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Reno Jonny was born in Texas, but at a young age moved to Reno, Nevada.  The rest is history. Reno Jonny has been around sports his whole life, whether it was playing, watching, and betting. Sports can bring about a unique flair to a very crazy world as it has the ability to unify all walks of life, even for just a couple hours at a time. Sometimes that uniqueness can get taken advantage of.  A decision was made from an early age to not take advantage of what sports can provide, but yet embrace the meaning and purity of sports.

Reno Jonny is passionate about the unifying aspect that sports can bring about, and has made it into a rewarding and uplifting career.  Reno Jonny provides unfiltered hot takes in different aspects of sports; betting news, big matchups, line movements, betting legislation and much more.

Follow him on Twitter @Reno_Jonny.  

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