Online Casino Guide

Most online casinos offer standard options for both table games and slot machines. When choosing the online casino that’s best for you, it’s important to make sure they offer the games that you prefer to play. There are many versions of the same games and the only way to tell which casinos offer the ones you like is to try them.

Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos usually offer bonuses for both new and existing customers. Always check with the casino before you make a deposit especially if you are opening a new account. Online casino bonuses can vary on different sites but usually are added as Free Play and are calculated as a percentage of your deposit.

How to Secure an Online Casino Bonus

When you open your new online casino account, always use make sure to have any bonus codes that are available before you make any deposits. If the online casino has a promo code link, you may not even need a bonus code. They will give you whatever bonus is being promoted and all you need to do is click their link.

Bonuses are usually given as Free Play although some online casinos offer cash bonuses as well. Always use an online casino’s contact information, whether it’s a phone number, email address, or live chat to ask about the best bonus available. When you take bonuses from an online casino they usually come with requirements. Normally. It involves some type of rollover factor. Rollover is a casino term that means betting 100% of an amount. If a casino requires a 12 times rollover it means that if you are given $100 in bonus money, you have to continue to bet that money until you have wagered 12 times that amount.

How to Play Online Casino Games


There are many different types of slot machine games available in most online casinos. In days past, slots had three spinning columns with up to 20 different symbols that included blank spots, images of fruits and other items, and a jackpot symbol that was usually the number 7. There was one winning horizontal line across the middle of the columns, and it was those three symbols that decided if you won or lost.

Today there are slot machines that use computer-animated graphics that can create images of anything including movies and television shows. These devices can have multiple lines, both horizontal and diagonal that are used to pay jackpots.

There are also different types of slot machine games when it comes to how they pay out. Jackpot, or progressive slots, have payouts that continue to grow if there are not won. You can usually see the current amount of the jackpot while you’re playing. Payouts with traditional, or regular slots, are predetermined and are usually listed on the screen showing you the payouts for the various combinations of symbols.

⚪️ Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular games in any online casino and it’s easy to play. A small ball is rolled across a wheel that has slots with the numbers from 0 through 36 also colored either red or black plus an additional two green spots for 0 and 00. There is also a European version that has only the green 0.

There are many different types of wagers available when playing roulette online. Players place their bets on where they think the ball will land on the wheel once it stops bouncing around. You can bet any of the numbers, red or black, the green spot(s) as well as corners where numbers intersect, and they even have different sections of the board divided into areas that you can choose to bet as well.

♣️ Poker

Playing poker in online casinos is different from the poker games you may have seen on television. Online casino games that are based on poker are called virtual poker and have many different versions. Most of these games involve a five-card poker hand. Players are dealt five cards and are allowed to discard cards they don’t want in an effort to get a better hand.

Some of the various types of video poker that are available to play include

  • Deuces Are Wild – The number two cards are wild and can be used as any card you’d like
  • Jacks Or Better – The minimum hand to play must contain a pair of jacks or a better hand
  • Bonus Poker – Similar to Jacks Or Better with bonuses offered on various hands
  • Double Bonus Poker - Similar to Bonus Poker with bonuses offered on specific hands


Blackjack is also one of the casino games available online. This is another example of a table game that is extremely easy to learn. Blackjack is sometimes called 21 because that is the goal of every hand, to get 21 or as close to it as you get without going over that number.

Each player, including the dealer, receives two cards with the dealer’s first card remaining turned over and unseen. Players either stay and those are their final two cards, or they can “hit” which means getting additional cards one at a time. When the value of additional cards value increases the hand total to 22 points or more, the hand is a loser and it’s called a bust.

There are some basic tips that can help you increase your odds of winning at online casino blackjack. Always assume that the dealer’s face-down card is worth ten. All face cards are worth ten so a jack, queen, king, or 10 cards are all worth ten points. There are more cards worth ten points than any other value. When you are dealt an ace and a ten you win automatically and get a push if the dealer also has a blackjack.

If you’re dealt two aces, you should split them and double your bet. If your first two cards total 10 or 11 and the dealer has a 3-6 you should double your bet which means you only get one additional card.

How to Sign Up with an Online Casino

Signing up for an online casino is similar to most online accounts. If the site you’re joining requires promo codes make sure to confirm it’s still valid. Sometimes you simply have to click on the link for that specific promo from another trusted site. Create your account by filling in the required fields, make your deposit and start playing your favorite casino games.

Any bonuses that you receive for signing up as a new customer or that get credited to your account along with deposits will come with wagering requirements. These requirements state the number of times the bonus money needs to roll over in your account before you may withdraw again of your balance. An online casino that has a 16X requirement means it requires all bonuses to be wagered a minimum of sixteen times before you can take any of the money out.

How to Win Online Casino Games

How to win at online casinos?

  • Use online casinos that are legitimate
  • Play games that you enjoy
  • Gamble within your budget
  • Know when to take the money
  • GUI Is always dangerous

Playing online casino games that you enjoy will make it a fun way to spend your time. Treat playing your favorite online casino game like a hobby, and if you do lose a little money every month, it may be cheaper than playing golf or a similar interest.

Betting online casino games for free is very entertaining, but when you’re playing with real money you have to be mindful of your budget. Know what you can afford to lose and if you reach that amount stop until the next time.

The money that is in your online casino account is your money. You should be as disciplined in making withdrawals when you win as when you’re watching your budget. It’s much easier to give winnings back if you leave them in the account.

Gambling under the influence is never a good idea. Drugs and alcohol dull your senses and make it easy for you to make mistakes when you’re gambling in an online casino. Why do you think the drinks are free in most land-based casinos?

Online Casino Guide - FAQ

What is the best online casino to win on?

Looking for the best casino site? Online gambling is exploding in the US, and this means there are a ton of legal online casinos to choose from. Naturally, more and more people want to game online. Get the lowdown on the best online casinos in the US right here. Plus, get the best online casino bonuses around!

When you're ready to get online with a legal casino app, you're going to want to pick one that has the best bang for its buck. At VegasInsider, we review the top online casinos in the US and abroad, keeping these criteria in mind: Safety, available deposit methods, real money games, payouts, Live Dealer games, and customer service.

Which online casino has the best payouts?

VegasInsider has reviewed the best online casinos in the US right here on this website. Top brands include BetMGM, Golden Nugget, and bet365. The online casinos recommended here are all reviewed by our team for quick payment processing times, fair games with good RTP (return to player), and more features that make them among the best and most reliable online casinos on the market.

As always, casino bonuses and rewards programs are a good indicator of how an operator treats its users. In addition, taking a look at the interface, user experience, and customer service options is a great way to evaluate if an online casino is right for you.

Can I play casino online for real money?

We've gone over our criteria for choosing the best online casinos, and that's exactly why real money casino apps are superior to social casinos such as McLuck Casino or High 5 Casino as well as offshore options: real money casino apps are safe, fun, and easy to pick up and play. Regulated, licensed online casinos offer users a ton of benefits without the risk of being unaffiliated with a state government like so many offshore apps.

Most online casinos offer bonuses for new and regular players including either free play or free spins. The size of your cash deposit can determine what percentage your bonus is so use our Vegas Insider online casino reviews to help increase the size of your bonus.

How do beginners play casino?

It’s always best to learn about online casino games by playing them for free. There are many sites that allow you to learn most of the games without having to deposit real money. Once you feel comfortable with the rules, strategies, and tactics to have success at your favorite games you can open a real money account.

When you’re ready to play online casino games with your hard-earned money make sure and find a site that’s reviewed and recommended. Make sure you take advantage of every bonus the site offers you. Follow the suggestions in the How to Win Online Casino Games section and you should have a lot of fun and even maybe make some money playing online casino games.

How do you start playing online slots?

When you’re ready to sign up with a regulated online casino that has been reviewed by VegasInsider, creating your account is extremely easy. Choose the online casino you want to use, sign up for a new account using our promo codes and links, fill out all the required info, and create your account. Then, make a deposit and start betting, often with bonus credit you can get using our links and codes!