Fittipaldi questions Alonso’s decision to join Aston Martin

Formula 1 is on a summer break but the sport doesn't stop as seen by Fernando Alonso's announcement of joining Aston Martin for the 2023 season. We had a chat with F1 legend Emerson Fittipaldi about the same, as well as what's in store for Ferrari after recent strategic mistakes.

Fernando Alonso will join Aston Martin in 2023. What do you think he will bring to the team and why would he change when he was doing well at Alpine?

"Fernando Alonso joining Aston Martin will bring a lot of experience (to the team), for sure. He's very good at setting up the car." 

"He's running strong with Alpine. I don't know why he is moving. It's difficult to know."

"From the outside, you never know a driver's decision to change teams, to retire, because it is a very personal decision."

"Alpine is running stronger than Aston Martin now."

"I hope Fernando, on board, will bring more speed to the team (Aston Martin)."

"But that is very good (after) Sebastian (Vettel). Between Sebastian and Fernando Alonso, they are two great champions, two great talents."

"I don't know why he's changing but there must be a reason. It's too far for me to give a comment on why he's changing. It's possible that in the next few days Fernando comments why he's changing, he'll explain to us."

Updated on 12/09/2023
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How much do you think Alonso joining Aston Martin will affect Lance Stroll?

"Lance Stroll had a great teammate with Sebastian Vettel and he's going to have another great one in Fernando Alonso."

"The two are great drivers. They are going to help him in getting the speed up." 

"It's good to have two top drivers as teammates for sure, two champions."

Oscar Piastri is likely to be Alonso’s replacement at Alpine. Your thoughts on that?

"Oscar Piastri is a very talented young driver that succeeded in all the categories he participated."

"He's very similar to George Russell, I'd say, with the background he has."

Your thoughts on Ferrari's strategic blunders in recent races?

"Strategically, they made mistakes. I don't know where they're missing the point but I'm sure they will reorganize that."

"Ferrari has the capacity, the people, the experience, to recover."

"The one thing I can confirm again is that the car is very fast, the team is very good."

"It sometimes happens."

"But they have a big potential to recover, learning from what mistakes they have done. From the mistakes, they'll learn better for sure."

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Photo by Rifad Lafir