Drakkar Klose seems like a disturbed, very angry young man, says Mark O. Madsen

Undefeated UFC lightweight, and Olympic silver medalist, Mark O. Madsen talked to us about Drakkar Klose calling him out, what he thinks of Paddy Pimblett, the opponents on his radar and UFC 277.

What were your overall thoughts on Paddy the Baddy's performance on Saturday and how do you think a fight between you and him would play out?

“First of all, let me apologise. My fingers slipped. So instead of writing baddy, it became fatty.”

“He looked good this Saturday and I mean, stepping into an arena like the one he stepped into with all the support and still being able to perform. He looked amazing and his performance was actually decent.” 

“With that being said, I do believe I will beat Paddy ‘the Baddy’ any day of the week. I will out-wrestle him, I will out-grapple him, and the way he's keeping his chin high, there's a good chance of knocking him out as well.”

How do you feel about the way the guy is carrying himself?

“To be honest, I think Paddy ‘the Baddy’ is great for the sport of MMA. He's bringing a lot of show to the game. I think he's a great personality.” 

“I think he's doing great. The way he is carrying himself around the sport, he's fun to watch.” 

“The hype is real. He showed everybody this Saturday that he is a good fighter.”

“I like Paddy ‘the Baddy’. But at the same time, I do believe that I am able to beat him any day of the week. That being said, Paddy is 3-0 now in the UFC and I'm 4-0, so I think it would be a great matchup, having Paddy the Baddy tested against a real olympian. Let's see what he got.” 

Updated on 04/17/2024
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What is the story with Drakkar Klose? 

“I don't know the guy. I never met the guy. He called me out on ESPN, and it seemed like he had a beef with me, and he was asked what kind of beef he had with me, it turned out that he has a beef with my coach. So I'm not really sure if he wants to fight me or my coaches.“

“I don't know the guy personally. So what I can tell you is from the impression I have so far, and to be honest, Drakkar Klose seems like a disturbed, very angry young man. And I wish him the best.” 

“He's on a one-fight win streak and I'm on a four-fight win streak. I would love to fight Drakkar Klose. But this is the fight game, and I would like him to go out and build a fight-winning streak.” 

“Naturally I would love to fight Drakkar Klose. He called me out again a couple of weeks ago. I offered a fight soon. I called my manager and he said that we accepted the fight, but the fight was off. So to be honest, I don't really know what's going on. Drakkar Klose seems like a disturbed, very angry young man. That's all I can say. “

Mark, how do you see the main event playing out here?

"Well I one hundred percent agree. I think Amanda Nunes overlooked Pena in the first fight."

"I do believe Amanda is going to win this fight. I do believe she's gonna win it with a dominant performance."

"I also think it's gonna go the distance, to be honest, this time. But I do see Amanda Nunes winning the fight."

Do you have any fight news for us? We talked about a couple of fighters. Is there anybody else, potentially on your radar for potentially, your next fight?

"I have the whole lightweight division on my radar. I have been in Arizona since May and I'm ready to go so I'm super excited to get some fight news soon."

"I wanna fight and sitting here, coming from the top of my mind, besides the guys you mentioned, a guy like Jim Miller. A guy with the record of most wins in UFC history. Coming in a with a fresh victory over 'Cowboy' Donald Cerrone, I mean, I would love to fight Jim Miller. That would be an honor to fight a guy with that resume."

"You never know what's gonna happen in the fight business but the lightweight division is full of exciting and extraordinary fighters. Jim Miller would be an exciting opponent coming off a three-fight winning streak."

"Let's see what happens. You never know man."

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