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About Vince Akins

Vince Akins of SportsBook Breakers is an analytical-driven handicapper who had used statistical analysis and extensive sports expertise to drive over a decade of handicapping success.

In recent seasons, Vince has demonstrated his handicapping success on Vegas Insider. He has earned the title of season money leader in the MLB, NFL and NCAAF in recent seasons at Vegas Inside, among a long list of documented accolades throughout the handicapping world.

Using Sports Data Query Language (SDQL), Vince has become an industry leader in data handicapping, sorting through historical data from the past 25+ years in MLB, NFL, NCAAF and NBA to create extensive database of historically driven team and player trends, along with extremely valuable leaguewide situations including postseason-specific systems. Known for page long write-ups with up to 10 active trends and systems each, he not only tells the bettor which team they should be playing, but the why each selection represents a why a valuable opportunity.

Vince's Top Historical Records

2022-23 NBA #2 Profits Leader: $3361
2022-2023 NFL #3 Profits Leader: $1211
17-0 MLB Run: 5/18/21 - 6/3/21
2021-2022 NBA Overall Profits: $1025
2021-2022 NFL #3 Totals Leader: $480