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Betting on the Boston Celtics

With exciting, young talent, the Boston Celtics often find themselves on national TV or at least in the national spotlight.

Teams in the spotlight often garner heavy interest in the betting market.

Boston Celtics Franchise History

The Boston Celtics play, possibly, the biggest role of any team in telling the story of the NBA throughout the league’s existence.

After watching the soon-to-be-rival Lakers win a handful of championships in the NBA’s first decade, the Celtics went on a run unmatched by any other franchise in North American sports history.

In 13 seasons from 1957-1969, the C’s appeared in 12 NBA Finals and won 11 championships.

Coach Red Auerbach and Hall-of-Famers Bill Russell and Bob Cousy are the most celebrated members of that Boston dynasty.

After their pure dominance in the ‘60s, the Celtics captured two more titles in the ‘70s, thanks in large part to Small Forward John Havlicek. Tack on three more league titles in the 1980s and numerous battles with the Showtime Lakers.

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson’s famous rivalry turned the games between the league’s most successful franchises into must-see TV around the globe.

Despite making 25 trips to the playoffs since the 1986-87 season, Boston has just one title in that span.

That title was the lone championship won by the Celtics’ trio of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen in 2008. The conglomeration of those three stars sparked the formation of “superteams” all throughout the league.

Betting on the Boston Celtics in Massachusetts

Currently, sports betting is illegal in Massachusetts.

Despite the stark reality, there is support for legal sports betting in the Bay State. Senator Eric Lesser, who is running for Lieutenant Governor in Massachusetts, hopes to bring legal betting to the state in 2022.

While Massachusetts has a long way to go to legalize and launch sports betting, it could be a relatively large market when it gets there.

It ranks 16th in overall population among US states, but the Boston fanbase would likely rank much higher with regards to how passionate they are for their teams.

If Bostonians fans were able to wager on their hometown Celtics, betting on the spread could look something like this:

·        Celtics -1.5

·        Lakers +1.5

In this case, a winning wager on the Celtics’ spread means the Celtics win the game by at least 2 points. If the Celtics only win by 1, or if they lose, the wager loses.

If Massachusetts does legalize sports betting in the near future, DraftKings will likely be a candidate to strike a deal with the Celtics. DraftKings is headquartered in Boston.