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Betting on the Sacramento Kings

As one of four NBA franchises in California, the Sacramento Kings do have a rather large West Coast following. Wagering on the Kings during the NBA season also attracts bettors in states with legal sports betting.

Sacramento Kings Team Overview

The Kings’ NBA roots as one of 11 original franchises are in the Northeast and Midwest. They won their only league championship as the Rochester Royals in 1951.

The move into the Midwest was in 1957 as the Cincinnati Royals. This tenure lasted through the 1971/1972 season. The star attraction during a good part of that stay was NBA legend Oscar Robertson. Despite playing for the Royals for 10 seasons, the team never advanced past the divisional semifinals in the East.

The team’s next stop was the Kansas City market where it was first known as the Kings. The final move to Sacramento took place ahead of the 1985/1986 NBA regular season.

Setting up shop on the West Coast, the Kings qualified for the postseason every year from 1998 right through an early first-round exit in the 2006 NBA playoffs. That was actually the last season that the Sacramento Kings made an appearance in postseason play.

One of the more notable NBA players to ever don a Kings’ uniform was Isaiah Jamar Thomas as a NBA rookie in 2012. He is the son of NBA great Isaiah Thomas. DeMarcus Cousins played for Sacramento for seven seasons starting in 2010.

As mentioned, Sacramento is one of four NBA franchises located in California. The Kings are joined by the Golden State Warriors as well as the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers. Together with the Phoenix Suns, this five-team group makes up the Pacific Division in the NBA’s Western Conference.

Playing in the shadow of the Warriors, Lakers and Clippers, Sacramento has gained a reputation as a good team to bet against when facing its in-state rivals.

To bet against a team implies that it is going to lose either straight-up or against the spread. If you wanted to bet against the Kings as seven-point underdogs playing the Lakers, Sacramento would have to lose by eight or more points to cash a winning wager.

Betting on the Sacramento Kings in California

Sports betting in California is currently illegal. However, the issue is scheduled to appear as a voter referendum in the 2022 California general election in November. If approved, betting on Kings’ might be legal by the end of 2023 but this is pure speculation at this point.

Meanwhile, Sacramento fans can bet on their favorite NBA team at sportsbooks in states offering legal sports betting.