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If you love action and want plenty of it, then College Basketball is the sport for you and the College Basketball Matchups page should be your starting point for placing educated and informed wagers. With over 350 College Basketball teams, bookmakers have their hands full on a daily basis. The Matchups page lists all the College Basketball Games in order of Rotation, which is controlled the sportsbooks. Every matchup has a designated Home and Away team and both are given a rotation number. The games are listed in order of time, which is Eastern Standard Time Zone (ET) on this matchup page. When you find games and odds that interest you, check out our online sportsbook directory to find the best and most secure places to make NCAA basketball bets, as well as exclusive sportsbook offers.

With March Madness coming up, there is a ton of excitement in the college basketball betting world. Evidently, if you're looking forward to betting on Duke or UNC to make a run as a resident of North Carolina, you should check out the North Carolina Sportsbooks.


The College Basketball record section provides a quick look at the production of wins and losses for each team that is playing on the current day.


The Win-Loss is broken up by overall record and either the away or home record, depending on who is the host or the visitor.

Current form is a key handicapping factor for College Basketball bettors, especially with these amateur athletes since emotions often run high and low. The Streak section tells you how hot or cold a team is and is measured by Wins (W) and Losses (L). If a team wins 10 straight games, the Streak would read W-10.


ATS in the sports betting world stands for Against the Spread, which measures the profitability of a team for bettors in terms of the point-spread. College Basketball does offer money-line wagers but point-spread bets are more popular, similar to American football. Even if a team wins a game, the more important factor is covering the spread and those that do will have a much better ATS record. Even a team has a losing overall straight up record, it could be very competitive in games and stay within the oddsmakers’ expectations. That’s where the value is and a good ATS record on the hardwood usually parallels with a good team on the court.


The College Basketball Matchups show Betting Trends from sportsbooks and they focus on what users are playing.

The Betting Trend Section receives percentages on three categories.

  • Side (Point-Spread Bets)
  • Money (Money-Line Bets)
  • O/U (Total Bets)

The three betting trends are fairly simple to follow and they’re more volatile as tip-off of a game approaches.

The Side percentage is for the point-spread while the Money is for money-line wagers and that field usually skews heavily to favorites since not many bettors expect huge upsets, especially when the point-spread is high. The O/U is the total and the Over is always listed on top of the Under in the last Betting Trend column.

Most bettors lean to favorites and overs and keep in mind that it’s not uncommon to see 100% listed at any given time and that’s only because the volume may be low. The goal of the sportsbooks is to receive 50% on all of the categories because they’ll cash out and earn money on the juice associated with each wager, usually -110.

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The Matchups page shows every game ever played at the beginning of the season, which begins in November and carries through the end of the season in April. The College Basketball Matchup History provides links to all the teams in action on a specific date, plus there are great features like Line Movements and Betting Trend movements. Those tools cater to more sophisticated bettors but can easily be tracked by novices. Less informed bettors can also check out Previews and Recaps through the College Basketball Matchups, which will educate you with the personnel on the court since keeping on top of 350-plus teams isn’t easy.

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