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Betting on the New York Knicks

The New York Knicks is the original New York team, having been around longer than the Brooklyn Nets. And, now that New York sports betting has taken the state by storm, it’s important to see what kind of bets you can and should place on this NY franchise. This means looking at the players, the team history, and a whole lot more.

The New York Knickerbockers, commonly known as the New York Knicks, were established in 1946. At this time, the Knicks are only one of two original NBA teams that are still based out of their original city, with the other being the Boston Celtics.

The most notable player to have ever been on the team is Patrick Ewing.

Throughout the years, the Knicks has had rivalries with the Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls, and the Boston Celtics. Of late, a crosstown rivalry between the Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets has emerged, as the only two New York teams in the NBA.

The Knicks have won two championships in their tenure, in 1970 and 1973. They are still one of the most lucrative franchises in professional basketball despite not winning a championship title for many years.

One of the most popular bets when it comes to basketball is the spread bet. A spread bet is a bet on the total points scored in a game and who wins by how many points. For example, let’s say the spread for a Knicks vs. Nets game is as follows:

  • New York Knicks: -3.5
  • Brooklyn Nets: +3.5

In this instance, the Knicks would be the favored team to win the game. They would need to win by four or more points for the bettor to win their bet. Meanwhile, if a wager is placed on the Nets, they would need to have an outright win or not lose by 4 or more points for the bettor to win the bet.

Betting in New York State

New York mobile sports betting launched in the state on January 8th, 2022. The sports betting market in New York became quite lucrative as soon as it launched, with the state quickly becoming one of the biggest sports betting markets around. The age to legally gamble in New York is 21-years-old.

Top US-based sportsbook operators such as FanDuelDraftKings and more recently BetMGM now offer a complete lineup of betting markets for Knicks’ games through their New York mobile sports betting apps.

Legal online sports betting in New York through mobile sportsbooks covers every major sports league. As a high-profile NBA franchise, the Knicks have been one of the most common bet New York teams.

New York Knicks Partnership with Caesars Sportsbook

Starting in November 2021, Madison Square Garden Sports Corp. and Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp. announced a multi-year partnership with Caesars Sportsbook. This made the Caesars Sportsbook the official sports betting partner of the New York Knicks. In addition, they are the official sports betting partner of the New York Rangers, Madison Square Garden Arena, and MSG Networks.