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August 1, 2021
Thom Cunningham
VI Betting Expert

Soccer Picks & Predictions

Thom Cunningham will provide his trends, betting outlook and best bets for the Gold Cup matches. Check out his latest breakdown for the final on Sunday, August 1st.

Gold Cup 2021 Finals Best Bets

USA vs. Mexico

Score Prediction: Mexico 2 USA 1

Best Bets

  • Either Wins by 1 Goal +130
  • Mexico Over 1.5 +135
  • USA Wins 1-0 +850

Mexico will look to slow down the USA surge, as the Americans have won four of five to nil while scoring a goal in 14 straight matches. (AP)

Rivals clash in the 2021 Gold Cup Final, both impressive in their path to the championship bout. The United States has relied heavily on its defense to succeed in this year's event, while Mexico has shown a great balance. What stands out the most between this fixture is how much the BTS has failed whenever these two teams take the pitch.

The U.S. defense has been impeccable this tournament, seeing a 1-0 win in four of its last five matches. With a trend that strong, and a solid cushion of money built up over this year's tournament, I recommend sprinkling something on the USA winning this match 1-0 at very kind odds of +850. With the U.S. winning its last match over Mexico, winning four of five at 1-0 and playing on home soil - its worth the risk to have something on the United States winning 1-0 at +850. It probably won't hit, but the trends to odds ratio warrants a small risk at minimum.

If the United States does win, its unlikely to occur by more than one goal as well. With how well the U.S. defense has been, it's not crazy to think that if they lose on home soil it also won't be by more than one goal. Mexico to score two or more goals seems likely, despite how good the American defense has been playing.

The value is with Mexico's offense as oddsmakers are giving you plus-value by siding with the American defense. Although the U.S. has been impressive, the price tag and trends tell you its worth a shot at taking Mexico to net two at plus-value. Mexico has scored two goals in two straight against America and has also scored two or more goals in five of seven matches.

Of the three best bets, the game to be won by exactly one goal is probably the best bet. The USA is still playing with a chip on its shoulder, and their new goalie has shown some of the best reflexes in the American net for quite some time. It's unlikely either team pulls away from the other in this one, but Qatar did miss many opportunities Mexico won't such as a PK. Again, Mexico going over 1.5 goals supports the notion that Mexico can finish the plays Qatar couldn't while a one-goal win from either club supports a historically low scoring affair and currently solid American defense.

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