Emerson Fittipaldi Talks Money in Racing and Dietrich Mateschitz

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Ahead of the upcoming Mexican Grand Prix, we caught up with Formula 1 legend, Emerson Fittipaldi to discuss some of the hot topics in the Formula 1. The Brazilian talked about money in racing, Red Bull’s breaking of spending cap rules and the passing of Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz and which legacy he leaves behind. 

Emerson Fittipaldi Exclusive: We Need More Talent and Less Money in Racing

“I think Mick (Schumacher) this year has done a very good job. He improved a lot. I cannot judge.“

“Unfortunately, in racing today all the way from karting, Formula 4, Formula 3, and Formula 2, money makes the difference. And we have a tremendous wave of kids with a lot of money and sponsors that comes to racing and want to be a Formula One driver, but sometimes the talent is not good. And then you have a possible driver, like Mick Schumacher, who has good talent, is dedicated, and makes a good effort to be in Formula One. If the team made that comment that he is too expensive for the team, that means the team needs someone with money. “

“That is something we have to change for the future. We need more talent and less money in racing. That's the vision I have for the future. Unfortunately, we all have to work together to achieve that. The FIA, Formula One, the teams, and the sponsors have to make that change for the future. It has to be a global mutual effort to change that for the future. I hope we can make it work.”  

Emerson Fittipaldi exclusive: Spending Cap Rules Should be Clarified. The Rules Should be Respected With the Purpose of Equalizing the Grid More. 

“If the current rules are not clear, now would be the perfect time to make the rules very clear for what happened in Red Bull and for the future. If there is a misunderstanding of the rules, if there is a doubtful reading, you should all get together and establish a very transparent, honest set of rules that people understand and then that should be respected with the purpose of equalizing it more for the low-budget teams.”

“I think it (the rules) should be clarified. We all have to work to have drivers with more talent and less money, and we have to work within the limitation of the team's budget to have teams of less money be able to be competitive.” 

“That would be good for the future of the sport and this has to be a collaboration between FIA, the constructors, the drivers, the teams, and Liberty Media, all together working on these two issues. Two important issues for the future.” 

Updated on 06/13/2024
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Emerson Fittipaldi exclusive: What Dietrich Mateschitz Did for Motor Racing Was Incredible. I Have a Lot of Veneration For Him. 

“I think what Dietrich Mateschitz has done for Formula One is incredible. His vision, his belief in Formula One, and his passion. How much investment, and how much effort Red Bull has put in the last few years since they got on board, including Alphatauri.”

“And we have to thank Dietrich for the investment that he's done in Formula One. Not just creating two competitive teams, but making so much promotion for Formula One through Red Bull. How many thousands and thousands of new fans all over the world watches Formula One because of Red Bull, we just have to thank a guy like him.”

“I hope we will have many more Dietrich Mateschitz in the future. He did a fantastic job for Formula One. For motor racing. He did a fantastic job for many different sports.

I really have a lot of veneration for him, and we just have to thank him and my condolences to his family, to all the Red Bull teams, because he has been great to the sport. Great to us.”