Malik Scott: ‘Wilder Must Fight AJ or Usyk Next, but Joyce Is Also a Great Option’

Deontay Wilder
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We caught up with Deontay Wilder’s coach Malik Scott following his devastating knockout of Robert Helenius last weekend.

Scott said:

  • Wilder is the most dangerous fighter in boxing history
  • Wilder has three years left in boxing, he must fight Oleksandr Usyk or AJ next
  • Joe Joyce could be a good option too, he’d be a much tougher fight for Wilder than Andy Ruiz
  • Out of Joshua, Usyk and Joyce, AJ would by far be the easiest fight
  • Helenius KO was the performance of Wilder's career
  • Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson never had dramatic KOs like Wilder’s vs Helenius

Deontay Wilder Is the Most Dangerous Fighter in Boxing History

Fighting Deontay is very, very dangerous. I salute anyone who gets into the ring with him. It's very serious and dangerous fighting this guy and referees should keep their eye on his opponents a lot more closer because six inch, long range, short range Wilder could cripple you, he just can. I'm sorry but it's true. He's just the most dangerous fighter in the history of the sport.

Deontay Wilder Has Three Years Left in Boxing, He Must Fight Oleksandr Usyk or AJ Next

If it was up to me the negotiations would be in motion concerning Deontay and Usyk or him and AJ at a big stadium. One of those two. I'm not that big on him and Andy Ruiz fighting or him and Frank Sanchez. I'm not interested in those fights for Deontay. We've got three years left in this game and I want Deontay in the highest level fights possible. He's big time boxing, those guys are not big time boxing. I'm not downplaying Ruiz, he's a former heavyweight champion and he's a good fighter. I just look at Deontay in a higher regard than those fighters. They have more to gain than him.

I want Deontay in high level historical fights which people are very, very excited about. They're not excited about Deontay fighting Frank Sanchez, Deontay may not even get excited fighting Sanchez. He'd get a tad bit excited about Ruiz but not like an Usyk or AJ though - those are the only two fights I want for Deontay. I'm not interested in anything else. But that's just me, I'm not Al Haymon, Shelly Finkell or the matchmaker. If it were up to me I'd be in negotiations with Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua at the same time. If I could have it my way Usyk will be next then Joshua.

Joe Joyce Could Be a Good Option, He’d Be a Much Tougher Fight for Wilder Than Andy Ruiz

At the top level of the division there are not many fighters I'm interested in fighting. Joe Joyce is a much better fighter for us concerning entertaining fights than Andy Ruiz. Ruiz would be more marketable because he's a former heavyweight champion but Joyce is a much tougher opponent than Andy Ruiz is. Joyce would beat Ruiz easily.

When I think of Joe Joyce I think - how many could he take? And if he can take the hardest puncher in the history of this sport over and over again and not be dazed, which is almost humanly impossible - then obviously he'd be the toughest one.

Updated on 07/15/2024
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Out of Joshua, Usyk, Joyce, AJ Would by Far Be the Easiest Fight

Joshua is the easiest for Deontay out of the three [Joshua, Usyk, Joyce]. I think Joe Joyce is a much tougher fighter than AJ is. His engine is stronger, the punches he takes, he's awkward, his style is deceiving. AJ is a bit predictable especially now. Joyce is more imposing, he's a much more meaner pugilist too but sometimes meaner gets you clipped when dealing with Deontay. I just feel Joyce is one of the best heavyweights in the world right now and he's a force to be reckoned with.

There's no-one on US soil that respects Usyk more than I do but in saying that, if he gets hit by Deontay - especially how Deontay is believing in systems and showing off every tool in his tool box now - he's going to sleep. It's not about how good you are, it's bio-mechanically - you're not built or born to take this.

Helenius KO Was the Performance of Wilder's Career

I could not have asked for Deontay to do it in any better fashion.

By using his legs, by disengaging, letting his opposition reach and over commit and then make him pay. That's extremely satisfying for a coach like me to see because I know the system that Deontay comes from - go hunt and kill the guy.

What we did in camp was disengage a lot. Training camp right here we had our training partners over committing. I've never seen guys over committing to hit Deontay as much as we did in this training camp.

It was really good to see Deontay get that done in a way he's not got it done before - on the back foot. That's disengaging, having patience. His best is yet to come because this is a Deontay who has bought into a system and a gameplan which makes him much more dangerous

I just knew that if Deontay performed the way we trained for in sparring, if he was able to transfer it into a fight, I knew that this would be the best performance of his career and as far as i'm concerned this is the best performance of his career.

Wilder Hugged Helenius for Four Minutes After Knockout Blow

I told Helenius that Deontay has got something to release to you brother and I know it would mean the world to get this off his chest and look you in the eye, so I said do you mind if I brought you up to the suite.

When he saw Robert he grabbed and hugged him for more than four minutes straight. Hugged him and kissed and told him 'I love you'. He released everything that he wanted to say to him and how he felt. That's who Doentay is - he's very compassionate.

Deontay is a kind of guy that if he feels a way about you - good or bad - he likes to look you in the eyes and tell you how he feels. He wanted to make sure Robert was ok.

Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson Never Had Dramatic KOs Like Wilder’s vs Helenius

If Deontay stays like that I don't see anyone beating him.

With Deontay in sniper mode - agile and hostile - he's the most dynamic fighter in the history of the sport. There's never been no-one like him. I'm including everyone. The Muhammad Alis the Mike Tysons. No-one is getting dramatic knockouts like that. He did that with a six inch shot. That punch wasn't fully extended. Why did that happen? Because he let Helenius come to him. If you're coming to the heaviest puncher in the history of the sport it's like a head on collision.