Touchdowns to Teacups: The Surprising Cost of a Super Bowl MVP’s Disney Adventure

“I’m going to Walt Disney World!” We’ve all heard the line uttered by Super Bowl Most Valuable Players for years as they celebrate among the falling confetti, most recently by Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes is hoping for the chance to say the famous line again with a win over the San Francisco 49ers. But how much does the iconic trip cost? Ahead of Super Bowl LVIII this Sunday we compiled the costs of flights, rental cars, accommodations, and food for a trip from Las Vegas to the happiest place on Earth for the week following the big game.


We examined and averaged prices of flights between Las Vegas, Nevada and Orlando, Florida leaving on February 12th with a return flight on February 18th, the week following Super Bowl LVIII. This data was scraped from Google Flights. The car rental price represents the average of vehicles available in Orlando for that same time period on Expedia. Average accommodation costs are averaged from AirBnb and for hotels. Food costs and average costs of Disney Resorts specifically were gathered by Magic Guides and Orlando-based travel agent Darren Wittko. The full cost breakdown can be found here.

How Much Will It Cost?

The options range from “not cheap” to “very expensive.” Assuming the Super Bowl MVP wanted to bring somebody with them (their partner, a friend, a family member, whomever) the least the trip would cost would be $3,925.47. That would be for the MVP and one other person to stay in an Airbnb near Disney World for the week. If they want to stay in a hotel near the park that number jumps up over $500 to $4,499.09. 

If the Pete Rozelle Trophy winner chooses to treat himself and lodge MVP style they could stay at one of Disney’s Villa Resorts. For two adults the average cost for the trip spending a week in a one bedroom villa would run about $7,438.72. If he chooses to bring more than one person and stay in a two bedroom villa with flights for three adults the cost reaches a whopping $9,782.81.

If the game’s MVP decides to bring two people and stay at an Airbnb or a non-Disney VIlla Resort the costs are a little more manageable. A trip for three staying in an Airbnb in Orlando the week after the Super Bowl would run $5,356.35. If they stay in a hotel that number rises a few hundred dollars to $5,672.22.

No matter what a trip for Super Bowl LVIII’s Most Valuable Player will cost a pretty penny. The average cost for all the trip types we analyzed is $6,112.44.

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