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Sports Betting Launches In Wyoming

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On Wednesday September 1st, Wyoming sports betting was launched in the state. Wyoming has been seeking a September 1st launch for its sports betting operations. Two sportsbooks were approved for operations in the state, meeting that deadline.

Wyoming becomes the first state in 2021 to both legalize as well as launch sports betting. Both BetMGM and DraftKings were approved by the Wyoming Gaming Commission during a special meeting of the commission on the 1st of the month. Both BetMGM and DraftKings then launched their Wyoming sports betting operations on that same day.

Wyoming marks the 13th state in which DraftKings has launched its sportsbook. The DraftKings Sportsbook launched in the state almost directly after the meeting’s conclusion. BetMGM followed suit by launching its own sportsbook less than two hours later. Wyoming is the 14th state in which BetMGM has launched its sportsbook.

Both sportsbook operators were able to launch at the conclusion of the special meeting. Both sportsbooks should have a variety of bets that cover the majority of sports. Plus, the sportsbooks will be able to request event additions like esports or even official hot dog eating contests.

This launch gives both DraftKings and BetMGM a good head start in the sports betting market in Wyoming. And, because of the September 1st launch date, both sportsbooks will be able to take advantage of NFL betting with the start of the NFL season on September 9th.

The Wyoming Gaming Commission has a requirement to issue at least five Wyoming sports betting licenses. As a result, both Barstool Sportsbook as well as sports betting giant FanDuel have sent the commission their letters of intent. Golden Entertainment, SuperBook USA, as well as PointsBet are all expected to follow suit.

However, it is not yet clear when the Wyoming Gaming Commission plans to issue another sports betting license. The commission’s next meeting is not set until November 5th, but it is expected that there could be additional special meetings before then.

The path to Wyoming sports betting was not without its roadblocks. Back in March 2021, the Wyoming House of Representatives had initially voted against the Wyoming sports betting bill, HB 133. This bill would legalize mobile sports betting in the state. However, a day later, the Wyoming state House passed the bill after reconsidering it.

The bill then headed to the Wyoming state Senate, where it passed with a vote of 24-5. It was then signed into law by Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon in early April. The plan all along was to launch in early September, a lofty goal the Wyoming Gaming Commission was not always confident it could meet.

After the bill was signed into law by the governor, the Wyoming Gaming Commission was able to get to their final draft of regulations after only four drafts. The commission looked to other jurisdictions to create their own set of rules, including Tennessee, which is the currently only other mobile-only state in the U.S. sports betting market.

Then, that is when the forty five day comment period commenced. It was during this time that the Wyoming Gaming Commission opened up its application process, which launched on July 15th. On August 2nd, the Wyoming sports betting rules were finalized.

Then, the WGC set the special meeting date for the end of August, with the hope they could approve at least two sportsbooks in time to meet their proposed September 1st launch date. The Wyoming Gaming Commission sees this launch as a big win!

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