Chip Chirimbes
Chip Chirimbes

NFL & MLB Dominance

3-0, +312 Pro Baseball Thursday
13-5, +825 MLB Win Streak
4-1 NFL Preseason Week 1 Record

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Chip Chirimbes - VegasInsider betting expert

2022-23 NFL & NCAA Predictions

The VegasInsider handicapping experts have provided their futures picks for the upcoming NFL and College Football seasons on the most popular betting markets in each sport.

Listed below are the top betting choices for Chip Chirimbes.

2022-23 NFL Futures Predictions

Follow our NFL Futures Odds and find the best odds for the below selections.

NFL Championship Picks

  • Super Bowl Winner: Indianapolis Colts
  • NFC Champion: Philadelphia Eagles
  • AFC Champion: Indianapolis Colts

NFL Win Totals Breakdown - Best Bets

Over or Under? The NFL Win Totals betting market continues to increase in popularity and Chip Chirimbes has identified Best Bets for both Over and Under picks in each of the eight NFL divisions.

AFC NorthSteelersRavens
AFC SouthColtsTitans
AFC EastDolphinsPatriots
AFC WestChargersRaiders
NFC NorthLionsPackers
NFC SouthPanthersBuccaneers
NFC EastEaglesCowboys
NFC WestCardinalsSeahawks

NFL Playoff Projections

The NFL postseason will have a field of 14 teams and Chip Chirimbes has identified his projections on the seven clubs that will represent the NFC and AFC conferences next January and bettors can wager on those selections in the NFL Playoff Prop Odds market.


  1. Philadelphia Eagles
  2. Los Angeles Rams
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  4. San Francisco 49ers
  5. Green Bay Packers
  6. Dallas Cowboys
  7. Minnesota Vikings


  1. Indianapolis Colts
  2. Los Angeles Chargers
  3. Kansas City Chiefs
  4. Buffalo Bills
  5. Miami Dolphins
  6. Cincinnati Bengals
  7. Baltimore Ravens

NFL Most Valuable Player Best Bets

The NFL MVP Odds betting market is showing a strong lean to quarterbacks this season and Chip Chirimbes is providing his top three picks based on three different ranges - Favorite, Middle Range and Long Shot.

PlayerMVP Picks
FavoriteJustin Herbert
Middle RangeJalen Hurts
Long ShotSaquon Barkley

2022-23 NCAAF Futures Predictions

Follow our NCAAF Futures Odds and find the best odds for the below selections.

College Football Playoff Picks

CFP Winner: Ohio State

College Playoff Final Four Projections

  1. Ohio State
  2. Alabama
  3. Miami
  4. Georgia

Heisman Trophy Best Bets

The Heisman Trophy Odds betting market continues to grow in popularity and Chip Chirimbes is providing his top college football player picks based on three different ranges - Favorite, Middle Range and Long Shot.

FavoriteC.J. Stroud (Ohio State)
Middle RangeTyler Van Dyke (Miami)
Long ShotAiden O'Connell (Purdue)

NCAAF Win Totals Breakdown - Best Bets

College Football has 10 major conferences and bettors can follow Win Totals Odds on all of them and make wagers based on their upcoming 12-game season. Chip Chirimbes has identified Best Bets for each of the 10 conferences, focusing on either Under or Over wagers.

ConferenceBest Bet
ACCPitt Under
SECFlorida Over
Big 12Texas Over
Big TenPurdue Over
Pac-12Stanford Over
AACCincinnati Under
MACKent State Under
Sun BeltApp State Over

About Chip Chirimbes

Since 1978 Chip has set the standard for winning selections with his pinpoint accuracy and razor sharp analysis. For eight years Chip hosted his own nationally syndicated sports talk show, "The A Play Sports Handicapping Show".

Chip also has over 250 appearances with CNN on Sports INC, as well as hosting numerous TV and radio programs. As one of the foremost experts in sports, Chip has been quoted in many national publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA TODAY.

Chip is known as the "Big Play Handicapper", earning that name by his ability to consistently win his biggest plays!!!

Chip lets his records speak for themself: 2000 Las Vegas Hilton March Mania Champion, 1999 4th place, 1997-6th place, 1996 First round winner 25-7 overall first round record, 2001 Stardust Invitational NCAA Basketball Best Bet leader 6-2 75%.

Here's what the Nation's media has had to say about Chipper:

CNN/fn-"Sports handicapping is an art and Chipper is a man who understands that art. Now we can know what an expert thinks."

Dan Rather, CBS- "Sports expert Chip Chirimbes won 73% of his Best Bets and 62% overall in the pro's, putting him at the top among established handicappers."

Show Business Magazine- "Chip Chirimbes blends his gambling intuition with a thorough knowledge of sports, the result is the most informative sports show on television."

New York Times-"Chipper Chirimbes is 'The Handicapper' who provides winning insights into major sporting events."

Wall Street Journal- "...the professional handicapper in Las Vegas whose most confident picks are labeled 'Blue Chip' specials."

If you want winning action everyday then you'll want to check out Chip Chirimbes!!!

Handicapper Hot Streaks

• 10-0, $1,057 MLB Guaranteed Run: 9/17/20 - 9/26/20

Documented Records

• 2020-2021 NCAA FB #2 Money Leader: $1,967
• 2020-2021 NCAA FB #2 Percent Leader: 60%
• 2020 MLB #2 Money Leader: $2,619
• 2020 MLB #2 Underdog Leader: $485
• 2019 MLB Overall Money: $2,239
• 2019 WNBA #3 Money Leader: $622
• 2018-2019 #2 NBA Money Leader: $1,878
• 2018-2019 NHL Overall Money: $1,317
• 2018-2019 NHL #3 Underdog Leader: $1,027
• 2017-2018 NCAA BK Money Total: $1,389
• 2017 MLB Underdog Leader: $1,971
• 2015-2016 NBA #2 Money Leader: $2,359
• 2015-2016 NCAA BK #2 Money Leader: $2,069
• 2015-2016 NFL Record: 56%, $1,514
• 2015 MLB #3 Money Leader: $1,286
• 2014-2015 NCAA BK #2 Money Leader: $865
• 2014-2015 NCAA BK Percent Leader: 54%
• 2013-2014 NBA Money Leader: $3,067
• 2013-2014 NFL #2 Money Leader: $1,286
• 2013 MLB #3 Favorites Leader: $912
• 2011-2012 NCAA FB #2 Money Leader: $1,849
• 2011 MLB #5 Money Leader: $2,295
• 2009-10 NCAA FB #3 Money Leader: $2,230
• 2005-2006 NCAA BK Percent Leader: 56%
• 2005-2006 NCAA BK #2 Money Leader: $1,280
• 2004-2005 NCAA BK Money Leader: $2,680