Otto Wallin Gears Up For Epic Showdown With Anthony Joshua: Exclusive Interview

In an exclusive interview with, Otto Wallin opens up about the excitement surrounding his upcoming clash with Anthony Joshua in Riyadh on December 23. The Swedish heavyweight discusses his training, strategy, and the significance of this fight in his career.

The Road To Joshua

Expressing his enthusiasm for getting this fight signed, Wallin says: "It was obviously really exciting. It's a good fight, and I'm just coming off the best win of my career against Murat Gassiev. At the moment, I feel like I have good momentum and that I'm in a good place. I didn't take much punishment in my last fight against Gassiev, so it was a pretty easy decision for me to take this fight against Anthony Joshua."

Otto credits his new manager, Joleen Mizzone from Fighters First Management, stating, "There's no doubt that Joleen did a really good job getting this fight across the line."

A Breakthrough Moment

Reflecting on the challenges he's faced, Wallin notes, "It means a lot (getting this fight). It's something I've been working towards for almost my whole life. It's really exciting." He emphasizes the importance of perseverance during tough times: “I've had some tough years, but I kept my focus and kept training, even though it was hard at times. I'm really happy that I did, especially now that I finally get the break that I feel like I deserve.

Rematch Clause And Strategy

Discussing the rematch clause, as confirmed by Eddie Hearn, Wallin admits, "If it was just up to me, it wouldn't be there, of course. I can't say I was particularly happy about it." Otto does see it as a calculated risk though, adding, "If I beat Anthony Joshua twice, I should be in line to fight for pretty much any title." 

Further, when talking about the rematch clause, the big Swede mentions his position with the International Boxing Federation (IBF): “I'm currently in a really good position in the IBF, so I could have waited and maybe fought for the IBF title, but we got this opportunity that we felt was really good, and if I beat Anthony Joshua once I can beat him again.” 

Analyzing Joshua's Strengths And Weaknesses

Recognizing Joshua's punching power, Wallin outlines his strategy, saying: “I just have to be really focused, because he's such a big puncher. Obviously, Anthony Joshua is a really good fighter. He’s one of the best. I have to maintain my focus throughout the fight. Stick to the game plan. Use good defense and good offense.

Otto alludes to potential weaknesses, noting, "I feel like I'm in a very good place, coming off the best win of my career, and I feel like Anthony Joshua isn't in such a good place at the moment. I think he has been having some mental issues that I could take advantage of.

“It's possible to exploit the fact that he's coming from a tough period. For him, me being a southpaw is also always tricky. It's also kind of a short-notice fight and he has a new trainer again in Ben Davidson. All of this means that there are definitely some gaps with him. I can't say too much, but there are definitely ways for us to exploit that.”

When asked if there’s anything in AJ’s skillset that Otto particularly fears, he once again mentions the Brit's ability to throw a winning punch: “I think it's his ability to throw a hard punch. He's a big guy and a big puncher, so you have to be aware of the punches. When you're in it with him, you can be in the seat to win the whole fight, but if he lands one punch it could be over. That's something to be mindful of.

“Anthony Joshua knocked out Robert Helenius last time out, but he hasn't been knocking people out like he used to do back in the day. But I'm going to expect the best Anthony Joshua to be out there when we fight.”

When asked why he will win against Anthony Joshua, Otto said: “I think just the fact that I'm a southpaw helps against him. He has obviously lost two fights against Oleksandr Usyk who is a southpaw, so that's good. Also, I feel like I'm in a much better mental space than he is. 

“I really love this situation that I'm in. I don't feel like I have that much pressure on me. I can just go out there and have fun. He's in a much tougher position where he probably feels a lot of pressure and kind of has to win and do it in style. That's all in my favor.”

Potential Impact On Joshua's Career

On the prospect of potentially ending Joshua's career as a top operator in the heavyweight sphere, Wallin states, "If he loses to me twice, it'll be very hard for him to come back. On the back of five losses, he will have a very tough time becoming world champion again, which I know is what he wants." Despite the stakes, Otto remains focused on his own goals, asserting, "I want to do everything it takes to win this fight, and if that means an end to his career, then it is what it is. I want to take myself to the next level. My goal is to become the world champion, so that's what I'm going for."

Response To Carl Froch's Comments

Responding to Carl Froch's skepticism, Wallin confidently asserts, Carl Froch is going to be disappointed when AJ loses. I understand where he is coming from. They want to see Deontay Wilder and AJ, which would be a really big fight, but I'm really excited about this fight. That's all that matters. Me, my team, my family, we are all really excited." 

He speculates on the impact of an upset, saying, "When AJ loses, the Wilder fight is not going to be as big. Who knows with the Wilder vs. Joseph Parker fight? That's also a good fight. Parker has been staying active, while Wilder hasn't. That's a good fight and not an easy fight for Wilder. Imagine if both Wilder and AJ lose; obviously, they can still fight each other, but it won't be as big of a fight."

Fighting On A Stacked Card

Discussing the unprecedented event in Riyadh with Joshua, Wilder, and Parker, Wallin comments, "I think it's really good for boxing. It's a really good card. Not just our fights, but also the rest of them. I don't think anything like this has ever been seen in boxing. They made this event happen in one week or something I think, it’s crazy. Events like this are definitely something boxing needs." He expresses his excitement to be a part of it, stating, "For me personally, it's amazing to be a part of it, but I think I deserve to be here. I'm finally getting my shot and I'm going to take the opportunity and do whatever I can to win, so I can be remembered as the fighter who came out on top.”

Usyk Vs. Fury Prediction

Offering his insights on Usyk vs. Fury, Wallin opines, "It's good that it's finally happening. I think Tyson Fury is the favorite. I think he'll win the bout." He elaborates on his prediction, emphasizing Fury's size, intelligence, and improved conditioning: “Usyk is of course a very good fighter, and I think they both have their weaknesses. Ultimately, Fury is the bigger guy and he's a smart boxer. I think he's going to be in much better shape and much more prepared than he was against Francis Ngannou, so I believe Fury will win against Usyk.

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