Harry Sadoun

Sports Betting Industry Expert at VegasInsider.com

Sports Betting Industry Expert at VegasInsider.com

Harry Sadoun is a seasoned sports betting expert with a wealth of experience in the iGaming and sports betting industry. Over the past 5 years, he has established himself as a go-to source for insightful analysis and predictions at Vegasinsider. With a passion for sports, Harry specializes in football, basketball, tennis, rugby, and soccer, showcasing a diverse understanding of athletic competitions.

Harry's unique approach to sports betting is rooted in a combination of statistical analysis, in-depth research, and a keen understanding of the dynamics that influence game outcomes. His expert opinions and strategic insights have made him a trusted voice in the industry, guiding both novice and seasoned bettors alike. With an unwavering commitment to delivering accurate and up-to-date information, Harry Sadoun continues to be a prominent figure in the world of sports betting, providing enthusiasts with the tools they need to make informed decisions.

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Date Category Article
6/06/24 WNBA ROOKIE TRAVEL DISTANCE 2024 How Far Is Your Favorite Rookie Traveling This WNBA Season?
6/06/24 BIGGEST TEAM PLAYERS IN THE WNBA Caitlin Clark Sets New WNBA Team Player Standard
6/06/24 TENNIS POPULARITY TRENDS WORLDWIDE Is It a Tennis Takeover? Exploring the Sport’s Rising Popularity
5/14/24 CO2 EMISSIONS AMERICANS NASCAR NASCAR All-Star Race CO2 Emissions Vs. Average American CO2 Emissions
6/14/24 DECADE OF NBA INSIGHTS ON INTERNATIONAL AND AMERICAN PLAYER SKILLS 10 Years of NBA Insights on International vs. American Player Skills
3/18/24 ANALYSIS OF GOLF INFLUENCERS AND PROFESSIONAL GOLF PLAYERS SOCIAL EARNINGS Are Golf Influencers the New Game Changers That Professional Golf Needs?
3/08/24 SURVEY FANS JERSEYS EXPANSION Survey: What Fans Think of New MLB Jerseys and League Expansion
6/06/24 ASTROLOLGICAL PATTERNS ON THE CIRCLE NETFLIX Revealing Astrological Patterns in The Circle on Netflix
3/22/24 SUPERCOMPUTER MARCH MADNESS Supercomputer Predicts March Madness Results
3/07/24 COMBINE STOCK EFFECT How Did The Combine Effect Each Player’s Draft Stock?
2/21/24 HOMETOWN HEROES Hometown Heroes: MLB Teams with Best Home Field Advantage
4/23/24 MASTERS SURVEY 2024 1 in 10 Would Give Up Their Marriage To Play The Masters (And Other Findings From Our Golf Fan Survey)
6/06/24 ANALYSIS OF BARACK OBAMA MARCH MADNESS BRACKET SINCE 2012 Deep Dive into Barack Obama’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Bracket Accuracy Since 2012
4/03/24 MARCH MADNESS TICKET PRICES PREDICTION OVER THE NEXT DECADE What Will NCAA March Madness Ticket Pricing Look Like in 2034?
6/06/24 TRUMP FINE AVERAGE AMERICAN How Long Would It Take The Average American to Pay Off Trump’s $175 Million Fine?
4/03/24 SUPERCOMPUTER PREDICTS SWEET 16 Supercomputer Predicts NCAA Champion
6/06/24 WHICH STATE SHOWS MOMS THE MOST LOVE IN 2024 Motherly Love Data Story: Which U.S State Shows Mothers The Most Love in 2024?
2/15/24 WHO IS MORE POPULAR TAYLOR SWIFT OR DONALD TRUMP Swift vs. Trump: The Ultimate Digital Showdown
2/14/24 BEST LOOKING 2024 CANDIDATES Best Looking Candidates in the 2024 Presidential Election
1/31/24 NBA FAN SURVEY LAKERS OVERRATED NBA Fan Survey – Lakers Dubbed The Most Overrated
2/02/24 NEXT TRANSFER HEISMAN WINNER Who will be the next transfer to win the Heisman Trophy?
1/29/24 HIGHEST EARNING WRESTLERS CAMEO Highest Earning Pro Wrestling Personalities On Cameo
2/07/24 NFL European Nations And Super Bowl Hype
1/25/24 COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF FOLLOW COST How Much Would It Cost to Follow Each College Football Playoff Team?
3/04/24 NC GOLF COURSE AI AVATAR North Carolina Golf Courses Transformed into AI Avatars
2/07/24 SPENDING HABITS OF SWIFTIES AND FOOTBALL FANATICS  Swifties Versus a Football Fanatic: A Showdown of Spending Habits
2/08/24 SUPER BOWL MVP DISNEY COST Touchdowns to Teacups: The Surprising Cost of a Super Bowl MVP’s Disney Adventure
2/06/24 THE COST OF ATTENDING THE SUPER BOWL The Cost of Attending Super Bowl LVIII
2/06/24 SUPER BOWL RECORDS IN JEOPARDY Records That Could Be Broken at Super Bowl LVIII
2/01/24 SUPER BOWL MVPS HOMETOWN SCHOOL Where Do Super Bowl MVPs Come From?
2/13/24 HOW HAS THE US CHANGED SINCE THE LAST TIME THE LIONS WON A PLAYOFF GAME What The World Was Like The Last Time The Lions Won a Playoff Game?
1/26/24 MOST POPULAR NBA STARTERS The Most Popular NBA Starters
1/26/24 BEST WORST COURTS NBA Fans React: The Best and Worst of the In-Season Tournament Courts
1/29/24 USHER’S SUPER BOWL HALFTIME SHOW PREDICTIONS Usher’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Predictions
1/26/24 OTTO WALLIN INTERVIEW JOSHUA Otto Wallin Gears Up For Epic Showdown With Anthony Joshua: Exclusive Interview
1/26/24 F1 LAS VEGAS GP SLOT MACHINES F1 Cars Will Pass By 20,000 Slot Machines Each Lap
1/26/24 MCLAREN COTA RED BULL FITTIPALDI McLaren Can Be Red Bull’s Biggest Challengers At COTA
1/26/24 FITTIPALDI MAX VERSTAPPEN JAPAN Fittipaldi Expects Max To Be Back On Top In Japan
1/26/24 WALLIN USYK DUBOIS Swedish Boxer Otto Wallin Applauds Usyk’s Homecoming Fight Against Dubois
1/26/24 SERGIO PEREZ REPLACE NO REASON No Reason To Replace Perez Right Now, Says Montoya
1/26/24 FITTIPALDI DE VRIES RICCIARDO ALPHATAURI Fittipaldi Gives His View On AlphaTauri Driver Change
1/26/24 MCLAREN SILVERSTONE DARK HORSES MONTOYA Montoya Predicts McLaren To Be Dark Horses At Silverstone
1/26/24 FITTIPALDI HAMILTON VS RUSSELL Fittipaldi Gives His Take On Hamilton And Russell
1/26/24 FITTIPALDI ADVICE CHECO PEREZ Emerson Fittipaldi’s advice for Sergio Perez
1/26/24 US SPORT FANS SUPPORT PGA COMPENSATION Majority of US Sport Fans Support Compensation For PGA Golfers
1/26/24 USA BEST RACE TRACKS The best reviewed & most popular race tracks in the USA
1/26/24 F1 MONACO GP ALL TIME LEADERBOARD Masters Of Monaco: Monaco GP All-Time Leaderboard
1/26/24 FITTIPALDI MONACO GP MOUNT RUSHMORE Fittipaldi’s Monaco GP Mount Rushmore
1/26/24 NBA DRAFT LATE PICKS ALL STARS Unearthing Gold Late in the NBA Draft
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