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Expert College Football Picks and Predictions

  If you’re looking to buy NCAA FB expert picks and school your book during the 2020-21 college football season you came to the right place. features the top rated handicappers in the industry offering their best bets each week and during the bowl season.
NCAA College Football Saturday Expert Sports Picks
College Football Saturday provides bettors with a multitude of games to choose from. Don't miss a winning play on Saturday's during the regular season with a Saturday College Football Package.
  • Coverage: Saturday selections for the current week
  • Documented lines and time-stamped sports picks
  • Selections displayed to public 20 mins after start of game
  • Price: $39.95 per handicapper
Our Expert Handicappers
Alex Smart 13 Plays
Ben Burns 4 Plays
Bill Marzano 5 Plays
Brian Bitler 5 Plays
Brian Edwards 6 Plays
Bruce Marshall 15 Plays
Chip Chirimbes 12 Plays
Gary Bart 3 Plays
Greg Smith 5 Plays
Joe Nelson 4 Plays
Jonathan Jorcin 7 Plays
Kevin Rogers 7 Plays
Kyle Hunter 4 Plays
Mark Franco 5 Plays
Micah Roberts 8 Plays
Paul Bovi 2 Plays
Scott Pritchard 1 Play
Scott Rickenbach 3 Plays
Stephen Nover 6 Plays
Vince Akins 10 Plays
Zack Cimini 4 Plays
NCAA College Football Guaranteed Expert Sports Picks
Looking for a sure thing during the college football season? Look no further than our NCAA FB Guaranteed Sports Pick Packages. Its simple, if the pick loses, you don't pay! That's the VI Guarantee!
  • Coverage: 1 Guaranteed Play
  • Documented lines and time-stamped sports picks
  • Selections displayed to public 20 mins after start of game
  • Pay After It Wins: $49.95 per handicapper
Our Expert Handicappers
Alex Smart 1 Play
Ben Burns 1 Play
Bill Marzano 1 Play
Brian Bitler 1 Play
Brian Edwards 1 Play
Bruce Marshall 1 Play
Chip Chirimbes 1 Play
Gary Bart 1 Play
Greg Smith 1 Play
Joe Nelson 1 Play
Jonathan Jorcin 1 Play
Kevin Rogers 1 Play
Kyle Hunter 1 Play
Mark Franco 1 Play
Micah Roberts
0 Plays
Paul Bovi 1 Play
Scott Pritchard 1 Play
Scott Rickenbach 1 Play
Stephen Nover 1 Play
Vince Akins 1 Play
Zack Cimini
0 Plays
NCAA College Football Season Expert Sports Picks
Enjoy winning college football selections throughout the regular season with our College Football Season Packages.
  • Coverage: College Football Regular Season
  • Documented lines and time-stamped sports picks
  • Selections displayed to public 20 mins after start of game
  • Price: NOW ONLY $499.95 per handicapper
Our Expert Handicappers
Alex Smart Ben Burns Bill Marzano Brian Bitler
Brian Edwards Bruce Marshall Chip Chirimbes Gary Bart
Greg Smith Joe Nelson Jonathan Jorcin Kevin Rogers
Kyle Hunter Mark Franco Micah Roberts Paul Bovi
Scott Pritchard Scott Rickenbach Stephen Nover Vince Akins
Zack Cimini      

NCAA FB Handicapper Records

There’s no better place to school your book than on the college football gridiron and there’s no better place to find the best CFB handicappers than our expert handicapper records. For each pick the records will show the date and time it was posted, the line and line source plus the win/loss result.To see a snapshot of the NCAA FB season records click here. You also have the ability to check out the records of each individual NCAA FB handicapper from the first day an expert began posting picks on The records are sortable by each of the following categories: All Picks, Guaranteed Plays, Member Plays,Totals, Sides and MoneyLines. Purchased picks are viewed in your My Insider page and can be posted up until one hour before game time, so check back throughout the day.

VegasInsider NCAA FB Pick Packages

Our CFB expert handicappers offer Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Mid-week, Season and CFB Bowl pick packages. Each package is sold separately and the number of picks varies from one handicapper to another. Some of the experts are very selective, only posting a few picks each week which caters to the low volume bettors who manage their bankroll very carefully. There are also a handful of high volume experts who will post double digit picks each week, providing value in terms of cost per pick. We require all handicappers to submit a minimum of 50-word analysis with each of their expert picks. Packages may contain any combination of picks including ATS, moneylines and totals. By clicking on a handicapper below you can view the matchups that are available in the pick package.

How Do NCAA FB Against-the-Spread (ATS) Picks Work?

The point spread was developed to provide a balance for both teams involved in a contest to entice bettors to potentially back the weaker team and receive points. The two teams are listed either a favorite or an underdog. The favorite is usually the perceived better team in the game, as backing them means giving up several points. For example, if Ohio State is listed as a nine-point favorite (-9) over Michigan, they would need to win by at least ten points to win the bet. Any victory by eight points or less by Ohio State would result in a loss. Betting Michigan with the nine points (+9) is actually beneficial in two ways. If Michigan loses the game by eight points or less, Arizona wins the bet. Also, if Michigan wins the game straight-up regardless of the amount, they cash winning tickets. Assuming the game falls on nine in this case, a ‘push’ occurs, meaning all tickets are refunded.

How Do NCAA FB Moneyline Picks Work?

There is money-line betting in football in case you don’t want to worry about the point spread. However, the odds are adjusted accordingly for both the favorite and underdog. If you wanted to back Ohio State (a nine-point favorite) but only needed them to win straight-up, you would have to wager $550 to win $100. On the flip side, if you have enough faith in Michigan to beat Ohio State outright as a nine-point ‘dog, you can place $100 to win $400. There is a sliding scale on the money-line/point-spread correlation, with the favorite numbers rising relative to how many points they lay. A three-point favorite to win outright is just -160 (Lay $160 to win $100), while a seven-point favorite is a chalkier bet at -320 (Lay $320 to win $100).

How Do NCAA FB Total (Over/Under) Picks Work?

Another option to bet on football instead of taking a side is to bet on the total. Basically, this is a cooperative effort between the two teams to either go ‘Over’ or ‘Under’ the posted total. In football, if Ohio State and Michigan have a game total of 53 ½, a winning ‘Over’ bet would mean the two clubs would combine for 54 points or more. On the flip side, a winning ‘Under’ ticket is 53 points or fewer between the two teams.

Today’s Free NCAA FB Pick

Gain access to your FREE daily pick provided by one of VegasInsider’'s expert handicappers. VegasInsider posts a daily free pick in one of the following sports – NFL, CFB, NBA, CBK, NHL & MLB! Subject to availability. Free pick will be posted by 3pm ET.

NCAA FB Hot Streaks
24-5 L5 Sat., 26-5 Totals, 28-7 TY
5-1 Win Streak, 8-2 L10, 25-11 Picks
6-1 College Run, 11-4 Totals TY
8-1 L9 G-Plays, 19-8 L5 Saturdays
16-3 Totals TY, 11-5 L16 G-Plays
6-2 Last 8 College FB Picks
2-0 Tuesday, 12-4 Thursdays TY
2-0 +270 Tuesday, 2-0 Friday
2-0 Y'day, 7-3 Picks, 3-0 G-Plays
3-1 L4 NCAA FB Guarantees
11-6 Record Last Saturday
5-2 CFB Guarantees TY
7-3 NCAA FB Totals TY
Money Leaders
Handicapper Money
Kyle Hunter + 2030
Gary Bart + 1065
Scott Pritchard + 660
Last Week's Leaders
Handicapper Money
Bruce Marshall + 325
Kyle Hunter + 300
Gary Bart + 300
Percentage Leaders
Handicapper Pct
Kyle Hunter 80 %
Scott Pritchard 73 %
Gary Bart 66 %
Guaranteed Leaders
Handicapper Money
Scott Pritchard + 460
Stephen Nover + 435
Joe Nelson + 350
Over-Under Leaders
Handicapper Money
Kyle Hunter + 2050
Stephen Nover + 1260
Scott Pritchard + 660
Member Leaders
Handicapper Money
Micah Roberts + 780
Kevin Rogers + 645
Kyle Hunter + 490
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