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Texas Sports Betting

Texas Sports Betting

Texas sports betting is not legally permitted as of 2020. Even as the national legal climate allows more and more sports betting, there have been no signs of a change for TX sports betting. There are no Texas betting sites available either.

However, just because TX sports betting is not legally permitted doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other options. Let’s take a closer look at Texas sports betting laws. We’ll also examine what services may be available for betting in Texas if regulations around Texas sports betting change.

Daily Fantasy Sports in Texas

Although Texas online sports betting has not yet been approved, there are other options for residents of the state to add some excitement to their sporting events. That’s because daily fantasy sports are accessible in the state through Texas betting sites.

Daily fantasy sports have long existed in Texas in a legal gray area. The law does not classify these services as Texas sports betting apps, arguing that they are games of skill rather than gambling. That means fantasy sports can operate outside the usual restrictions for Texas sports betting apps.

However, fantasy sports betting in Texas should be done cautiously. Although prominent fantasy sports providers do take customers in the state, one provider has stopped accepting customers in Texas after the state’s attorney general issued a non-binding opinion that fantasy sports do classify as gambling. Further legislative activity has since stalled, but fantasy sports betting in Texas is in somewhat uncertain territory.

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Texas Online Sports Betting | Texas Sports Betting SitesMost Likely Texas Sportsbooks

As of late 2020, there are no Texas sportsbooks available to accept customers. However, should the state legalize Texas sports betting in the near future, here are some of the best providers likely to open for business.

All of these providers are U.S.-based companies, which means that they will comply with any Texas online sports betting regulations. These are all well-established providers as well, making them wise choices for TX sports betting.

DraftKings Sportsbook

Texas DraftKings | New Jersey DraftKings

As you’ll see later on, DraftKings already takes customers in Texas for daily fantasy sports. Once Texas sports betting goes online, you’ll be able to get your fantasy sports and TX sports betting all through the same provider.

DraftKings accepts wagers on all major U.S. and international sports. They also offer a convenient mobile experience, meaning they are sure to be one of the top Texas sports betting apps once they’re given the approval to operate in the state.


Texas FoxBet | Texas FoxBet

You may already watch some of your games through the FOX Sports Networks. The company has also begun to offer services as a sportsbook. They operate in just a few states so far, but they could expand if the state legalized Texas sports betting.

FOX Bet offers services geared towards new players, so it will be one of the Texas betting sites best suited to inexperienced players if they come to the state.


BetRivers Texas | Texas BetRivers

Coming from a company already established in the physical casino industry, this app is sure to be useful for betting in Texas once the industry takes off. Their sports service operates in just a small handful of states but is quickly expanding.

BetRivers sportsbook is known for offering a generous customer loyalty program. These offers will be available to local players if Texas online sports betting is legalized.

Texas Betting Regulations | Texas Betting LawsTexas Betting Laws

Like all states in the U.S., Texas is beholden to federal law. Other states have seen rapid change since the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (or PAPSA) was repealed to pave the way for regulated sports betting. However, change has been slow to come for TX sports betting.

Outside of authorized casinos on Native American land, betting in Texas is still prohibited. The state’s gaming industry and Texas sports betting disbanded in the 1970s, with the only exception made for fantasy sports, as detailed later in the guide. However, outside of these limited circumstances, Texas online sports betting remains illegal.

States where you can already place an online sports bet today :

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Arizona | Colorado | Connecticut | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Louisiana | Massachusetts | Maryland | Michigan | Nevada | New Jersey | New York | Pennsylvania | Tennessee | Virginia | Washington DC | West Virginia

Future of Texas Online Sports Betting

Despite the current prohibition, there have been some moves to suggest a change may be coming. However, sports fans in the state can’t know exactly when to expect this change to Texas sports betting. The future of Texas betting sites remains uncertain.

In February of 2019, the state Legislature heard a new proposal on Texas sports betting, House Joint Resolution 61. The bill would allow the state government to regulate wagers placed on professional and college sports.

Since the bill would include an amendment to the state constitution, it requires approval from two-thirds of both the state Senate and House of Representatives before going to a referendum for the people of Texas.

These steep requirements make it uncertain whether or not the bill will be signed into law. However, even if Texas Joint Resolution 61 doesn’t pass, these are early signs of a forthcoming change to Texas online sports betting.

Although the bill’s short-term prospects seem poor, the fact that Texas sports betting is being discussed in the state Legislature shows that the conversation on this issue has moved away from prohibition and toward regulation.

Betting Markets and Events TX | Texas Markets and EventsTexas Online Sports Betting: Events and Betting Markets

When it comes to sporting events in the Lone Star State, it’s hard to find anything much bigger than college football. Texas has the bragging rights of hosting the sport’s second-oldest bowl, the Sun Bowl. Hosted in El Paso since 1935, this annual game features some of the top college teams around.

Expect Texas sportsbooks to be busy with the Sun Bowl in the future once Texas sports betting is approved. Local events such as this would likely be a mainstay of future TX sports betting.

Popular Texas Events

Along with the Sun Bowl, here are some other local sporting events that may be popular for Texas sports betting in the future.

  • Cotton Bowl
  • Texas Bowl
  • Frisco Bowl

Betting on Texas Teams | Texzas Pro Sport TeamsBetting on Pro Sports Teams in Texas

Once Texas sports betting becomes available, fans will be able to place wagers on all their favorite professional teams from the state. Here are some of the local franchises to keep in mind once TX sports betting is launched.

Texas NFL Betting | Texas NFL Betting

NFL Betting in Texas

Texas is one of a handful of states to boast more than one pro football team.

Dallas Cowboys Betting

With five Superbowl wins to their name, this team has a winning pedigree. Texas sportsbooks will surely back these local favorites when Texas sports betting launches.

Houston Texans Betting

A fairly new team who joined the league in 2002, the Texans already have a sizable local following. They had a great season in 2019, only losing in the playoffs to eventual Super Bowl champs the Kansas City Chiefs. Certainly, Texas sports betting apps will have exciting offers for Texans fans once the service goes live.

TX NBA Betting | Texas NBA Betting

NBA Betting in Texas

Three NBA call the state home. Texas sports betting will have plenty of variety to offer for basketball once it’s given the green light.

San Antonio Spurs Betting

One of the most successful NBA franchises of history, the Spurs have taken home five championship rings. Undoubtedly, Texas betting sites will be able to cater to Spurs fans once betting services become available.

Houston Rockets Betting

Rockets fans have a history to be proud of as a championship team. The Houston Rockets were the first team from the state to win a championship and the only Texas team to have won back-to-back championships.

Dallas Mavericks Betting

Taking home their first NBA title in 2011 with star Dirk Nowitzki leading the way, the Mavs are looking to build on that success. The Mavericks are sure to be a popular offering for future Texas sportsbooks.

TX NHL Betting | Texas Hockey Betting

NHL Betting in Texas

Hockey is growing in popularity in Texas, and the state has one professional team in the league. Texas online sports betting options are bound to feature these local teams once the industry is opened for business.

Dallas Stars Betting

After moving to Texas in ‘93, the Stars won the 1999 Stanley Cup to bring the trophy to Texas for the first time. This team will likely be a favorite in Texas sports betting.

TX MLB Betting | Texas Baseball Betting

MLB Betting in Texas

Texas has two professional baseball teams based in the state.

Houston Astros Betting

Texas’ longest-running pro baseball team, the Astros have been a presence since 1962. They became the first World Series champions from Texas after winning the title in 2017. Texas sportsbooks will hopefully be offering fans a chance to bet on the Astros building on that success.

Texas Rangers Betting

Having relocated from the D.C. area in 1972, the Rangers have since established themselves in the Texas baseball scene. They reached their first World Series in 2010 and repeated that feat in 2011. Texas betting sites will have odds on the Rangers winning their first title once regulated betting goes live.

Other Texas Teams to Bet On

As well as this sizable selection of professional teams, Texas betting sites will also have plenty to offer for college sports.

Betting on College Football in Texas

The state has a host of college football teams active in the area, each with its own unique fan culture. Texas sports betting apps will be able to cater to these fans if sports betting is legalized.

Texas Longhorns

One of the top collegiate football teams in the state, the Longhorns managed a third place finish in the Big 12 conference in the 2019 season. Expect them to be a betting favorite once betting is available in the state.

Texas A&M Aggies

The fourth overall team in last year’s SEC West conference, the fighting Aggies are a local favorite in Texas. Fans can wager on the Aggies if Texas sports betting becomes available.

Betting on College Basketball in Texas

As well as being one of the best states for college football, Texas also offers plenty of excitement when it comes to college basketball.

Texas Longhorns

Just like in football, the Longhorns stand out in basketball as well. The Longhorns managed to finish fourth overall in the Big 12 Conference in 2019. They are sure to be one of the favorites for future Texas sportsbooks.

TX Online Sports Betting FAQ | Texas Sports Betting FAQTexas Online Sports Betting FAQ

Here’s a quick rundown of some commonly asked questions about Texas sports betting.

Is sports betting legal in Texas?

As of 2020, Texas online sports betting is not legally permitted. There have been bills introduced to legalize sports betting in Texas, but no law has been passed as of yet.

The exception is daily fantasy sports. There are daily fantasy sports services available in the state as they are not legally classified as Texas sports betting apps.

Where can I bet on sports in Texas?

There are no legal Texas sportsbooks operations. You will need to wait for a change in the law for Texas sports betting to become available.

Can I bet from my phone in Texas?

There aren’t any Texas sports betting apps available as of late 2020. Most providers do offer mobile service, but Texas sports betting is currently prohibited, leaving Texas sports betting apps unavailable.

When will sports betting be legalized in Texas?

It is uncertain when sports betting will be legalized. There have been bills brought before the state Legislature, but as of late 2020 nothing has been signed into law.

Our Verdict TX Sports Betting | Texas Sports Betting ConclusionFinal Thoughts on Betting in Texas

Over the years, the sports betting industry has seen increasing growth throughout the country. However, laws prohibiting Texas online sports betting remain in place even as the industry takes off throughout the country. As a result, options for betting in Texas remain very limited.

There have been some signs of a change, with bills to legalize Texas sports betting reaching the state Legislature. However, these bills have not passed, leaving TX sports betting unavailable.

However, keep an eye on all the most likely Texas betting sites from our guide. These providers will be eager to move into the state once Texas sports betting is allowed. Until then, patience is the name of the game. Once the laws change, you’ll be ready to get in on the action.