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NorthStar Bets, in a notable expansion effort, has become available across Canada, marking a significant departure from its Ontario-only availability since its launch in May 2022. This expansion by NorthStar Gaming, governed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, allows players from all Canadian provinces and territories to access a wide array of gaming options, including digital and live table games, and live poker. Enhancing its offerings, NorthStar Bets Canada introduces a Sportsbook feature with a $100 Bonus Bet and a Casino offer of 100% up to $1000.

The locally-focused NorthStar Bets, both a sports betting and casino gaming site and app, aims to appeal widely across Ontario, showcasing its homegrown sportsbook and casino gaming platform as a unique selling point.


As part of the highly anticipated launch, NorthStar Bets will have an attractive welcome offer for new customers. Tied to a promo code that can activate this welcome offer, it can be applied during the online registration process.

Most online sportsbook and casino site’s welcome offers revolves around bonus offers on the initial deposit into an online betting account. NorthStar could also go with an initial free sports bet up to a set amount. Casino promotions can be tied to free spins and free-play credit.

Promo codes are routinely used as part a online gaming site’s overall promotional plan. Any NorthStar Bets’ promo codes and bonus offers would be readily available through the betting site and mobile betting app.


NorthStar Bets, initially live in Ontario since May 13th, 2022, expanded its presence to other Canadian provinces and territories in October 2023. This expansion follows the company's announcement of its intention to launch the betting platform across Canada. Successfully securing licenses for every province and territory, NorthStar Bets now offers its services nationwide, marking a significant milestone in its growth within the Canadian market.


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Updated on: June 23, 2024




Canada has a long history of offering legal sports betting. As of August, 2021, the addition of legal bets on single events is a major addition to overall lineup of betting markets.

The traditional betting market in Canada was always tied to muti-team parlays and they will remain an important part of the mix at NorthStar Bets. Additional betting markets will include sports betting futures, daily game prop bet options and live in-game betting odds.

NorthStar Bets is also in position to offer unique betting markets that are tied to local Canadian sports leagues. This includes the CFL for football as well as curling, lacrosse and other popular Canadian sports throughout the provinces.

The NFL is likely to remain the biggest betting attraction when in season. However, teams such as the NBA’s Toronto Raptors and MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays offer huge crossover appeal in the Ontario market

The NHL will always be a popular draw with Ontario sports bettors given the league’s seven Canadian franchises. The Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators are all based in Ontario for added betting appeal.

NorthStar Bets’ overall selection of betting sports will be expanded to include golf, tennis, motor racing, boxing and MMA fights as ideal opportunities for wagering on single events. Soccer will also be a big draw on an international level.

As an added plus, betting options for horse racing are covered through a NorthStar Bet Horsebook. This gaming options will include a wide range of tracks both in North America and around the world.

As part of the NorthStar Bet casino gaming app, both digital and live table games are available. Also included in the mobile app is live poker.



By partnering with Torstar, NorthStar Bets is creating a major point of difference against its competition. This puts an exclamation point on the local appeal of this gaming site and mobile betting app.

As a Canadian-owned gaming operator, NorthStar Bets will have ample opportunities for local media tie-ins and promotional programs. These should translate well through the use of the NorthStar Bet mobile sportsbook app.

Using the latest technology in the online gaming industry, Ontario sports betting and casino gaming customers can expect to see a highly sophisticated betting app. Ease of use is always to top priority with a very small learning curve.

The company goal for the NorthStar Bets mobile app is a “uniquely local, premier user experience.” Along with various sports betting and gaming options, end users can expect to find timely and relevant sports betting insights.

This local approach includes fresh gaming content that is updated on a daily basis. Each and every visit to the NorthStar Bets platform will offer value-added benefits to enhance the entire online gaming experience.



NorthStar Bet customers can expect to find an assortment of online banking options. These can be accessed online or through the mobile betting app.

Bank cards such as Visa and Mastercard remain one of the most popular ways to fund an online betting account. Another popular means for making payments are prepaid debit cards.

Money transfer services and online banking options can be used for both making deposits and requesting withdrawals. Bank wires to and from an online betting account is another common way to transfer funds.

The full list of banking options should be available on both the NorthStar Bet site and mobile betting app.



Backed by a news organization with more than 128 years’ experience, a high standard for customer service is already in place. Operating as a Canadian-based gaming operator, NorthStar Bet has a local vested interest in offering bet best customer service possible.

Online contact options include email as well as an online form. There should also be a traditional option facilitated through a toll-free contact number.

All the general topics related to the use of the NorthStar Bet site and mobile app can be covered in the site’s help section. Customers can also expect to find an extensive online FAQ section that hones-in on many of the specifics.


Is NorthStar Bet safe to use?

Yes, NorthStar Bet is safe to use. It is licensed and regulated not only by the province of Ontario but also by the relevant authorities in every Canadian province and territory. This regulation ensures safe and fair play for all users across Canada.

When will NorthStar Bet be available?

NorthStar Bet expanded its availability beyond Ontario in October 2023. The platform is now live and accessible to users in every Canadian province and territory, following its successful launch in Ontario in early April and subsequent expansion.

What types of online gaming will NorthStar Bets offer?

NorthStar Bets offers a range of online gaming options, including a mobile sportsbook and casino. Additionally, it provides options for horse betting and poker, catering to a variety of gaming preferences for users across Canada.



Ontario initially led the way in expanding online sports betting and iGaming in Canada, with NorthStar Bet emerging as a significant homegrown betting site. However, recent developments have seen NorthStar Bets launching in other provinces outside of Ontario, broadening its potential impact across the entire Canadian market.

As NorthStar Bet extends its reach, the online betting site and mobile app are poised to appeal to a wider audience of sports bettors and casino players, not just in Ontario but across all Canadian provinces and territories.