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NHL Futures Betting Odds


The NHL has announced that its regular season has been discontinued in the league is hoping to produce a 16-team playoff format this summer, with a date yet to be decided. Eight teams, four from the Eastern and Western Conferences will have byes into the postseason while the remaining 16 teams will meet in a qualifying event with hopes of earning one of the remaining eight spots.

The four top teams in each conference will play a round robin tournament among themselves in each conference and the team with the most points after three games will be the top seed and the remaining clubs will be slotted into the second, third and fourth positions. Oddsmakers have posted odds on which club will capture the No. 1 seed in each NHL conference.

Top Overall Playoff Seeds Odds

Eastern Conference

  • Boston Bruins 7/5
  • Tampa Bay Lighting 37/20
  • Washington Capitals 11/2
  • Philadelphia Flyers 11/2

Western Conference

  • St. Louis Blues 7/4
  • Colorado Avalanche 9/4
  • Vegas Golden Knights 3/1
  • Dallas Stars 11/2

The remaining 16 teams will play in eight separate best-of-five series. The matchups have been set and odds to win each series have been posted as well.

Qualifying Series Odds

Eastern Conference

  • Pittsburgh -195 vs. Montreal +155
  • Carolina -136 vs. N.Y. Rangers +110
  • N.Y. Islanders -122 vs. Florida +100
  • Toronto -175 vs. Columbus +140

Western Conference

  • Edmonton -167 vs. Chicago +135
  • Nashville -139 vs. Arizona +115
  • Vancouver -122 vs. Minnesota +100
  • Calgary -136 vs. Winnipeg +110

Odds to Win 2020 Stanley Cup

NHL Futures Odds Betting Market
Odds To Win 2020 NHL Stanley Cup (TBA)
Team American Fractional Decimal
Boston Bruins +650 13/2 7.5
Tampa Bay Lightning +650 13/2 7.5
Colorado Avalanche +800 8/1 9
Vegas Golden Knights +800 8/1 9.0
Washington Capitals +900 9/1 10.0
Philadelphia Flyers +1000 10/1 11.0
St. Louis Blues +1100 11/1 12.0
Dallas Stars +1500 15/1 16.0
Pittsburgh Penguins +1600 16/1 17.0
Edmonton Oilers +2300 23/1 24.0
Toronto Maple Leafs +2900 29/1 30.0
Calgary Flames +3500 35/1 36.0
Carolina Hurricanes +3500 35/1 36.0
Vancouver Canucks +3500 35/1 36.0
Arizona Coyotes +4300 43/1 44.0
Minnesota Wild +4300 43/1 44.0
Nashville Predators +4300 43/1 44.0
New York Islanders +4300 43/1 44.0
New York Rangers +4300 43/1 44.0
Florida Panthers +5500 55/1 56.0
Winnipeg Jets +5500 55/1 56.0
Columbus Blue Jackets +6500 65/1 66.0
Montreal Canadiens +7000 70/1 71.0
Chicago Blackhawks +7500 75/1 76.0

Odds to Win 2020 NHL Eastern Conference

NHL Futures Odds Betting Market
Odds To Win 2020 NHL Eastern Conference (TBA)
Team American Fractional Decimal
Boston Bruins +300 3/1 4.0
Tampa Bay Lightning +300 3/1 4.0
Philadelphia Flyers +500 5/1 6.0
Washington Capitals +500 5/1 6.0
Pittsburgh Penguins +850 17/2 9.5
Toronto Maple Leafs +1300 13/1 14.0
Carolina Hurricanes +1800 18/1 19.0
New York Rangers +2000 20/1 21.0
New York Islanders +2000 20/1 21.0
Florida Panthers +2700 27/1 28.0
Columbus Blue Jackets +3200 32/1 33.0
Montreal Canadiens +4000 40/1 41.0

Odds to Win 2020 NHL Western Conference

NHL Futures Odds Betting Market
Odds To Win 2020 NHL Western Conference (TBA)
Team American Fractional Decimal
Vegas Golden Knights +300 3/1 4.0
Colorado Avalanche +350 7/2 4.5
St. Louis Blues +400 4/1 5.0
Dallas Stars +600 6/1 7.0
Edmonton Oilers +1100 11/1 12.0
Calgary Flames +1700 17/1 18.0
Nashville Predators +1700 17/1 18.0
Vancouver Canucks +1700 17/1 18.0
Arizona Coyotes +2000 20/1 21.0
Minnesota Wild +2000 20/1 21.0
Winnipeg Jets +2300 23/1 24.0
Chicago Blackhawks +3000 30/1 31.0
Updated Mon, July 6, 9:00 AM ET - Odds Subject to Change

Betting on the NHL Playoffs

The Stanley Cup playoff typically begin in April and the future odds can be wagered on throughout the NHL season. Prior to the season, every team has future odds listed next to them and bettors are able to view the expectations given by the oddsmakers. With the season stoppage this year, the NHL is looking at resuming their 2020 season with a unique 24 team playoff. This expanded format, along with the teams needing to rebuild the chemistry they built throughout the 2019-2020 regular season, should provide great value bets on who will win the 2020 Stanley Cup. VegasInsider will provide updating NHL betting strategies as more details are announced.

The NHL playoff future odds for the Stanley Cup can be wagered on before the season begins and throughout the season. When the postseason begins, the Stanley Cup Odds are only given to the 16 teams that have clinched a spot in the NHL playoffs. Those betting odds are given to eight teams in both the Eastern and Western Conference.

Since the NHL Playoffs are very unpredictable, we’ve seen many lower-seeded teams advance to the championship and cash generous tickets based on longer Stanley Cup Odds prices.

2020 Stanley Cup Odds to Win

There are several good bets to win NHL Playoffs in 2020. The current odds to win the Stanley Cup Finals today are:

  • Bruins: +650
  • Lightning: +650
  • Avalanche: +800
  • Golden Knights: +800
  • Capitals: +900
  • Flyers : +1000
  • Blues: +1100
  • Stars: +1500

How to Bet on NHL Futures

Many pundits believe that the Stanley Cup is the hardest trophy to win in professional sports and that’s not usually a good for bettors placing NHL Future wagers but at the same time, the payoff can be great.

The NHL Futures market in pro hockey is a simple bet and can be defined as an “Odds to win” wager. Bettors must correctly select a team to win an event that takes place a later time in the year or season. The money placed on the future wager will be locked in with a sportsbook and bettors will receive fixed odds at the time of the wager. NHL Futures can be bet on before and during the season, depending on when the sportsbooks post their future odds.

The Stanley Cup is the most popular NHL Future wager but there are six other betting options that have become just as popular. Bettors can wager on which two teams will win their conferences and meet in the Stanley Cup or they can really put their sports betting minds to use and pick the winner of one of the four divisions.

Conference Odds

  • Eastern
  • Western

Division Odds

  • Atlantic
  • Metropolitan
  • Central
  • Pacific

Player Awards

The Hart Memorial Trophy is a popular NHL future wager for players. This award is given to the Most Valuable Player in the NHL regular season. The Conn Smythe Trophy is another top betting market and that award is for the MVP of the NHL Playoffs.

How do I bet on the Stanley Cup?

Players can bet on the Stanley Cup at all legal sportsbooks in the United States. Visit our list of legal sportsbooks in the United States for more information on where you can place NHL bets. The wager is based on simple math and very friendly to novice bettors. To figure out your Win Amount, take the odds and multiply by the amount wagered.

Ex. Boston Bruins (10/1) to win the NHL Stanley Cup Finals.

The Bruins are listed as a 10/1 betting choice to win the Stanley Cup Finals. If you bet $100 on Boston to win the Stanley Cup Finals and it captures the championship, then you would win $1,000 (10 ÷ 1 x 100).

You would collect $1,100, which includes your win and stake ($100). The stake is often referred to as the wager or monies placed on your future odds wager. Players reading American Odds would see Boston as +1000 in the above example while the Decimal version on the Bruins would be 11.00.

One of the best features about betting on the Stanley Cup is that you can do it year-round and more than half (16) of the 31 teams in the league will make the playoffs. Every NHL bettor knows that if you make the postseason, then you’ve got a shot to cash your Stanley Cup future odds ticket.

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