting markets and keep your information (and cash) safe.


ComeOn! is a relative newcomer to the Canadian legal sports betting scene, but it doesn't show: they, like many of the operators on this list, were offering bets on an offshore basis before entering the regulated market earlier this year. ComeOn! is mainly a sportsbook, but it does offer some solid iGaming features as well, if you're like one of the many bettors that enjoy a variety of gambling markets.

Variety, and an intuitive mobile app that doesn't feel like it's from the last decade, are what you'll get with ComeOn! sportsbook and casino.


theScore Bet Logo

theScore Bet has announced a partnership with Penn National, parent company of well-known brands like Barstool Sports. In a sweeping deal, Penn and theScore Bet have teamed up to offer iGaming and sports betting services all throughout Ontario, with more provinces to be potentially added as the partnership matures.


Sports Interaction Logo

This Canada sportsbook has been around since 1997 and has done a lot of work in that time. In addition to casino fare, Sports Interaction offers a great selection of sports markets. As far as sports betting apps go, SIA offers a competitive selection of available markets and a good deal of extra features to play with, perfect for all kinds of bettors.

From horse racing to the NBA, and hockey through to cricket, sports are all pretty well represented. You'll even find betting on niches like esports, darts, rugby, lacrosse, and more.


PlayNow is well-rounded platform that does things a little differently. Effectively regulated directly by the Canadian government, the profits from PlayNow are all plowed back into the local community. This is a great selling point for sure, as BCLC revenues go towards things like education, healthcare, and measures to improve local economies.

Hopefully, as the betting scene in Canada becomes more regulated and streamlined, the process of withdrawing or depositing money into your PlayNow account will tighten up as well. You can use many of your preferred payment methods, though, including Visa, PayPal, WebCash, MasterCard, AMEX, and more.


bet99 Canada

Licensed and regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Bet99 provides online sports betting and iGaming to Canada.

One of the strong points of Bet99 is the array of leagues you can bet on, such as the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and, of course, the CFL. When you also factor in 24/7 customer service and multiple payment options, Bet99 becomes a clear choice for Canadian bettors.


Parimatch is another one of those experienced European bookmakers that is making a play in the Canadian market. It's a great platform with active customer service reps (seriously, check out their Twitter) and is set to be a strong competitor on the sports betting scene.


It’s a simple process to place a bet. In fact, betting in Canada differs little in practice from anywhere else. Canada betting sites and apps are plentiful, and the market continues to expand now that single wagers are legal.

When you're signing up with a given sportsbook in Canada, you're going to have to provide some personal details in order to continue with opening your account. These details will be shared with provincial authorities, but it's only to make sure that your identity is protected and that the operator is using reputable security practices.

Any worthwhile sportsbook is going to have SSL technology and other top-to-bottom protections to make sure your data is safe as a user.

Once you’ve set up your account, the expanding world of sports wagering is open to you. Why not try one of these provincially-run sportsbooks?

Sports Betting RegulationsCANADA SPORTS BETTING LAWS

Canadian betting laws were recently in a state of flux, but it's looking like the market has opened up to more bets than ever before. We’ll explain the situation in a little more depth for you here.


Initially, Canadians had limited access to gambling until the late 1960s, when government-sponsored lotteries were added to the list of available betting events. That gave Canadians the ability to bet on the lotto and horse races. The Canadian Criminal Code continued to be amended throughout the 70s and 80s, but sports betting really started to take hold in the 1990’s.

In the 90’s, provinces started adding their own legal sports betting platforms like Mise-o-Jeu and Sports Action. You’d have to be in the province in order to wager your money on these games, but they remained a popular pastime for Canadian bettors for years. However, you could only bet on parlays as a result of the language of a 1985 amendment to the Criminal Code.

Poker is also popular in Canada, why not check out WSOP Canada!


Ontario, as mentioned above, issues licenses through the AGCO, the province's alcohol and gaming authority. This means that eligible Ontarians now have a more wide variety of choices when they're looking to bet on a legal online sportsbook. This change happened on April 4th, 2022, at which point a number of commercial sportsbook and iGaming operators entered (and continue to enter) the Ontario market and offer the full scope of legal betting, including single-event wagers decriminalized by C-218.

Here are a few key points to remember with Ontario's betting laws:

  • Sharing information about promotions and bonuses, unless provided by the operator themselves, is prohibited.
  • Any interested operator, even if they previously operated an offshore book in the "gray" market, are eligible to apply for a legit iGaming license.
  • Only Ontario residents aged 19+ are eligible to bet online for real money. (Other terms and conditions apply, so check the fine print with a given sportsbook before you register)


As sports betting on the internet became more popular, provincial and tribal authorities saw the opportunity at a new source of untapped revenue. Hence, commissions like the tribal Kahnawake Mohawk Gaming Commission saw it fit to offer their own sports betting services on tribal land and, later, online.

Fast forward to 2018, where Canada saw their southerly neighbors in the US get full access to legal online sports betting, including single wagers. Initially, Canadian lawmakers wanted to go through a similar legalization process, but the value of offering this new revenue source wouldn’t be fully realized until sometime in 2021.

In the wake of a global pandemic, governments all across the world looked at ways to reinvigorate their economy, add jobs to the labor pool, and bring in some much-needed tax revenue. Canada was no different, which is a considerable factor in their decision to legalize single-wager sports betting.

This legalization process would essentially give Canadians and eligible visitors to bet online in the same way as someone in, say, New Jersey could just by downloading and using a dedicated sportsbook app.


Two bills that would have seen an end to the exclusivity of parlay betting in Canada were kicked around for years. Parliament failed to pass them on a few occasions for varying reasons. Bill C-221 and Bill C-290 both contained provisions that would have opened up the betting market, but weren't able to get the necessary momentum.

It’s unclear why the political parties weren’t focused on this at the time, since a legalized betting framework is a clear win for all involved. Canada sportsbooks are good for sports and good for the economy, and politicians know this. It was a combination of many issues, mainly involving the appropriation of the revenue (where the money would go) and tribal involvement. Gambling revenues in Canada and the US remain a protected source of income for federally-recognized native tribes, so making sure that First Nations and other native leaders were able to participate was of prime importance in the passage of a sports betting framework.

Ultimately, another bill got passed through the House, instead. MP Kevin Waugh introduced Bill C-218 in 2020, a bill which updated the provisions of previous bills while including more inclusive language allowing provinces to decide the terms of their own specific frameworks. In 2021, his bill passed the Canadian Senate, giving it the go-ahead to become law in the country. That means that now, if you're an eligible bettor, you can wager on single events!


Previously, Canada had a longstanding ban on single-game wagers as a part of their Criminal Code. This meant that, up until recently, bettors in Canada could only wager on parlays, which were considered as more of a lottery-style game. In summer 2021, that restriction was lifted after the passage of C-218, so now you can bet on all types of single events in Canada.

You now have access to bets on all your favorite sports, including:

  • The CFL, NFL, and NHL
  • Events like the Stanley Cup, the Vanier Cup, or the Voyageurs Cup, awarded to the winner of CONCACAF Champions League


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It’s unsurprising that a fair chunk of betting in Canada features hockey. After all, it’s the national pastime. What was a small collection of internet bettors has flourished into a serious market, with Canada betting sites featuring nearly all global sports events. These markets are in line with the wider industry that you'll find in other countries, such as the US.

Therefore, the popular markets on betting platforms offer national and international events in addition to niche markets and newcomers to the world of competitive event gambling.


Users whom are ready to begin sports wagering likely already know what they're looking for in a sportsbook. However, if you're uncertain, there are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Be a fan. If you're betting on a team (or a sport) that you're completely unfamiliar with, success is unlikely.
  • Compare the lines on your preferred sportsbooks to make sure you're getting a fairly priced bet.
  • Make use of promotions and boosted odds when available: this will improve your payouts or help you reduce your risk.
  • As always, sports wagering is for fun. It is not an investment strategy, nor are there any guaranteed ways to win. Bet responsibly!

This applies whether you’re wagering on the NHL or Football. You can find Canada sportsbooks offering the spread on a Lakers/Raptors game or a totals bet on a Winnipeg Jets matchup, but you're going to want to make sure you have a good grasp on what you're betting on and when to call it quits. Gambling isn’t only about the tips, odds, and teams. It’s about you, too.

Ensuring that you play responsibly is a huge part of it. If at any point you're feeling like you need a little assistance, Canadian iGaming authorities will always provide Responsible Gambling resources for their users to access when they want a cool-down period, need information or support, and more.



Yes, they are. Wagering apps are perfectly within all legal requirements and offer safe and fair gambling for Canadians. Just make sure they're regulated by a provincial iGaming authority or tribal equivalent.


Sportsbooks are regulated on a province-by-province basis. Check the drop-down menu at the top of this page for specific information about your preferred area.


Yes, you can. Most Canada betting sites are fully mobile compatible and enable you to use apps on the go.


You do indeed. For gambling sites across the world, some form of registration is required. The same is true for Canada sports betting.


All fully licensed and regulated sites in the Canada online sports betting industry are safe and have a fairness policy and complaints procedure too.


Legally speaking, the iGaming industry in Canada is experiencing a renaissance. After being restricted to parlay betting for the majority of its existence, now legal sports betting in Canada covers everything a bettor could want. Moneylines, totals, spreads, parlays, and more are available to the eligible sports bettor. Whether you're at home or on the go, your province likely has some options for sports betting available, so use this guide as a resource to get started off on the right foot.

We're looking at a whole new world in Canada, and it is certain that operators from all over the world will champ at the bit to enter this burgeoning market. Stay tuned for more information and developments on the legal scope of betting in Canada and what you can expect from some top-tier operators as the industry matures.