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Betting on the Toronto Raptors

For almost a decade, the Raptors have been a mainstay in the playoffs, and a popular team to bet on.

Toronto Raptors Franchise History

The Raptors were one of two Canadian franchises introduced to the NBA with the 1995 expansion draft.

Alongside them was the Vancouver Grizzlies, who later relocated to Memphis, leaving the Raptors as the sole squad in the Great White North.

In their relatively short history, the Raptors’ faithful have enjoyed their fair share of electrifying nights at the Air Canada Centre, now named Scotiabank Arena.

Around the turn of the century, Raptors fans marvelled at young superstars like Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady, then relished in watching Hall-of-Famer Chris Bosh before he left for Miami in 2010.

In the late-2010s, DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry brought Toronto great regular season success, but they couldn’t lead the team to the Promised Land.

As a result, the Raptors traded for Spurs’ superstar Kawhi Leonard in 2018, and he led the franchise to its first championship the following season.

Even with Leonard gone, the Raptors remain one of the NBA’s most consistently successful franchises, as they have been for the last decade.

Betting on the Toronto Raptors in Canada

As mentioned above, single-game sports wagering was legalized in Canada in 2021. Prior to that, only parlay bets were legal.

Although legalization happened at the federal level, Canadian provinces still possess the ability to legalize single-game wagering at their own discretion.

Luckily, Ontario, home of the Toronto Raptors, allows single-game wagering.

Thanks to the legalization of single-game, Raptors fans can participate with some of the more common wager-types, including spread bets.

A spread bet on a Toronto Raptors game might look something like this:

·       Raptors -3.5

·       Cavaliers +3.5

In this example, a bettor backing the Raptors’ spread would need the Raptors to beat the Cavaliers by at least 4 points.

If the Raptors won by less than 4, or lost outright, the bettors would lose their wager.

Raptors’ Sportsbook Partnerships

The Raptors do not yet have any sportsbook partnerships, mostly due to the country’s relative infancy in the online sports betting world. We’ll, of course, be covering the ongoing sports betting legalization and expansion efforts in Canada!