Wallin makes his pick for Wilder vs Helenius

Ahead of the big heavyweight clash coming up tomorrow between Robert Helenius and Deontay Wilder, VegasInsider caught up with Swedish heavyweight boxer, Otto Wallin.

“All In” talked about his expectations for the fight and why he doesn’t think Wilder looks to have improved as much as others suggest. 

Robert Helenius will try to do the same as Fury did with success against Deontay Wilder - leaning on Wilder and mauling him. Does Helenius have the tools in his toolbox to be successful with that tactic? 

I don't know if Robert Helenius is able to be aggressive like (Tyson) Fury was. It's not really his style. He is more of a boxer and likes to use his reach and stay on the outside. 

I think that his best chance to win the fight is to stay on the outside and use his jabs and try to work the body of Wilder. And Helenius has a lot of power so he can definitely knock him out. I don't think Wilder has the best chin.

What does Wilder have to do to beat Helenius? 

Wilder’s best tool is definitely his power. He's extremely powerful and one of the biggest punchers in the sport. So he can for sure, knock (Robert) Helenius out with one punch. 

But Wilder has to be alert at all times because Helenius has good power also. Wilder has to be alert, try not to get hit with any big shots and set up his one-two. That's his best shot at winning.

Updated on 07/12/2024
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Why is it Robert Helenius fighting Wilder and not yourself? 

I think that they chose (Robert) Helenius because Robert and Wilder have fought before, so they have a good idea of him. They know that Helenius has been knocked out before, I think at least two times he's been knocked out. So they probably feel like it's a good fight for him (Deontay Wilder). He knows him from sparring. 

And definitely, because he's been knocked out before and Wilder has great power. So that's why I think that they chose Helenius. And myself, compared to Helenius, I'm more of a wild card for Wilder. They know that I gave Fury a really good fight. They know that I have a good chin and a big heart, so they probably see me as a more dangerous fight.

Who do you think will win this bout?

I think this could be a really good fight. I think that Wilder is the favourite for me. But you can't count (Robert) Helenius out, especially with the power he’s got.

And Robert is a big guy. He's as big as Wilder. He's heavier than Wilder. He has good power, and he also has good boxing skills.

Still, I think Wilder's speed and power could be too much for Helenius. But I think it could be a good and very interesting fight. And it could actually go either way simply because of the power of both guys.

Will we see it going the full 12 rounds or will someone get KO'ed? 

I think this fight definitely won’t go the full 12 rounds. Somebody is going to get knocked out. It’s two big bunches out there; two big guys that have both previously been knocked out before, so it can happen again, for sure. 

What do you see as Wilder's biggest weakness coming into this fight? His movement seems to be improved when looking at videos from training. 

In my opinion, one of his biggest weaknesses is probably his defence. 

Yes, I have heard a lot of people think that he looks a lot better in the training videos and all that. But honestly, in my opinion, I don’t agree with that. I don't think he looks better. I think he just looks like the same guy. He is maybe trying to move around more. But to me, it looks very awkward. I don't think that he improved a lot there. 

But we're going to see in the fight. That's where we're really going to see it. It's hard to tell from training videos where people just show you the best stuff. We'll see what happens when he is in there (in the ring) against a really good fighter like (Robert) Helenius. 

It's also going to be interesting to see how he comes back after the losses to (Tyson) Fury because those were really big losses and bad knockouts for him.

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