DAZN Group Partnership Deal with Pragmatic Group In Ontario

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A leader in sports entertainment and giant in the global streaming world, DAZN Group, has announced a new deal with Pragmatic Group, a gambling firm. The strategic partnership is looking to create a different kind of betting product for fans of sports betting.

Gambling firm Pragmatic Group has made a name for itself for its platform technology and the content the company provides in the betting and gaming world. So, the deal between them and DAZN is a step taken by DAZN to move the company in an innovative direction.

The agreement is for multiple years and is also exclusive. It will result in the launch of a new betting service from the DAZN BET brand as well as a new business with its headquarters in Gibraltar.

DAZN hopes to utilize its existing customer base and brand name in this new venture. It will be able to use the brand name and the base due to a licensing agreement between DAZN BET and DAZN Group. The underlying platform and as well as future development of these products will be provided by Pragmatic Group through this partnership.

Existing DAZN users have been making their thoughts known and DAZN hopes to progress in a direction with these critiques in mind. This includes working with the recreational in-play trend in mind. The two companies hope to develop an entertaining, easy to use, integrated experience for all bettors, including casual, to be able to enjoy. The company also hopes to integrate the live sports streaming from DAZN into this experience.

The CEO of DAZN Group, Shay Segev, indicated how important it is to recognize the intersection of betting with sports media when moving forward. That is one of the strategic moves behind the partnership, combining a sports media company with a major technology partner and looking to innovate together. Segev stated that the company is looking to revitalize the experience of sports betting and viewing for fans by offering a wider variety of digital entertainment and content.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Pragmatic Solutions, Ashley Lang, indicated the company’s excitement about the partnership with DAZN. Lang stated that the company is excited about what they will be able to innovate and provide fans together.

At the beginning of the new football season, sports fans can expect a soft launch of a beta product from DAZN BET.

DAZN is already looking towards making a move into the sports betting market in North America. The first DAZN BET sportsbook is expected to launch by the third quarter in the Ontario sports betting market.

Initially, the sports betting product launching in Ontario will be powered by Optima sportsbook engine from Sportradar. The deal was hinted at by Sportradar recently in its call about fourth quarter results.

Meanwhile, the player account management platform from DAZN will be built through the company’s partnership with Pragmatic Group, with Pragmatic Group providing the technology.

The sports betting market in Ontario just expanded to allow for commercial operators earlier this month on April 4. It is a highly desirable market already, with a number of high profile sportsbooks already launching. Canada is already one of DAZN’s largest markets, so a launch in the Ontario sports betting market makes sense for the company.

In addition, DAZN already has the Canadian rights to the Premier League as well as the UEFA Champions League. However, as of a few days ago, DAZN has not been listed as having applied for an Ontario sports betting license in the province.

It is likely DAZN will also be launching a sportsbook in the UK prior to the end of the year as well.

Worldwide, DAZN has around fifteen million subscribers already. But, the company has had troubles in the news recently. DAZN spent billions on global sports rights, putting the company in the red.

DAZN could be following a similar path as FuboTV. Last year, Fubo acquired a sportsbook platform and launched its own sportsbook as a result. The Fubo Sportsbook is live in Iowa as well as Arizona. However, the sportsbook has not been able to conquer a significant share of the market in either state.

DAZN is likely looking to make a larger impact with its own partnership and the forthcoming launch of DAZN BET. And, if the company is able to innovate and create a new fan experience through its new partnership, it just may be able to.

Written by Allie Nelson, our US Sports Betting Industry Expert.