Wallin tips Canelo to beat GGG

Ahead of the much anticipated third bout in the Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin trilogy, we caught up with Swedish boxer, Otto Wallin.

The former WBA Continental heavyweight title holder explained how Canelo Alvarez can look to stop Golovkin. The Swede also discussed how Golovkin can look to get inspiration from the Dmitry Bivol win over Canelo. Finally he talked about who he expects to win the fight, and revealed what’s next for himself and who he hopes to fight next. 

Canelo Alvarez says his goal is to knock out Genady (GGG) Golovkin. The last two fights have been going the full 12 rounds. What makes this one different? What do you think Alvarez needs to do to knock him out?

“This fight is different because 4 years have passed since the last fight.” 

“Canelo has been much more active than Golovkin has over these last few years. Also, I believe Father Time is catching up with Golovkin as he is now 40 years old. I think that has shown in his last few fights. Canelo on the other hand is only 32 and is in his prime.”

Amir Khan believes in Alvarez KO'ing Golovkin. Do you agree with him?

“Canelo definitely has the tools to stop Golovkin, but he has a really good chin and a big fighting heart.”

“Canelo would have to let Golovkin tire himself out a little bit and target his body a lot. That’s how I would see him being able to stop or KO Golovkin.” 

“I don’t think it’s out of the equation that Canelo stops Golovkin but I wouldn’t bet on it.” 

Alvarez lost his last fight to Dmitry Bivol, maybe showing that Golovkin can challenge him for this one. How do you see Golovkin winning? What does he need to be doing in the fight to win?

“(Dmitry) Bivol beat Canelo with good fundamentals. He showed good defence, good footwork and a good work rate. That’s what Golovkin would have to use (to win this fight), but in his last few fights, he’s not had great footwork and has been quite easy to hit.” 

“For this fight, I’m hoping Golovkin can get his footwork and defence going. Because if he doesn’t it’s gonna be a really hard one to win.” 

Another thing Golovkin would have to use is a good work rate. Canelo doesn’t like when somebody keeps a high pace and throws combinations. That showed a lot in his loss to Bivol.” 

“One detail that I think Golovkin needs to pay attention to, is that he always has to be ready with his defence after firing shots. Canelo has developed into a superb counter-puncher and Golovkin has a tendency to, especially jab, and bring his hand back low afterwards.” 

“Golovkin must bring his jab-hand back to his chin to avoid Canelo’s counterattacks. If he doesn’t Canelo is going to slip his jab and fire a cracking right hand.” 

What are your predictions for the fight? Will we see full 12 rounds or win by KO? Who will win?

“I think this is going to be a great fight just like the other two fights they’ve had against each other”

“I see Canelo winning by a clear decision. I think the simple fact that Golovkin is now 40 and hasn’t really looked the same in his last few fights is gonna be the difference.”

Is there any news regarding an Otto Wallin fight?

“No news for me yet, but I’m training and just waiting and hoping for something big soon.”

“If Joshua won’t fight Fury I’m ready to take on any of them. Also Dillian Whyte is a fight I really want and since he pulled out of our fight last year I think it’s time we make it happen.”

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Photo by Attentie Attentie