SOUTH-CAROLINA Odds: Schedule, Matchups, & Stats

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August 31, 2024 4:15 PM ET SECN

South Carolina Schedule

Date Opp Close Result ATS/OU
Aug 31, 2024 Old Dominion -20 / 55.5 4:15 PM ET
Sep 7, 2024 @Kentucky - / 3:30 PM ET
Sep 14, 2024 LSU - / 12:00 PM ET
Sep 21, 2024 Akron - / 12:00 AM ET
Oct 5, 2024 Ole Miss - / 12:00 AM ET
Oct 12, 2024 @Alabama - / 12:00 PM ET
Oct 19, 2024 @Oklahoma - / 12:00 AM ET
Nov 2, 2024 Texas A&M - / 12:00 AM ET
Nov 9, 2024 @Vanderbilt - / 1:00 AM ET
Nov 16, 2024 Missouri - / 1:00 AM ET
Nov 23, 2024 Wofford - / 5:00 PM ET
Nov 30, 2024 @Clemson - / 1:00 AM ET

Betting on the South Carolina Gamecocks

The college football team for the University of South Carolina is known as the South Carolina Gamecocks. This team has shown tenacity and strength that has allowed it to build a really fierce fanbase. So, if you are planning to bet on the South Carolina Gamecocks, this is the guide for you.

The South Carolina Gamecocks from the University of South Carolina compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association in the Football Bowl Subdivision and the Eastern Division of the Southeastern Conference. This team plays their home games at the Williams-Brice Stadium in South Carolina.

This team first came around many years ago, all the way back in 1892, however the team was not sanctioned at the University at that time. Between 1953 and 1970, the team played in the Atlantic Coast Conference, even winning the ACC Championship in 1969. Then, between 1971 and 1991, the Gamecocks competed as a major independent.

During the time, the team was able to produce a 1980 Heisman Trophy winner, make six appearances in the bowl, and rank in the Final Top-25 two years, in 1984 and 1987. From 1992 on, the team has competed in the Southeastern Conference, even winning the SEC East division back in 2010.

The Gamecocks have been able to produce two players who have been inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, Heisman Trophy winner George Rogers as well as Sterling Sharpe. Plus, two coaches who have been inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, Lou Holtz and Steve Spurrier.

During the Gamecocks long playing history, the team has managed to form some fierce rivalries. The major rivals include Clemson, Georgia, North Carolina, and Missouri.

A bet type you will see pretty often when it comes to college football betting is a moneyline bet. A moneyline bet asks the bettor to try to pick the eventual winner of any given sporting event. Down here you will find an example of what a moneyline bet could look like:

South Carolina Gamecocks: -112

North Carolina Tar Heels: +112

Looking at this example, the team more likely to be victorious is the South Carolina Gamecocks according to the team’s respective odds of -112. These odds demonstrate that for every $1 the bettor is hoping to gain, they would need to wager $1.12, to bet $112 to win $100. When it comes to this set of odds, the team less likely to triumph in this sporting faceoff is the North Carolina Tar Heels with odds of +112. The team’s odds mean that for every $1 bet, the bettor could win $1.12 and would need to wager $100 to earn $112.

Betting in South Carolina

At this time, sports betting in South Carolina is not legal. There is no form of legal sports betting in the state of South Carolina. The only form of legal gambling in the state is the lottery. The legal age to gamble in the lottery in South Carolina is 18-years-old. The legal age to bet on casino boats in South Carolina is 21-years-old.