Research shows F1 twitter really dislikes Matia Binotto

Formula 1 is back after a month-long break and the action resumes this weekend at Spa-Francorchamps.

While the teams and drivers were on ‘vacation’, we conducted a deep analysis of all F1 specific tweets so far to determine the most hated and loved personalities and teams in the sport.

For this research, we scraped approximately 6.5 million tweets and then run them through a sentiment analysis tool which gave us results on who garnered negative or positive tweets.

The most hated personalities

Lance Stroll garnered the most negative sentiments on Twitter with 33.12% of tweets being negative in nature. F1 twitter is definitely not a fan of Stroll Jr. and now that he’ll team up with Fernando Alonso, that position is unlikely to change. 

The people who occupied the second spot were more interesting as they’re not active F1 drivers but the way things have happened this season, we understand their inclusion here.

Matia Binotto, Team Principal of Scuderia Ferrari is second with 31% tweets slating him for the team’s performance. Ferrari’s strategy has been questioned by nearly everyone involved in the sport and F1 twitter has been unforgiving.

Oscar Piastri is yet to race in F1 but his response to Alpine announcing him as part of their driver lineup for 2023 was bound to spark a lot of conversation. Looks like it wasn’t all positive as 30% of the tweets directed towards him were negative in nature.

Reigning champion Max Verstappen is sixth in this list with 24% negative tweets and his title rival this year, Charles LeClerc is 14th with 22% negative tweets.

Lewis Hamilton, meanwhile, is eighth with 22.8% tweets directed at him being negative.

Updated on 05/25/2024
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Let’s talk about Matia Binotto

With Matia Binotto, another interesting thing we analysed was the time when the negativity around him intensified.

It was after the British GP that we saw the highest amount of negative tweets directed at Matia Binotto, with 46%. This is interesting because it was a Ferrari driver finishing first at Silverstone - Carlos Sainz.

The four races which saw negativity around Binotto intensify the most were the British GP, the French GP, the Azerbaijan GP and the Hungarian GP.

The most hated teams

Of course with the Piastri fiasco, Alpine had to be the most hated F1 team on Twitter.

27% of the tweets directed at them were negative in nature. Of course the Piastro situation contributed majorly to this but also Fernando Alonso leaving was a big factor.

Alpine were followed by Red Bull, whose success seems to be a sore point for Ferrari and Mercedes fans and then of course, Ferrari itself.

Aston Martin were fourth in the list. Lance Stroll driving for them definitely contributed to this and then with Sebastian Vettel announcing his retirement, things weren’t rosy for Aston Martin.


  • We scraped over 6.5 million tweets from the start of the season to August 2022 - the mid-season break
  • The tweets were then run through an NLP based sentiment analysis tool that gave us results by categorising the tweets as negative, positive, or neutral

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Photo by Aleksei Shabalin on Unsplash