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Alabama Sports Betting

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Alabama Sports Betting

Alabama is one of the most conservative states when it comes to gambling or online casinos. As a result, there hasn’t been any official ruling on whether Alabama sports betting is legal. Lawmakers have put tremendous effort into this matter over the years but to no avail.

There were many attempts to legalize AL sports betting in 2020, and none of them succeeded. A bill titled HB 336 would have created a gambling commission for the state if it passed. At which time, many Alabama sportsbooks would have seized that opportunity to take over the market. It seems Alabama sports betting apps have to wait another day.

Betting in Alabama has always had severe limitations. The handful of brick-and-mortar casinos and their few thousand slots are the extent of what you can play. Thus, it looks like the Yellowhammer State will have to wait a while for Alabama online sports betting to go live. Should things change in the future, we’ll likely see the rise of Alabama betting sites.

Daily Fantasy Sports in Alabama

Before the pursuit for legalization of Alabama sports betting, daily fantasy sports (DFS) was widely played. It used to be a lot simpler when DFS was only about football. You get to build a custom team with any players in the entire NFL and earn points based on their performance.

Since it was a skill-based game, most states allowed DFS sites. Then, online sports betting became a thing, and sites like FanDuel started sponsoring the whole scene. It’s one of the reasons why the Yellowhammer State has yet to open up to it.

The presence of Daily Fantasy Sports would do wonders for the Alabama online sports betting market. With the addition of high-stakes wagers on top of the regular fantasy schedule, betting in Alabama could prove to be an entertaining pastime. Another fantastic thing about DFS is most sites offer very high odds and attractive welcome bonuses. That’s what Alabama sportsbooks would need to have once they hit the online market.

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Most Likely Alabama Sportsbooks

While Alabama sports betting is not legal, residents can still access platforms outside of the state. We won’t see any Alabama sportsbooks that operate within state borders for a while. Should things change, we hope to see more Alabama betting sites with some good action.

When Alabama finally decides to allow online sports betting, we’ll see some of the most popular bookmakers making their way in. These sportsbooks are the dominators of the market in other states. Most of them have a good reputation for game variety and odds. If they manage to obtain a license to operate, they’ll likely offer Alabama sports betting apps as well.

Here are some of the most likely Alabama sports betting platforms once it’s legal:


FanDuel Sportsbook used to specialize in fantasy football, but now, this Alabama sports betting site offers the whole deal. It launched in 2009 but is only available in a few states. There’s a wide range of betting options and exclusive bonuses. It’s one of the highest-rated Alabama sportsbooks in terms of gameplay.

FanDuel is one of those sites that provide Alabama sports betting apps. Once it’s legalized in the state, you’ll see a lot of action going mobile.


Like FanDuel, DraftKings started as a fantasy league football platform. After some time, the developers decided to go all out. Now, it’s got all the popular Alabama sports betting activities and a variety of wagers.

DraftKings is also known for its generosity. New players can receive up to $500 on their first deposit. That’s enough to test your luck on at least one game. Betting in Alabama will certainly benefit from the presence of this site.


Though relatively new compared to the Alabama betting sites on this list, FOX Bet sportsbook offers competitive gameplay. Launched in 2019, this would-be Alabama sportsbooks is the combined product of FOX Sports and BetStars. These two brands joined forces to bring players even more than either one of them could accomplish.

When FOX Bet comes to the state, Alabama sports betting will become a lot more entertaining. This site has a unique take on the game and some amazing bonuses.


BetMGM launched as a partnership between GVC Holdings and MGM. It was a good decision as the site went on to become one of the largest sportsbooks in America. Alabama sports betting would gain much diversity upon the arrival of BetMGM Sportsbook. There are tons of wagering options and wide ranges of odds.

BetMGM would make one of the best Alabama sportsbooks since it knows how to keep players around. On top of huge bonuses, you also get frequent free bets and other promotions.

Alabama Betting Laws

Alabama sports betting isn’t legal as the state bans all forms of internet gambling. That includes online casinos and other Alabama betting sites. Unlike most states, there aren’t any specific laws here that address the act of real money gambling. Lawmakers tend to have differing opinions when it comes to whether or not you can bet on sports while in the state.

While there isn’t a law that prevents residents from participating on AL sports betting sites, it’s certainly frowned upon. As other sportsbooks in the country are required to use geo-location barriers, the only way to play is through international sites. That can bring not only financial troubles but legal issues as well.

States where you can already place an online sports bet today :

Updated on :

Arizona | Colorado | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Massachusetts | Maryland | Michigan | Nevada | New Jersey | New York | Pennsylvania | Tennessee | Virginia | Washington DC | West Virginia

Future of Alabama Online Sports Betting

Legislators have been trying to legalize Alabama online sports betting for some time. Despite the failed attempts in 2020, there doesn’t seem to be a halt in their efforts. The proposed bill that didn’t pass had gotten closer than anything we have seen. That puts some hope in fans who have been waiting for Alabama sports betting to become legal.

It looks like this won’t be the last attempt to bring AL sports betting to life. Hopefully, we’ll see the first of Alabama betting sites with lots of action in the near future.

Alabama Online Sports Betting: Events, Betting Markets

While Alabama sports betting isn’t legal as of 2020, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any exciting events. You can watch all major league games here, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and many others. Minor league sports, like the NCAA, are quite popular in Alabama sportsbooks. You’ll find odds for these games in most Alabama betting sites.

Betting in Alabama mainly takes place at traditional casinos. There are gaming events and conventions year-round for avid casino players. While you won’t find any legal Alabama sports betting apps, most casinos here offer a mobile platform for free social games. AL sports betting may not be available yet, but fans can still watch their favorite teams play at the stadiums.

Popular Alabama Events

Here are some leagues and events that Alabamans may be able to enjoy if online sports betting goes legal:

  • National Football League (NFL)
  • National Basketball Association (NBA)
  • Major League Baseball (MLB)
  • National Hockey League (NHL)
  • College Football (NCAA)
  • College Basketball (NCAA)
  • Track Racing
  • Flag Football
  • Golf (Alumni Association)

Betting on Pro Sports Teams in Alabama

Alabama is one of the biggest states that still doesn’t have a major league sports team. Instead, fans here support their home college, and thus prefer college sports. However, that doesn’t mean people don’t watch professional sports, such as the NFL. There’s still a lot of action in Alabama betting sites that operate nationally.

Betting in Alabama will involve mostly the minor league, like the NCAA divisions. The odds for these games aren’t usually reliable unless it’s one of the biggest Alabama sportsbooks. You can bet on major league games as well. They have a bigger market and more betting options for veteran players.

NFL Betting in Alabama

Football has the biggest share in the American betting market due to its diverse spreads and money lines. When Alabama sports betting goes live, remember to head over to the NFL section. These games dominate all the DFS, including mobile platforms and Alabama sports betting apps. Some players prefer to bet on software because it’s easier to keep track of your betslip.

Atlanta Falcons Betting

Yes, Alabamans do root for the Falcons. They are one of the hottest teams in the South. With Matt Ryan at the helm, Atlanta is looking at many good seasons to come. An almost flawless streak preceded their 2016 Super Bowl appearance. AL sports betting would benefit from the action the Falcons could bring to the table.

NBA Betting in Alabama

The Alabama sports betting market doesn’t focus on basketball, but definitely has a showing for this classically American sport. NBA games are high-scoring but have very low spreads. That makes it a guessing game for most new players. If you decide to invest in basketball, choose the Alabama betting sites with the best odds. Also, go for games with the largest point spreads for higher payouts.

Memphis Grizzlies Betting

Fans in the Yellowhammer State have mixed opinions on who’s their favorite NBA team. Your best option is to go for the neighboring team. The Grizzlies have yet to earn a conference title, so it should be any time now that they pull a surprise win on everyone. As a result of their performance, you should get reasonable odds on their games.

NHL Betting in Alabama

Though winter sports aren’t that popular in Alabama, the action is always hot. Ice hockey will have a major section on most Alabama online sports betting platforms. Due to the low-scoring games and large puck lines, NHL games can be easier to jump into for AL sports betting enthusiasts.

Nashville Predators Betting

Betting in Alabama wouldn’t be that exciting without putting some money on the Predators, who have a reputation for resilience. Though the Stanley Cup hasn’t made it into their hands, the team plays better every season.

MLB Betting in Alabama

Alabama sports betting attracts a lot of baseball action. The MLB have bred more sports legends than almost any other sport. As the scoring is such a flexible system, you can find all kinds of juicy odds for these games.

Major league baseball would definitely make a tremendous addition to the Alabama online sports betting markets.

Atlanta Braves Betting

The Braves have a collection of West and East division titles and three World Series appearances. AL sports betting would welcome this team with open arms. You can’t go wrong with the Braves, but watch out for the much higher underdog payouts you’d be playing against.

Other Alabama Teams to Bet On

Professional teams aren’t the only betting options for fans in the Yellowhammer State. There are also quite a few college teams to look forward to betting on once the state legalizes sports betting.

Betting on College Football in Alabama

Alabama sports betting is all for college football. The love for their schools ranks these games pretty high in the Alabama online sports betting sites.

Alabama Crimson Tide

Auburn Tigers

Samford Bulldogs

Betting on College Basketball in Alabama

Alabama sports betting wouldn’t be complete without college basketball. Like the NBA, you can find college games on most Alabama sports betting apps.

Alabama Crimson Tide

Bellarmine Knights

Montevallo Falcons

Alabama Online Sports Betting FAQ

Check out the following FAQs to learn more about Alabama online sports betting.

Where can I bet on sports in Alabama?

As of 2020, Alabama sports betting has yet to get legalized.

Is sports betting legal in Alabama?

No. Alabama sports betting and anything associated with it is illegal. That said, Alabama online sports betting isn’t criminalized. Playing on Alabama sports betting apps will not land you in jail, but not recommended.

How do I withdraw my winnings in Alabama?

If you’re playing on future Alabama sports betting apps, you can request a withdrawal under the payment tab. The current Alabama sports betting regulations do not allow such activity, however.

Can I bet online on my phone in Alabama?

Alabama online sports betting is still not legal, so you cannot place a bet anywhere while in the state. Betting in Alabama is legal as long as you’re at a casino and of legal gambling age.

When will Alabama legalize gambling?

The future of Alabama sports betting is still uncertain. While many attempts have failed, lawmakers will likely continue on their quest.

Final Thoughts on Betting in Alabama

Although sports betting is not yet legal in Alabama, the story is not over. Indeed, sports fans have to seek out-of-state options until it becomes legally permitted, but the increasing nationwide trend likely points to future sports betting legislation in the state. When it does happen, you can expect Alabama sports betting to be a welcome boon to fans across the state.

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