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Auto Racing Futures Betting Odds


2021 NASCAR Cup Series - Championship

  • Date: Sunday, November 7, 2021
  • Venue: Phoenix Speedway
  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Odds to Win 2021 NASCAR Cup Series Championship (11/7/2021)
Driver Odds
Kyle Larson +200
Denny Hamlin +550
Chase Elliott +700
Martin Truex, Jr. +750
Kyle Busch +800
Joey Logano +1200
Ryan Blaney +1200
William Byron +1500
Kevin Harvick +1800
Brad Keselowski +2000
Alex Bowman +2000
Christopher Bell +2500

Odds updated - Mon., Sept. 20 - 8:50 AM ET - provided by DraftKings

How To Bet Auto Racing Futures

The “Odds to Win” wager in auto racing is very simple to understand. Put simply, you just need to select the driver that will capture the checkered flag of the race You select any of the drivers in the race and your payout for the bet will depend on the odds given at the time of the wager. This wager can be placed until the race begins.

To figure out your Win Amount, take the odds and multiply by the amount wagered. Ex. Denny Hamlin (5/2) - Denny Hamlin is listed as a 5/2 betting choice. If you wager $100 on Hamlin to win the event and he comes in first, then you would win $250 (5 ÷ 2 x 100). You would collect $350, which includes your win and stake ($100).

What does the FIELD mean? Many races will include a betting selection called the Field. This bet consists of all drivers not listed in the “Odds to Win.” Most races have a set number of drivers but it’s rare to see oddsmakers put a price on every driver that will race. Drivers that are given the least opportunity to win the race will be grouped into the “Field” odds and paid out accordingly if they win.

Betting on NASCAR Odds

Where can I bet on NASCAR?

There are several legal sportsbook options in the United States. Visit our sportsbook directory to find online sportsbooks where you can bet on NASCAR races.

Who are the experts picking to win?

Our experts offer picks on all the big auto racing events. Check out our preview content or pick packages for the most up to date NASCAR predictions.

What type of bets can I make on NASCAR races?

The future odds show each racer's odds to win an event outright. Certain sportsbook may also offer other betting angles, such as Top 3 Finish, Top 5 Finish, and Car Number Over/Under.

Where can I learn how to bet on auto racing?

To learn more about betting on NASCAR and other auto races, check out our auto racing betting tutorial.

What other auto racing sports are available to wager on?

Outside of NASCAR, the most popular auto racing sport to bet on is Formula 1 which is commonly known as F1. F1 is the most popular auto racing sport in the world, and typically travels to one country per race each season. Aside from global travel, the most obviously difference between F1 and NASCAR is that F1 uses formula cars as opposed to stock cars. Also, aside from a few races per year, NASCAR typically sees an oval track whereas F1 circuits feature numerous turns in a race. Be sure to visit our F1 betting page for odds, schedules and much more betting information.

Another popular auto racing sport to bet on is the MotoGP league. MotoGP is very similar to F1 in terms of the sport's format, the main difference being that MotoGP uses motorcycles instead of formula cars. The league travels globally and typically competes on the same circuits F1 uses. IndyCar racing is also available for wagering, also using formula cars but traveling within continental America only. The Indy 500 is the most popular race on the IndyCar Series to bet on.

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