TEXAS Odds: Schedule, Matchups, & Stats

Next Matchup

August 31, 2024 3:30 PM ET ESPN

Texas Schedule

Date Opp Close Result ATS/OU
Aug 31, 2024 Colorado State -36 / 58.5 3:30 PM ET
Sep 7, 2024 @Michigan -3 / 49.5 12:00 PM ET
Sep 14, 2024 UTSA - / 7:00 PM ET
Sep 21, 2024 UL Monroe - / 8:00 PM ET
Sep 28, 2024 Mississippi State - / 12:00 AM ET
Oct 12, 2024 @Oklahoma -8.5 / 3:30 PM ET
Oct 19, 2024 Georgia +1.5 / 12:00 AM ET
Oct 26, 2024 @Vanderbilt - / 12:00 AM ET
Nov 9, 2024 Florida - / 1:00 AM ET
Nov 16, 2024 @Arkansas - / 1:00 PM ET
Nov 23, 2024 Kentucky - / 1:00 AM ET
Nov 30, 2024 @Texas A&M -4.5 / 1:00 AM ET

Betting on the Texas Longhorns

Have you ever watched a coach do something stupid and think “I can coach better than him.” If you’re betting on the Texas Longhorns this season, you’re betting on Steve Sarkisian.

The PAC 12 veteran signal caller signed a six year $34.2m contract with an administration that is struggling to turn around this once proud program. If you’re still quizzical regarding the amount of money involved in that deal, you’re not alone.

This is a head coach that hasn’t had a season of double-digit victories since, Oh never! His first season the team went through most of October, and a good chunk of November, without a single victory. Those months are an important part of any football season. Hard to imagine the morale is high when you’re losing every single week. Once conference play started rolling the players saw their record slide from 4-1 to 4-7!

There’s a chance that the only way to make money with the Longhorns using a free bonus is by betting the other team. Most seasons, early betting on the Big 12 is tricky. Now that the major conferences have those easy non conference matchups their records are padded. Smaller schools visit, usually take a beating and leave with a check.

If you’re looking to bet on Texas in conference play check to see if the team has improved that offense. Hard to have much confidence betting on the Longhorns, especially when they have the ball. In their last six games of the coach's inaugural season, they only scored more than 24 once.

This is a wide-open conference and if you bet Sarkasian’s club on Circa, more times than not, 24 aren’t gonna be enough. It’s not that there wasn’t scoring when Bevo was around. Opponents were putting up some winning Team Total wagers. Texas allowed 30 or more in all six of those aforementioned losses.

Opening against UL Monroe may not offer the fine tuning needed for the week 2 visit from The Crimson Tide. This season is a loaded schedule if you’re handicapping the Texas Longhorns, be patient. The coach’s first season saw his team struggle on the road ATS. If that trend starts early again in 2022 it’s one worth following.

Betting on the Texas Longhorns

It’s comical that you can talk about betting the Texas Longhorns in the year 2022 and sports betting is still illegal in Texas and other states. HELLO! Sacramento, are you listening? Eventually, they’ll come around and you’ll be able to get a brisket and parlay in the same place.

Until then, if you’re in a legal state, you can use any mobile betting app. The coach earned around $1,000,000 per victory in his first go around. Hopefully, betting the Texas Longhorns Team Total over on Circa will cash this season. That way, it’ll cost the school a lot less for every win!

Updated on 07/12/2024
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