European Nations And Super Bowl Hype

Research has revealed that Germany, the United Kingdom, and France are the most Super Bowl-hyped nations in Europe. The ranking reveals surprising nations like Ireland, Poland, and Switzerland in the top ten.

There’s no doubt that the Super Bowl is a global event. Quite possibly one of the biggest global sporting events on the calendar.  Millions of people from all over the world tune in to watch the final game of the NFL season. Everyone might not be an avid fan, but for some, the Super Bowl is a chance to hang out with your friends, eat some nachos, munch on some hot wings, and enjoy an over-the-top halftime show. Amidst the excitement, discussions naturally veer toward the Super Bowl odds, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the show.

Every year, millions of fans across Europe eagerly tune in to watch the Super Bowl spectacle. Have you ever pondered which European country houses the most passionate Super Bowl enthusiasts? This article takes a deep dive into the search trends of European nations, revealing the top ten countries with the highest enthusiasm for the Super Bowl. Our analysis specifically highlights the nations leading in searches for both the 'Super Bowl' and tickets to the grand event, offering valuable insights into the continent's most devoted fanbases.

Here are the ten most Super Bowl-enthusiastic nations in Europe, looking at the sheer number of searches:

2United Kingdom

Top 10

In recent years, we have seen the NFL’s international series expanding to Germany, with games in Munich and Frankfurt, showcasing a real flavor for hard hits and big plays within the German audience. Perhaps that’s the reason why Germany is at the top of the rankings. Germany has long been a source of international talent for the NFL, and there’s a great tradition for American football in the country. Considering the appetite that German sports fans traditionally have for witnessing sports firsthand, it’s hardly surprising that the fans are looking to participate in one of the biggest sporting events on the planet, and they top the rankings for both searches containing the keywords “Super Bowl” and “Super Bowl tickets”.

Despite being the home of international games in the NFL since 2007, the United Kingdom only sits in second place as the most Super Bowl-enthusiastic country in Europe, which could be surprising to decision-makers in the NFL. Since 2007, London has been filling up stadiums with excited fans from all across the continent and there are constant rumors about an NFL franchise being based in London. There’s an immense appetite for the NFL in the UK, and the Brits looking for tons of information about the Super Bowl should not be a surprise to anyone. 

Surprisingly, France finishes off the top three. There’s no great tradition for French-born players to be gracing the NFL, so it could come as a surprise that the French fans are this high in the rankings. When examining the numbers, it’s mostly searches related to the Super Bowl itself and not searches for tickets that take France up the rankings. It seems as if the French fans have no great interest in making the trip across the pond to participate in the event themselves. 

Spain may not have a long history of American football dominance, but its passion for the Super Bowl is unmistakable, leaving Spain as the fourth most Super Bowl-enthusiastic country in Europe. With a growing interest in the NFL, Spanish fans have been fervently searching for Super Bowl-related information. While the country may not boast a significant number of NFL players, past or present, its fan base is robust, and the quest for Super Bowl knowledge continues to thrive.

In the land of ancient history and rich cultural heritage, the Super Bowl has found a dedicated audience. Italian fans have embraced American football with enthusiasm, evident in their searches for Super Bowl-related content. Despite the absence of a strong presence of Italian players in the NFL, the Super Bowl reflects a global appreciation for major sporting events. Perhaps New York Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito and his iconic Italian agent can help push the Italians up the list, as they currently sit in fifth place. 

Though a relatively small nation, Ireland boasts a surprisingly passionate Super Bowl fan base. Irish fans have embraced the spectacle of the Super Bowl, bringing Ireland to sixth place in the rankings. The NFL's international appeal has not skipped the Emerald Isle, and searches for Super Bowl-related information highlight the country's keen interest. Irish talent has made a notable impact in the NFL, exemplified by current Green Bay Packers punter Daniel Whelan and former placekicker Neil O’Donoghue, possibly driving the enthusiasm from the fans. Despite ‘only’ sitting in sixth place, it’s interesting to note that the Irish fans are ranked as the third highest when it comes to being on the lookout for Super Bowl tickets, only behind Germany and the UK. 

Poland emerges as a dark horse in the European Super Bowl enthusiasm rankings, sitting in seventh place. The country has witnessed a surge in interest in American football. Polish fans, eager to delve into the excitement of the Super Bowl, have fueled the rising search trends. The absence of a substantial Polish presence in the current NFL doesn't deter the nation's sports enthusiasts from engaging passionately with one of the most-watched sporting events globally. Poland has previously contributed with some great placekickers, such as Sebastian Janikowski and Chester Marcol. 

In the Netherlands, the Super Bowl enthusiasm rises high, bringing them to eighth place in the rankings. The Super Bowl has become a notable event on the Dutch sports calendar, prompting avid searches for related information. The absence of a significant number of Dutch NFL players does little to diminish the passion with which the Dutch embrace the spectacle of the Super Bowl. 

Austria may not be a football powerhouse when it comes to contributing talent to the NFL, but its Super Bowl enthusiasm is palpable, as they are the ninth most enthusiastic country in Europe. Austrian fans have shown interest in the grandeur of the Super Bowl. The NFL's global reach has extended to Austria, and the country's sports enthusiasts eagerly explore Super Bowl-related content. Despite the absence of a strong Austrian presence in American football, the Super Bowl's allure transcends borders in this alpine nation, and perhaps the German-based international games are what has sparked the interest of the Austrians. Maybe that’s the reason why Austria is the nation with the fourth most searches for Super Bowl tickets in Europe. 

In Switzerland, the Super Bowl is on the rise. Swiss fans have taken a keen interest in the grand spectacle of American football's pinnacle event. Despite the absence of Swiss players in the NFL, the Super Bowl has found a dedicated following in Switzerland, as they are the tenth most Super Bowl-enthusiastic country in Europe. 

Throughout the research, it has become evident that the NFL's grand spectacle has transcended geographical boundaries, captivating fans in unexpected corners of the continent. From the passionate football culture in the United Kingdom to the rising interest in countries like Poland and Switzerland, the Super Bowl has become a truly international phenomenon. While the rankings may surprise and as we eagerly await the Super Bowl kickoff in Las Vegas, it's clear that Europe's diverse tapestry of fandom continues to weave itself into the rich fabric of the NFL's global community, proving that the love for football knows no borders.

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For this research, we leveraged Google Keyword Planner to analyze searches from each European country. Since the Super Bowl is a once-a-year event, we limited searches to February as of last year. We’ve limited the searches to this particular month, because of the lack of search volume on the matter in the remainder of the year. Our analysis comprises searches containing the words “Super Bowl” and “Super Bowl + tickets”. You can find the raw data here, also containing “Potential reach”, which is an estimate of how many people are in, or interested in, the location. It is based on the number of signed-in users visiting Google sites. The data is then normalized and the percentage of people who are searching these terms out of all potential users in that country is calculated.