I’ll plant my fist in Drakkar Klose’s face, says Mark O. Madsen

UFC fighter and VegasInsider’s UFC expert Mark O Madsen finally has a fight as we exclusively broke here on VegasInsider last week

To talk about his upcoming fight, Mark joined the ‘Pound For Pound Picks’ podcast. Mark discussed how he plans to retire Drakkar Klose, why it’s an advantage for Mark to have Drakkar’s former coaches in his corner, and why being the ‘Olympian’ will make the difference in this upcoming fight. Lastly, Mark reveals that he doesn't pay attention to who’s the favourite and says that he’ll take Drakkars head off. 

Mark O Madsen: I see myself planting my fist right in his face. I’ll retire Drakkar Klose 

“Be careful what you wish for, you might end up getting it.” 

“I know Drakkar is a good fighter. A former top-15 fighter. It's a big step up."

"But to be honest, I see myself planting my fist right in his face."

- Mark O. Madsen

Might even get a knee up there as well. I’m gonna TKO him. I’ll retire Drakkar Klose come October 29. “

“It’s an interesting fight. “

Mark O Madsen: We have a good idea on how to gameplan and how to execute a great fight camp

“His weaknesses I’m gonna keep to myself. What I know from looking at videos is that he has good striking. He hits hard. He has good wrestling.“

“The thing to pay attention to in this fight is that he is a former Fight Ready fighter, which is why he called me out. He was asked after the call out what the whole beef was about with me and he answered that he didn’t have a beef with me, but it was with my coaches.” 

“The whole story leaving up to this fight is that he has been at the gym I’m working out at, ‘Fight Ready’. Apparently, he has a beef with one, or maybe more, of my coaches. So I’m being coached right now by the guys that used to coach Drakkar Klose, so when it comes to weaknesses, I would say that we have a pretty good idea of how to approach this fight, how to gameplan and how to execute a great fight camp.” 

Updated on 07/15/2024
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Mark O Madsen: I’ll have around 70 opportunities to get better. One every single day from now until the fight. It comes down to being the Olympian. Being professional

“Things are going to ramp up dramatically. We’re on the 2nd day of the fight camp and I usually have 8 weeks of fight camp.” 

“We’re going to sit down with all the coaches and we’re going to talk about the game plan, training partners, diet, and schedule. Basically, get everything scheduled towards that one goal.”

“Right now we are around 10 weeks out. That’s around 70 opportunities for me to get better, every single day. Outworking, overeating, outsleeping Drakkar in every aspect of the game. This is really what it all comes down to. Being professional. Being the Olympian. Not only when it comes to fighting, but every single day.”

Mark O Madsen: I’m going to knock this guy out. I’m going to win. Because I have to 

“I honestly believe that weight cutting is all about discipline. It doesn't matter if you are 200lbs and you need to cut down to 155. We know Paddy ‘The Fatty’ is able to do that. There is no doubt that it can be done. It’s all about discipline.“

“I have no issues with cutting weight. It’s about coming up with a great plan. It’s an equation; you got to eat a little bit less than what you’re actually putting out there to cut weight.” 

“It’s no big deal. I’m going to be hungry for the next ten weeks, I’m going to be tired, but that’s a part of fight week. This is not a comfortable life. Being a fighter is a brutal life, it’s something you do because you have the passion for it. It’s something you do because of ambition. It’s a lifestyle. Some people can do it, some people can’t. I believe that hard work beats talent every single day of the week. So it’s about being professional every day of the week.” 

“I can rest when I’m old. Right now it’s about being focused. I have an opponent, I’m locked in. I am very, very focused. I’m going to knock this guy out. I’m going to win. Because I have to.” 

Mark O Madsen: I don’t care if I’m the favourite, anything can happen. I’m going to take his head off 

“I don’t care if I’m the favourite. This is a fight and anything can happen in a fight.”

“What I care about is being professional. Getting the most out of every single day in fight camp. Come October 29th, I’m going to take his head off. “

“I always bet on myself. I’m my mind I’m always the favourite. Doesn't matter if I’m coming from way behind. I’m always the favourite in my mind. That’s my approach.”

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