F1 Cars Will Pass By 20,000 Slot Machines Each Lap

Drain covers wreaking havoc on Carlos Sainz. Fans being ushered out of viewing areas and Max Verstappen being a vociferous critic. The Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend, so far, has been eventful.

The drivers will be taking to the track tonight, lighting up the city and weaving their way through the streets that lead to some of the most iconic hotels and casinos in the world.

Speaking of casinos, did you know that an F1 car will be passing 22,881 slot machines each lap?

The Number Of Slot Machines Passed At Each Lap

We looked at the circuit for the Las Vegas Grand Prix and worked out the number of slot machines, poker tables, blackjack tables and more that the cars will be passing through on race day.

We looked at data available on Casino City and where applicable, extracted the number of different games available at each casino that the cars will be passing through while racing.

The Leading Hotels

When it comes to slot machines, ARIA leads the way with 2000 of them. This is followed by the Bellagio which houses 1,925 of them.

Fancy a few rounds of Blackjack while watching the race? The Venetian is your best bet as it has 140 tables. It also has the highest number of poker tables with 79. 

If it’s roulette you fancy, The Venetian again has the highest number with 23 followed by Caesars Palace and Paris (18 each).